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‘Russian Anti-Racist Skinheads’ : Documentary

Cool. Sometimes, surfers bring some useful search terms to my blog: ‘Russian Anti-Racist Skinheads’ is one, and the title of a new documentary (2011) by Ian Ivanov. Searching for moar infos — of which there appears to be little — … Continue reading

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antifa notes (april 18, 2011)

Yeah well anyway, in New Jersey a coupla Hollywood Nazis belonging to the “We’re-not-racist” National Socialist Movement paid an unscheduled visit to the hospital on the weekend (apparently the result of an attack by ARA activists) though others still managed … Continue reading

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antifa notes (december 6, 2010)

Australia Not exactly a roaring success for the Australian Protectionist Party in Newcastle on the weekend: just four anxious souls rocked up on Saturday to their protest against the Islamification of Newcastle, two of them party members. Spokesperson Nicholas Hunter-Folkes … Continue reading

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Attempted murder of anarchist anti-fascist in Moscow

An attempt on life of anarchist anti-fascist in Moscow avtonom.org via libcom.org September 3, 2010 A 25-year old Vladimir Skopincev is registered in Troick, one of the numerous towns of Moscow region. He is an anarchist and known as the … Continue reading

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Neo-Nazi skinheads murder 14-year-old girl in Russia

*Russian authorities/media deny early reports (Russian state-run news channel Rossiya-24) that a girl was killed in the attack. Mind you, they deny a lot of things… Avtonom has an English translation of an account published in local media here. you … Continue reading

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Nutzis can shoot, but can they spell?

[For Dion. And all the other Schnitzel Boys.] after Top anti-racism judge shot dead in Moscow ABC [BBC/Reuters] April 13, 2010 One of Russia’s top criminal judges has been murdered in the capital, Moscow. Eduard Chuvashov had presided over several … Continue reading

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Moar dead in Moscow : Good news for Medvedev

Oh noes! I guess this means that there’s a job for the FSB/KGB/All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage after all. Long live the siloviki! Twin Moscow metro explosions kill 34 The Sydney Morning Herald [AP] March 29, 2010 … Continue reading

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antifa notes (march 10, 2010)

OK. After several weeks of bitterly hard-fought campaigning, I finally gots me 180 fans on Facebook… so I’m gonna start posting again. About what? Nazis, of course. In the United States, in Spain, in Russia (for Dion, of course!), in … Continue reading

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[For Dion] Russia ~versus~ Terrorism

Update : Blood on the Tracks, Roland Oliphant, Russia Profile, November 30, 2009: The Professionalism of the Attack Suggests Islamist Terrorists from the North Caucasus Have Struck Deep Inside Russia Once Again. “The attack on the Neva Express has traumatized … Continue reading

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Street Punk Moscow

Think street punk Melbourne. Only the opposite. Bonus! What We Feel – one of the few bands which exists on the territory of the former USSR, which does not copy popular western groups, but plays tough, acute social, daring music. … Continue reading

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