antifa notes (october 4, 2017) : Stephen Johnson, The Daily Mail Australia, ‘Melbourne Antifa’ and more …

[Update (October 5, 2017) : snopes has an article up debunking the ‘Melbourne Antifa’ account here: Did ‘Melbourne Antifa’ Claim Responsibility for the Vegas Massacre?, Kim LaCapria, October 4, 2017.]

1) Stephen Johnson, The Daily Mail & ‘Melbourne Antifa’

In response to the massacre in Las Vegas, Stephen Johnson of The Daily Mail has republished a statement by ‘Melbourne Antifa’ — a troll page on Facebook — praising the killer. Titled ”One of our comrades has made those Trump supporting dogs pay’: Left-wing ‘Melbourne Antifa’ extremists condemned for praising Las Vegas shooter after he shot dead 59 people’ (October 3, 2017), the article has been widely-shared on social media: by the stupid, the gullible, the malicious, and spambots.

This is the third occasion upon which Stephen has relied upon his friends on the AltRight to help propagate obviously fake material, previously having republished two other statements by the same troll page regarding Mohamed Elmouelhy (‘With friends like these … Left-wing extremist group DEFENDS halal boss’ claims Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them – calling critics ‘racist”, July 31, 2017) and Andrew Bolt (”List them as a terrorist organisation’: Malcolm Turnbull urged to formally declare group that attacked Andrew Bolt as dangerous extremists’, June 11, 2017).

Of course, Stephen knows this material is nonsense, but it makes for very good clickbait, which for a hack is the only thing that matters. As such, it’s highly unlikely that this is the last time he’ll contribute another small pile to the mountain of ‘fake news’ in circulation, and other dickheaded statements by the troll page will continue to be republished by him.

Finally, the ‘Melbourne Antifa’ Facebook account is one of several such troll pages, which include Antifa Adelaide, Antifa Adelaide – Australia, Brisbane Antifa, Hobart Antifa, Sydney Antifa, Antifa Sydney, Antifa Townsville and presumably others. Fair dinkum pages include: Antifascist Action Brisbane, Antifascist Action Canberra, Melbourne Antifascist Info and Anti Fascist Action Sydney.

See also : Facebook and Google promote politicized fake news about Las Vegas shooter, Sam Levin, The Guardian, October 3, 2017 | A running list of viral hoaxes and misinformation about the Las Vegas shooting, Abby Ohlheiser, The Washington Post, October 3, 2017 | Here Are All The Hoaxes Being Spread About The Las Vegas Shooting, Ryan Broderick, Buzzfeed, October 2, 2017 | Was Las Vegas Shooter Identified at an Anti-Trump Protest?, Dan Evon, snopes, October 3, 2017.

2) Blair Cottrell is appealing

Blair Cottrell, the former leader of the now moribund ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF), was in court again yesterday to lodge an appeal against his conviction last month — along with former flunkeys Neil Erikson and Chris Shortis — of serious religious vilification.

United Patriots Front member Neil Erikson gives up fight against revulsion charge
Wayne Flower
Herald Sun
October 3, 2017

UNITED Patriots Front leader Blair Cottrell will continue the fight to clear his name of hate speech charges alone after his mates left him holding the can.

Cottrell fronted the County Court today where an appeal date was set for next year.

But the court heard his alleged co-offender Neil Erikson had failed to lob into court a day earlier, thus abandoning his appeal.

Cottrell, 27, Erikson, 32, and Christopher Neil Shortis, 46, were each convicted and fined $2000 last month for knowingly engaging in conduct with the intention of inciting serious contempt for or revulsion of a class of people, namely Muslims, under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

The tough talking Erikson had previously been staunch in his defiance of the charge, calling on Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton to appear at an earlier hearing at the magistrates’ court.

“They are corrupted. They have pushed for this case. They have pushed for us to be at court today. I think it’s a conspiracy against right-wing politics and conservative values,” he said at the time.

The men were the first to be convicted of the crime since the Act came into force in 2001.

They were charged in 2015 after they made a video protesting the construction of a mosque in Bendigo in which they beheaded a dummy with a toy sword and spilt fake blood on the footpath outside Bendigo City Council offices.

In finding the men guilty, Magistrate John Hardy condemned their behaviour, declaring they had each “crossed the line”.

At the end of last month’s hearing, each of the men claimed they would appeal their convictions.

A County Court spokesman said the court still had no record of Shortis ever lodging an appeal.

The wannabe politician had been highly critical of the government throughout his court proceeding.

On conviction, he maintained he did not recognise the little-used law and complained that people had mocked his Christian faith without recourse.

“A court of law is not a place for hurt feelings,” he said.

Today’s appearance by Cottrell drummed-up none of the drama seen at previous hearings.

On those occasions, city streets needed to be blocked-off to accommodate scores of protesters and television reporters jostled with Cottrell’s supporters outside court.

Cottrell’s appearance today attracted no more than three reporters, with not a single UPF supporter in attendance.

Cottrell initially missed the hearing, which was promptly struck out by Judge Barbara Cotterell.

But the UPF frontman arrived shortly after and he was allowed to continue the appeal.

He told the court he was in the process of seeking new lawyers.

It remains unclear on what grounds Cottrell hopes to run his appeal.

Neo-Nazi Cottrell is presumably hoping to replicate the successful appeal (2006/7) of similar charges brought against Christian fundamentalist preachers Daniel Nalliah and Daniel Scot.

3) Neil Erikson & Michael Holt

Speaking of courts, hatred, Neil Erikson and the UPF, last week another one of Neil’s former chums, Michael Holt, was sent to jail. See : White supremacist Michael Holt sentenced to 4.5 years for weapons, child porn offences (Harriet Alexander, The Sydney Morning Herald, September 29, 2017). This is not the first time Neil’s mates have found themselves in trouble with the law. Previously, in December 2012, other former comrades of Neil Erikson’s, members of the ‘Crazy White Boys’, were sent to jail for a vicious assault upon a Vietnamese student. Currently, members of the Perth-based Aryan Nations (Melony Attwood, Robert Edhouse, Corey Dymock and a 17-year-old who cannot be named), comrades of Neil’s but also the UPF’s, are awaiting trial for the murder of 42-year-old Alan Taylor, found beaten to death in his Girrawheen bedroom in April last year (Teenager admits lie and avoids jail, Tim Clarke, The West Australian, August 10, 2017).

Top Blokes, these nazis.

See also : Slideshow: Rise And Fall Of Aryan Nations In North Idaho, James Dawson, Boise State Public Radio, October 2, 2017.

4) David Hilton : Ace Detective

AltRight blogger David Hilton (AKA ‘Moses Apostaticus’) has published a post on his website tradnash[dot]net claiming that I’m somebody called PD (and his wife). As on the two previous occasions David has ‘outed’ me, the allegation is untrue, but his fellow meatheads are of course delighted. Peter Grace:



In addition to The Daily Mail, the Las Vegas massacre has produced a phantastic range of batshit. These articles document some of the best additions to the rich, creamy discourse:

Alex Jones Is Already Floating A Conspiracy Theory About The Vegas Mass Shooting Being A Hoax, Kimberly Ricci, Uproxx, October 2, 2017;
Misinformation Is the New Normal of Mass Shootings, Ben Strauss and Derek Robertson, Politico, October 2, 2017 (‘Conspiracy theories and other deliberately false assertions have become as predictable as the gun control debate’);
Out-of-Control Alex Jones Blames Leftists, Communists, Globalists, ISIS, Antifa for Las Vegas Shootings, Jarrett Lyons, AlterNet/Salon, October 2, 2017;
Reddit’s Trumpkins on the Vegas shooting, before and after they learned it was a rich old white man, boing boing, October 3, 2017;
Alex Jones Justifies Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories: ‘I Talk To The President Sometimes’, Jared Holt, Right Wing Watch, October 3, 2017;
Las Vegas conspiracies are still spreading on Facebook, Noah Kulwin and Rex Santus, VICE, October 3, 2017;
Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Was ‘Antifa,’ According to Persistent Alt-Right Conspiracy, Michael Edison Hayden, Newsweek, October 3, 2017.

Who is Moses Apostaticus?

Back in July, The Spectator (Australia) published two articles by a writer known as ‘Moses Apostaticus’. After he was identified as elsewhere espousing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, the articles were deleted, and the incident slipped down The Memory Hole (more-or-less, see : Rowan Dean, The Spectator, & anti-Semitism, July 14, 2017). Thankfully, you can still find Apostaticus’s (other) writings on Tucker Carlson’s site The Daily Caller and Adam Piggott’s site XYZ, read his magnum opus Civilizationism online, or receive a terrific education via his YouTube channel.

Rowan Dean’s decision to un-publish Apostaticus’s two contributions to The Spectator TRIGGERED the author, who composed an angwy response. Titled ‘The Far Left Terrorists Hiding in Plain Sight’ (XYZ, July 15, 2017), the article is chiefly dedicated to excoriating writer and broadcaster Jeff Sparrow for Cultural Marxisms and other alleged crimes. Apostaticus also claims that I’m Rob, Jeff’s brother, who is also a very bad egg(head):

Rob’s academic output is exactly the type of derivative, noxious bilge you see across the social sciences today. His papers include such significant and empirical topics as ‘Robots, rape, and representation’, ‘Queerin’ the PGD clinic: human enhancement and the future of bodily diversity’ and ‘Robots and respect: assessing the case against Autonomous Weapons Systems’. That first one is about whether it’s ethical or not to rape a robot. Seriously. Your tax dollars hard at work.

And Rob, only pretentious dicks still use the Oxford comma. Get over yourself.

Rob’s is the pierced and sallow face behind violent anarchist propagandist Andy Fleming, an online persona who writes hatespeech for the slackbastard blog. He writes regularly encouraging the university-age footsoldiers of Antifa to commit violence against anyone who disagrees with their neo-Marxist orthodoxy.

The close links between the slackbastard blog and Jeff Sparrow are not difficult to find. Slackbastard posted to Facebook the article attacking me, The Spectator and Mark Latham almost immediately upon it being published. Pretty sloppy fellas, even for Antifa.


Note that the erroneous claim that I’m Rob Sparrow dates back to the end of 2015/beginning of 2016, and was first advanced by Neil Erikson on the one hand and the Australia First Party on the other. (See : Review : 2015 : Neil Erikson ~vs~ Rob Sparrow, January 2, 2016; you can listen to Rob being interviewed by myself and my ‘The SUWA Show’ co-host Cam Smith here.)

In any event, while I’m not Rob, ‘Moses Apostaticus’ is in fact an ex-high school teacher from Queensland called David Hilton (b.1979), who abandoned teaching history a few years ago to return to study for a PhD. (Or to put it another way: ‘Moses Apostaticus is a PhD student with a background in classics, history and literature. His years in education have made him a lifelong enemy of leftism’.) Thus before he was ‘Moses’, David was also known as @MisterHistory on Twitter (July 2009–April 2015), but despite having academic ambitions, poor old David doesn’t seem to have any great love for academics. Thus in ‘Academics: Smug High Priests of the Establisment [sic]’ (XYZ, May 5, 2017), he states:

Academic training is not training in wisdom, insight or even superior understanding of the problems of the human condition. It may have once been, but that was long ago. Academic disciplines today are training in the use of language as a weapon, as a means of social control. In ancient Greece, such fake intellectuals were called sophists. They are practiced at making the big seem small and the long seem short, but they know nothing. They are empty vessels.

They’re also not very smart. They are good with words to an extent, but even then the cronyism and careerism in academe these days selects for the most sycophantic, conformist and ruthless rather than the dedicated and brilliant. Many of them are rather dim. The only smart academics you’ll find in universities either come from outside the world of academe and have made careers in their fields first, or else are working in fields like medicine which require proven performance as a professional in the domain. Anything with ‘Studies’ after it is basically just cultural Marxist bulls—t.

Whether or not David regards his supervisor as being another empty-headed crackademic fulla cultural Marxist bulls–t is of course anyone’s guess.

Finally, it’s worth noting that, along with former Labor Party leader Mark Latham, sitting MP George Christensen and fellow XYZ contributors Adam Piggott and Ryan Fletcher, David has been a guest on neo-Nazi podcast ‘The Convict Report’; the talking-points he promotes are standard AltRight fare, concentrating upon the pernicious influence of (((Cultural Marxists))) on the education system in particular but also society as a whole, and otherwise developing a strand of fascist thinking dating back to Julius Evola.

See also : How the Alt-Right Trolled Triple J to Advance Their Agenda, Royce Kurmelovs and Rebecca Kamm, Vice, Aug 17 2017 (‘A few hours after the segment, a contributor to the far right site XYZ, writing under the name Moses Apostaticus, published a story titled: Triple J Rejects Multiculturalism, Embraces Alt-Right. Apostaticus, who runs the site, has a significant online presence.’) | ‘Dr Goebbels’ mastheads’: on antisemitism and News Corp, Jeff Sparrow, Overland, July 13, 2017 | Dialectic of Counter-Enlightenment: The Frankfurt School as Scapegoat of the Lunatic Fringe (Martin Jay), March 9, 2012 | Clinton Hits Alt-Right, While Old-School Rightbloggers Play ‘Real Racist’ With Kaepernick, Roy Edroso, Village Voice, August 29, 2016 (‘Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller ran an essay by some guy calling himself, I swear to God, “Moses Apostaticus” (I understand his real name is Biggus Dickus but his wife Incontinentia made him use a pseudonym) who advertised himself as “a PhD Candidate (Education) at a major Australian university and…a known voice in the alt-right sphere.” Dickus went on at length about how Hillary was, like, old and a “Cultural Marxist” and the alt-right is the new hip thing.’).