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APEC : New Reich / “National Anarchists”

Huh. Word on the streets of Sydney is that the New Reich (‘New Right’) has gathered together a mob and is distributing fascist propaganda under the guise of ‘national anarchism’. Under the watchful gaze of ex-NPD and ex-ONP member Welf … Continue reading

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APEC : Deputy Sheriff Receives Kiss of Death from the Idiot Son of an Asshole // Fascist arseholes in Germany / & Russia

The beginning of the end for the Government of Australian Tory Prime Minister John HoWARd was in April, when the multi-millionaire leader of the Opposition Kevin Rudd (Opposition being a purely formal expression in this case) received Rupert Murdoch’s blessing … Continue reading

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APEC : Aussie Aussie Aussie, Baa Baa Baa

A man wanted in connection with [G20] violence was arrested in Sydney last night by APEC Investigation Squad detectives. Akin Sari, 29, is the subject of two outstanding warrants after failing to appear in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on 16 charges, … Continue reading

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APEC : Disaster narrowly averted by quick-thinking Justices

The Order of Australia has been preserved and the importance of individual citizens taking personal responsibility for their potentially dangerous character has been reaffirmed today: APEC blacklisters lose court challenge Sydney Morning Herald September 6, 2007 Four men blacklisted by … Continue reading

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APEC : Return of the Son of Jonny Hammerlock

This is Jonny. He’ll be busy at Homebush today Kara Lawrence (Police Reporter) The Daily Telegraph November 14, 2002 Police say it is an “appalling” image that proves anti-World Trade Organisation protesters have violence on their minds. This man — … Continue reading

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APEC : At last! Sock monkeys join the battle

A spectre is haunting APEC — the spectre of sock monkeys. All the powers of APEC have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: President and Prime Minister, Rice and Downer, wildly-overpaid TV personalities and incompetent Australian police-spies. … Continue reading

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Oh Crikey! it’s : APEC

Today Crikey! has published ‘Your cut out and keep APEC protest guide’ by Luke McKenna, a leftist trainspotters’ guide to who’s who in the anti-APEC Zoo. In it, Luke identifies ten main groups, to which I’ve added a little commentary. … Continue reading

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APEC : The more things change

Juliet Herd, Class War thugs prepare to bash police, The Sun, April 6, 1990: Class War, Crowbar, Spartacus, Counter Information, Red and Black, The Hurricane… be afraid if ever you hear those names whispered on our city streets. Be very … Continue reading

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APEC : Media savages heads of state for war crimes, environmental destruction, and massive human rights abuses

Just kidding. No, in terms of APEC reportage, while there have been scattered references to say, ‘climate change’ — and the possibility that some people in China may on occasion be prevented from fully exercising the entire spectrum of their … Continue reading

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APEC : Kiwi anarchists have lasting impact

Until G20 in November last year, protests in Australia were all strictly peaceful affairs. Unfortunately, and despite the best efforts of both state authorities and a number of revolutionary vanguards of the proletariat, violent, disease-carrying anarchist thugs from Aotearoa/New Zealand … Continue reading

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