Rowan Dean, The Spectator, & anti-Semitism

Oh noes!

For reasons which remain unclear, Rowan Dean — world-renowned satirist, former ad-man, and current editor of The Spectator (Down Under) — has pulled two articles by Some Guy called ‘Moses Apostaticus’.

The decision to pull the articles — ‘The Democratic Socialist People’s Republic of Australia’ (July 6, 2017) and ‘How cultural Marxism created the Alt-Right’ (July 12, 2017) — happened just a day or so after Jeff Sparrow published ‘Dr Goebbels’ mastheads’: on antisemitism and News Corp (Overland, July 13, 2017), and after Richard Cooke drew attention to some of the nazi geek’s other online writings.

While Rowan may be one of the most respected and most creative figures in Australian advertising circles, responsible for helping to sell best-known brands including Nurofen, Mortein, Harpic, Finish and Dettol, he’s also allegedly a keen observer and critic of the ever-merging worlds of PR gimmickry, political dishonesty and manipulative ‘spin’.

Which begs the question: why decide to publish, then unpublish, such a brilliant man as Moses? One with lots of well thought-out, practical ideas, who is ensuring the financial security of The Spectator for years to come?

In any event, maintaining the paper-thin barrier between the usual batshit published by The Spectator & Co, on the one hand, and the unabashedly anti-Semitic and frequently neo-Nazi tripe published by aspiring AltRight bloggers and podcasters, on the other, is no easy feat: mostly, it’s accomplished by way of substituting the national flag for the Nazi one and, say, ‘cultural Marxism’ for ‘Jewish conspiracy’. Providing these basic rules are followed, it’s perfectly acceptable for anti-Semitic cranks to find a corner of the reactionary press in which to appear, and with a *nudge nudge, wink wink* to their audience, communicate precisely what they think. Indeed, play your cards right, and the national broadcaster will grant you an hour of prime time in which to promote yourself (albeit on delay).

As for Moses, you can continue to enjoy his writings on millionaire blabbermouth Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller website, and look forward in anticipation to the completion of his PhD thesis. You can also listen to him yap on ‘The Dingoes’ podcast, along with his XYZ kameraden Ryan Fletcher and Adam Piggott, MP George Christensen, former MP Mark Latham, racist Canuckistanian (and former academic) Drew Fraser and Greg Johnson of publisher Counter-Currents. Gregory Lauder-Frost of the Traditional Britain Group has also been a guest of The Dingoes, and his ‘exposure’ as a ‘Tory fringe group leader with Nazi sympathies’ rather closely resembles the comic habit of local Tories accidentally-stumbling-into-fascist-meetings, most recently when MP Craig Kelly wished a ‘Happy Birthday!’ (on behalf of former PM Tony Abbott) to the pro-Nazi Ustaše government of the 1940s.

Presumably, Rowan Dean is unlikely to publish a piece celebrating the destruction of ‘cultural Marxism’ at Jasenovac, but if he did, I wouldn’t be surprised if the facts of its removal — like so much else — simply disappeared down The Memory Hole.

See also : Ctrl-Alt-Delete: The origins and ideology of the Alternative Right, Matthew N. Lyons, PRA, January 20, 2017.

antifa notes (july 5, 2015) : #ReclaimAustralia /// #UnitedPatriotsFront /// Neil Erikson ~versus~ Tanya Plibersek

Less than two weeks remain before the fascist rally of July 18 at Parliament House.

Prior to this weekend it was expected that ‘Reclaim Australia’ and the ‘United Patriots Front’ would rally jointly at 1pm as this was the time the UPF had declared as Hammer Time. On Saturday, however, ‘Reclaim Australia Melbourne’ (Bendigo businesswoman Monika Evers and her sidekick Julie Kendall) declared that they would be rallying at 11am. Subsequently, Shermon Burgess (UPF) has denounced Evers as a liar, a thief and ‘scum’. The bigots have been thrown into some turmoil as a result of this disorganisation but while a handful may have decided that they’ve had enough, the majority of the Reclaimers and UPF supporters will, one assumes, soldier on with their batshit antics.

Talking shit is something that’s been going around obviously, as Burgess’s neo-Nazi comrade Neil Erikson (UPF) has debuted another in a seemingly endless train-wreck of videos in which he alleges that Deputy Opposition leader Tanya Plibersek has been bankrolling opposition to Reclaim Australia. Further, he alleges that Plibersek has ‘strong ties’ to (accused teacher) Alex Gollan. (Erikson alleges that, rather than go to police to inform them of something-or-other to do with his pol.activism, Gollan went to Plibersek instead.) Erikson also invokes Alison Thorne, a Melbourne socialist who was interviewed by media on May 31 re the UPF rally. He describes her as being ‘pro-pedophile’ (she was ‘behind a movement that said pedophiles were nice people’).


The communists have taken over our government. We’re in a political war right now. There’s two tribes. There’s the tribes that care about Australia and want it to succeed and then there’s a left-wing tribe who wants to destroy Australia from within. And who’s leading that? Tanya Plibersek. The liar, the criminal, the pedophile appeaser. Now I want a federal inquiry into her and the Labor government. I want to find out how deep this goes. Because if she was funding the counter-rallies, and she’s in support of pedophiles, she should be removed, at least. So patriots keep an eye out, this goes a lot deeper than you think.

Fortunately for the fascist meathead Erikson, Plibersek likely has better things to do than to sue a neo-Nazi for defamation.

In other news, the ‘Australian Defence League’ in Sydney has organised a busload of racists to travel to Melbourne for the July 18 hate rally. The bus has yet to fill but presumably will boast a full contingent before it leaves for Mexico. As it stands, the July 18 rally in Melbourne, whether at 11am (RA) or 1pm (UPF), has garnered the support of every anti-Semitic, fascist, White nationalist and neo-Nazi group in the country. Among others, this includes the neo-fascist/White nationalist Australia First Party, the neo-Nazi Greek Golden Dawn Party and even local supporters of the Croatian Ustasha (Ustaše) are expected to attend and show both their love for Straya and their hatred of Muslims, leftists and Jews (though not necessarily in that order). See also : Melbourne Croatia/Knights ultras still being d*ckheads (February 22, 2015) | Croatian fascism in Australia (January 20, 2010) | Restaurant honours mass murderer, James Campbell, Sunday Herald Sun, April 13, 2008.

In this context, it’s worth noting that the Jew-hating and Muslim-hating mobs that will descend on Parliament House on July 18 will be entering a city which has one of the largest populations per capita of Holocaust survivors in the world. Secondly, that the UPF in Melbourne is led by neo-Nazis: Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson. Naturally, neither like The Jew very much, and while Erikson has a criminal conviction for anti-Semitic naughtiness, Cottrell too has views:

Zionists … I’m sick of hearing that coward word. Get some guts people and just say Jews, they are all Jews or Jewish servants. For thousands of years these Jews have been expelled and chased out of European Nations for the same shit. Napoleon and Hitler were the last to stand against them (please dont reply to this comment with ‘muh holocaust’ bullshit, cause that is a load of crap too) …

Curiously, one of the first Australian groups to have protested the maltreatment of Jews in Nazi Germany was the Australian Aborigines League. In November 1938, William Cooper led a delegation to the German consulate in Melbourne to present a resolution ‘condemning the persecution of Jews and Christians in Germany’ (see : Australia and the Holocaust: A Koori Perspective, Gary Foley, The Koori History Website (1997)). Coincidentally, William Cooper’s name is dropped in the latest (and quite terrific) release from Briggs & Co:

In terms of organising to oppose the July 18 rallies in Melbourne:

• Anti-fascists in Melbourne have organised a benefit gig ★ ROCK AGAINST RACISM! ★ to take place this Thursday (July 9) at The Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy;
• The Melbourne Street Medics will be present and have asked for volunteers to contact them via their Facebook page before July 11;
• The Campaign Against Racism and Fascism has a Facebook page here and to stay in touch with updated rally details you can join CARF’s phone tree by texting ‘subscribe’ to 0422 726 843;
No Room For Racism has a Facebook page here and for text message updates text ‘no racism’ to 0432 447 036.

Melbourne Croatia/Knights ultras still being d*ckheads


A segment of Melbourne Knights (Croatia) fans are still giving props to Nazism (photos located next to Melbourne Knights stadium in Somers Street, Sunshine North). Note that in 2007 the Melbourne Croatia Social Club hosted the annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig, organised by local neo-Nazi groups Blood & Honour (Australia) and the (Southern Cross) Hammerskins. The subject of fascist Croatian dictator Ante Pavelić and his veneration by segments of the local Croatian community remains a bone of contention in Melbourne (and elsewhere).