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Nikita Kalin : (another) anarchist anti-fascist murdered in Russia

I just received word that several weeks ago a young anarchist and anti-fascist from Samara, Russia named Nikita Kalin was murdered. Below is the text produced by avtonom.org. See also : Russian nationalists march in Moscow, Clara Weiss, wsws.org, November … Continue reading

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Russian neo-Nazi yoof gang jailed for serial killings

Several year ago I was informed by a number of experts on the (now sadly defunct) ‘Melbourne Punx Forum’ that despite my wild claims to the contrary, there were in fact no neo-Nazis in Russia. Therefore, any efforts to possibly … Continue reading

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Ultra-nationalist, fascist and neo-Nazi movements in Russia

Stumbling about The Information Superhighway, I (again) came across this interview Uri Gordon done a coupla years ago with Peter McNally, an anti-fascist researcher. Originally published on infoshop, I think it provides some good background on fascist movements in contemporary … Continue reading

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‘Russian Anti-Racist Skinheads’ : Documentary

Cool. Sometimes, surfers bring some useful search terms to my blog: ‘Russian Anti-Racist Skinheads’ is one, and the title of a new documentary (2011) by Ian Ivanov. Searching for moar infos — of which there appears to be little — … Continue reading

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antifa notes (april 18, 2011)

Yeah well anyway, in New Jersey a coupla Hollywood Nazis belonging to the “We’re-not-racist” National Socialist Movement paid an unscheduled visit to the hospital on the weekend (apparently the result of an attack by ARA activists) though others still managed … Continue reading

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antifa notes (december 6, 2010)

Australia Not exactly a roaring success for the Australian Protectionist Party in Newcastle on the weekend: just four anxious souls rocked up on Saturday to their protest against the Islamification of Newcastle, two of them party members. Spokesperson Nicholas Hunter-Folkes … Continue reading

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Attempted murder of anarchist anti-fascist in Moscow

An attempt on life of anarchist anti-fascist in Moscow avtonom.org via libcom.org September 3, 2010 A 25-year old Vladimir Skopincev is registered in Troick, one of the numerous towns of Moscow region. He is an anarchist and known as the … Continue reading

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Neo-Nazi skinheads murder 14-year-old girl in Russia

*Russian authorities/media deny early reports (Russian state-run news channel Rossiya-24) that a girl was killed in the attack. Mind you, they deny a lot of things… Avtonom has an English translation of an account published in local media here. you … Continue reading

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Nutzis can shoot, but can they spell?

[For Dion. And all the other Schnitzel Boys.] after Top anti-racism judge shot dead in Moscow ABC [BBC/Reuters] April 13, 2010 One of Russia’s top criminal judges has been murdered in the capital, Moscow. Eduard Chuvashov had presided over several … Continue reading

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Moar dead in Moscow : Good news for Medvedev

Oh noes! I guess this means that there’s a job for the FSB/KGB/All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage after all. Long live the siloviki! Twin Moscow metro explosions kill 34 The Sydney Morning Herald [AP] March 29, 2010 … Continue reading

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