The SUWA Show (September 2016) : Rigaer94 +


On this month’s edition of Floating Anarchy on The SUWA Show (5.30pm /// Friday, September 23 /// 855AM /// streaming live on 3CR), Dr Cam and I have a yarn with uber-special-lovely-Berlin-squatter-guests Lukas, Patrick & Rizo all about Rigaer94, squatting in Berlin, anti-gentrification, anti-fascism, naughty pixies and moar!

You can read more about Rigaer94 in this post (July 1, 2016), follow Rigaer94 on the tweets here and read more on linksunten here. A useful history of the autonomist movements in Berlin and Germany (inter alia) may be found in The Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life by George Katsiaficas:

George Katsiaficas’s account covers the period 1968-1996 and pays special attention to the role of autonomous feminist movements, the effects of squatters and feminists on the disarmament movement and on efforts to shut down nuclear power, and the antifascist social movements developed in response to the neo-Nazi upsurge.

In addition to providing a rare depiction of these often overlooked movements, Katsiaficas develops a specific notion of autonomy from the statements and aspirations of these movements. Drawing from the practical actions of social movements, his analysis is extended into a universal standpoint of the species, a perspective he develops by uncovering the partiality of Antonio Negri’s workerism, Seyla Benhabib’s feminism and notions of uniqueness of the German nation.

See/hear also : Australian Museum of Squatting /// Anarchist Radio Berlin.

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antifa notes (september 15, 2016) : united patriots front ~versus~ unions +++

1) Blair & Thomas Go To East Melbourne Collingwood

The United Patriots Front (UPF) staged another dingbat stunt on Saturday night, on this occasion targeting Yarra councillor Stephen Jolly. The event the UPF attempted to gatecrash was titled ‘Re-elect Stephen Jolly – Vote socialist for Yarra!’ and was held at Collingwood Gallery in Smith Street, Collingwood; Jolly is hoping to be re-elected to council on October 21.

Like almost all their stunts, this one was filmed and the footage uploaded to the UPF Facebook page. In a subsequent video, UPF fuehrer Blair Cottrell states that the UPF had considered assembling 50 boys to go to the event and shut it down, but in the end decided on sending just 5 (including Cottrell and his sidekick, Thomas Sewell). As the few minutes of footage reveals, Cottrell & Co enter the campaign launch and start to shout questions at Jolly, who is one of several to ask the men to leave. Eventually, the UPF are forced from the venue, campaigners and supporters joined in their efforts removing the annoying gits by several workers from the CUB site, currently on strike/locked-out of their jobs in Abbotsford. Jolly has spoken in support of the strikers’ claims, which has attracted widespread support among unionists, including the AMWU.

In any case, this is not the first time that the UPF and other fascists have objected to Jolly’s presence on council. Indeed, about 70 or so went to the UPF’s first public action in Richmond last May. Cottrell even promised to physically remove Jolly from office if, for some mysterious reason, their protest rally failed to do so. Otherwise, the failed disruption is another moment in a long line of attention-seeking stunts, from roasting a pig outside ABC studios in Melbourne last June to beheading a dummy outside Bendigo council offices last October; attending MAC and 3CR the following month to April’s foolish banner drops at the footy. Before proclaiming himself an opponent of Black Lives Matter (July), Cottrell and the UPF tried jumping on the dairy farmers’ bandwagon — only to be told to bugger off.

Whatever the immediate impact, all these performances are really for the camera, producing footage intended to capture the attention of like-minded individuals, almost exclusively via Facebook. Thus the UPF page recently celebrated gaining 70,000 likes; IRL, it can (still) barely gather together 70 boys to act like fascist boofheads in public. Saturday’s stoopid is rather ironic, however, as the UPF made a whole lotta noise about the political blitzkrieg Fortitude would become, and yet in September 2016, where is Fortitude? Rather than speaking from the floor of the House, Fortitude is a shambles, its supposed Senatorial candidate, Chris Shortis, has decamped for the Australia First Party, and the UPF is reduced to whining disingenuously at the campaign launch for a goddamn Commie. As for unions, they’re generally regarded, alongside Muslims, as Teh Enimy — the one, partial exception being UPF lackey Kris0 Richardson, who’s proudly worn CFMEU gear while touting the virtues of a White Australia. Before joining the UPF, Kris0 established the ‘United Australian Front’ (UAF) website and Facebook page. In-between noting the UAF’s development (August 18, 2016) into a straightforwardly neo-Nazi project, the Facebook page has been closed re-badged as ‘Order 15’.

2) Ralph Choo-Chooses The AMWU

Serial pest Ralph Cerminara was in Melbourne a few weeks ago to join the True Blue Crew (TBC) at an anti-Muslim protest in Melton. When he returned to Sydney, Cerminara drunkenly declared himself to be the Grand Poobah of the TBC in Sydney — which came as a surprise to the TBC in Melbourne …

This week, Cerminara has stated that he’ll be attending the AMWU office in Sydney on the weekend, presumably to film himself muttering and cursing outside its closed doors. In addition to documenting the nefarious influence of unions on Australian politics, the valour thief has been keeping busy filming himself muttering and cursing at socialist students. See : Right wing bigots and extremists exposed 1, September 2, 2016; note also that WordPress has deleted Cerminara’s blog.



3) STRAYA First Goes To The Polls

The Australia First Party ran several candidates in the local council elections in NSW on the weekend. In Blacktown, Cassie Orrock (AKA Lili Chel), Terry Cooksley and Thomas Bell did reasonably well to collectively gain 2,184 votes (8.30%) but seem unlikely to gain a seat. In the Blue Mountains, Matt Hodgson, Mark Slater and Gordon Gilroy fared less well, receiving 343 votes (2.95%). Finally, in Wagga Wagga, Lorraine Sharp, Robbie Williams, Jean Williams, Chris Sharp and Jean Hughes got 1,302 votes (4.03%). In Hawkesbury, a former Australia First Party activist and serial candidate Tony Pettitt ran on the Liberal Democrats ticket.

Finally, the party has announced the formation of a United Nationalist Front or ‘Australian Coalition of Nationalists’, which at this point consists of the AFP, (whatever remains of the) Australian Protectionist Party and Nationalist Alternative, with the AFP Jnr. (AKA Eureka Youth League) and Hellenic Nationalists Australia Inc. (Greek fascists) nominated as ‘associates’ of the Coalition (as opposed to ‘partners’).

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#Melton : Soldiers of Odin ~versus~ True Blue Crew



Around 100 or so people attended an anti-Muslim rally in Melton on Sunday, ostensibly in order to voice opposition to a stalled local housing development. (The developer, Rahber Developments, was wound up in May over a $400,000 debt to the ATO.) Meeting at Hannah Watts Park, those assembled listened to some speeches before marching to the council chambers (in the footage, the crowd looks closer to 200-strong), where they continued to shout slogans at an empty building.

See : Far-right group holds anti-Islam rally at Melton in Melbourne’s outer west, Joanna Crothers, ABC, August 28, 2016 | Anti-Islam protest: Far-right groups rally in Melton against ‘Muslim’ housing estate, Neelima Choahan, The Age, August 29, 2016.

Organised by the ‘True Blue Crew’ (TBC), the boys were joined on the day by the remains of the ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF), a handful of (Sydney-based) Party for Freedom activists (among them Toby Cook and George Jameson), sometime Grand Poobah of the ‘Australian Defence League’ (ADL), Ralph ‘The Cancer’ Cerminara, and ‘Love Australia Or Leave’ Kim Vuga. Also making an appearance were a dozen or so ‘Soldiers of Odin’ (SOO).

The SOO were founded in Kemi, Finland in October 2015 by neo-Nazi activist Mika Ranta. The Soldiers appeal to racist thugs and boys who think Sons of Anarchy was a documentary, but by exploiting more generalised antipathy to Muslims and refugees, SOO helps bridge the gap between neo-Nazi activists and Western publics.

Sound familiar?

A true Viking, in May 2016 Ranta was given an 18-month suspended sentence for assault committed in June 2015: ‘Mika Ranta, 29, was sentenced for aggravated assault on one man and assault on a woman who tried to stop the attack, both of them Finns.’ (Antifa paid a visit to SOO’s clubhouse in Tampere, Finland a week later.) Ranta’s history as a neo-Nazi activist turned Nordic onanist is not unusual: AFA in Sweden have documented these links, which occasionally appear in media reportage, as has Anti-Racist Canada.

See : Soldiers of Odins hemliga Facebookgrupp: Vapen och nazihälsningar, YLE, March 16, 2016 | AFA Malmö – Soldiers of Odin Malmö. Högerextrema gatupatruller, April 6, 2016 | Myteri i Soldiers of Odin efter nazistskandal, EXPO, August 5, 2016.


The Melbourne chapter of SOO announced its existence in March 2016 and, in the wake of its establishment in Finland just a few months prior, is one of scores of SOO grouplets to have sprung up across Europe and North America. A vigilante group whose 14 Words sneakily substitutes ‘our children’ for ‘white children’, in the last few months the Soldiers have been attending City Square in the Melbourne CBD, republishing dank right-wing memes, and otherwise carrying on like patriotik pork chops. In other words, they resemble any number of patriotik gangs that have emerged in Australia over the last 5-10 years.

Be that as it may, the potty-mouthed clash between members of SOO and TBC on Sunday appears to have revolved around the unwanted participation in the rally of its President, ‘Jay B Moore’. Moore is pictured below exchanging pleasantries with Steven Skinner, the person who may (or may not) have invited Moore and his Soldiers to Melton. Oddly, Skinner was named (seemingly wrongly) by Shermon Burgess as having had his house searched by police when they arrested Phill Galea.


Roundly abused by TBC, Moore was eventually forced to leave Melton and the rally with his tail between his legs. Exactly why the Soldiers were supine in the face of this attack upon their President is unknown (maybe they don’t like him that much either?), but their routing by the TBC may spell trouble in the future if — unlike many other such incidents — it doesn’t simply disappear down the memory hole. That may seem unlikely, but the case of Ralph Cerminara is illustrative.


Denounced last year by UPF fuehrer Blair Cottrell as a ‘cancer’ and a ‘virus’ who will ‘infect and destroy everything he touches’, Cerminara was nonetheless once again embraced this year by the UPF as a comrade. This has upset some. Since being drummed out of/having left the UPF late last year, Burgess (‘The Great Aussie Patriot’) and Neil Erikson have denounced it as ‘Nazi’: a fact which apparently escaped them for the eight or nine months they spent as members of the group. Since then they’ve made a series of attempts to establish new patriotik (Facebook) groups, including ‘Generation Identity: Australia’, ‘UPF Originals’ and ‘Aussie Patriot Army’. Proclaimed just weeks ago, ‘Australian Settlers Rebellion’ is the latest in this series, which was intended to include Burgess, Erikson and … Ralph Cerminara. But that was yesterday. Today, Cerminara is once again back with the UPF and denouncing Burgess and Erikson as ‘dogs’ and ‘traitors’.


More generally, is it possible that the ‘patriots’ have now reached peak derp?

While ‘Reclaim Australia’ has more-or-less collapsed, the UPF’s mobilising capacity appears to exist in inverse proportion to its Facebook likes. Further, its attempt to establish a political party (‘Fortitude’) have ended in complete failure, with one-time Senate candidate Chris Shortis recently having decamped for the Australia First Party. In Melbourne, those left holding the bag are Cottrell, his preppy sidekick Thomas Sewell, and Kris0 Richardson, the founder of the ‘United Australian Front’ (UAF), a tiny grouplet which has since evolved into ‘Order 15/UAF’ while pumping out unabashed expressions of anti-Semitism, White supremacy and fascism. In Perth, the UPF lvl boss is Dennis Huts, whose own White supremacist and fascist convictions are also becoming increasingly frank.

With regards the TBC, it organised two public rallies prior to Sunday’s: a flag-waving parade in Melbourne on June 26 and an anti-left counter-rally in Coburg on May 28. (The TBC also took part in an anti-Muslim rally in Melton in November last year, organised under the auspices of ‘Reclaim Australia’.) The Coburg rally, which the UPF and a smattering of other neo-Nazis joined, attracted approximately 100 participants; the flag-waving ceremony (with the added participation of both the UPF and Rise Up Australia Party) attracted a similar number. So it would seem that there’s been no growth in either the TBC or UPF’s ability to draw a crowd. In fact, one could even speak of a rather precipitous decline since the Reclaim Australia rallies and anti-mosque rallies in Bendigo last year. Further, the TBC’s antics on Sunday will only underscore the fact that they’re basically a small group of frequently drunken, always bad-tempered, and invariably racist goons.

Oh, and to add some icing to the cake: Cerminara was allegedly given a Glasgow kiss by John Wilkinson (‘Farma John’).

Tee hee … tee hee hee.



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The SUWA Show (August 2016)

On this month’s episode of ‘Floating Anarchy’ on The SUWA Show on 3CR (5.30pm /// Friday, August 26 /// 855AM /// livestreaming on the 3CR website), our extra special guest is writer, musician and raconteur Iain McIntyre, who talks a bit about … squatting! Iain also helps maintains the Australian Museum of Squatting — ‘A celebration and documentation of Australians putting abandoned and disused property to good use’ — which is ace and grouse.

Otherwise, it’s a very busy weekend for squatters.

On Saturday in Footscray:

Hot Shots Monthly Skillshare presents: SQUATTING IN AUSTRALIA – PAST AND PRESENT
‘An afternoon of discussions, talks and skillshares exploring squatting in Australia, its history, current campaigns, practical skills and more.’


See : HOTTTSHOTS! for more infos on Saturday’s fun and all the other heaps good stuff happening @ Footscray’s hottest spot. (NB. On Friday night there’s a benefit gig for compañerxs @ Rumah Api in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.)

On Sunday in Collingwood:

Bendigo St Festival, Collingwood ⌂⌂⌂ Celebrating Community ⌂⌂⌂
‘This Sunday, join us as we celebrate almost 5 months of fighting homelessness and building community in Narrm Melbourne. Many houses along Bendigo Street will open their doors, to share food, live music, workshops, film screenings, and conversations about housing and homelessness.’


See : Homeless Persons Union of Victoria and Houses Need People, People Need Houses for more infos.

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antifa notes (august 18, 2016)

G’day my fellow Aussie patriots,

It’s next-to-impossible to keep up with the various shenanigans engaged in by ‘nationalists’ and ‘patriots’ Down Under — I’m considering updating A (very) brief guide to the contemporary Australian far right sometime soon, maybe — but a few things are worth taking note of.

1) The True Blue Crew (TBC) is holding another anti-Muslim rally in Melton on Sunday, August 28. (Their last rally took place in Melbourne on June 26.) They’ll be joined by the United Patriots Front (UPF) and presumably assorted other rightists (including Ralph Cerminara, a man Blair Cottrell, fuehrer of the UPF, has memorably described as a ‘cancer’). Amusingly, the TBC have co-opted Eric Bogle‘s ‘And the Band Played Walzing Matilda’ in order to promote their hate rally.

2) Not joining the TBC on August 28 will be Phill Galea. Galea’s arrest and prosecution for ‘terrorism’ has generated a lot of commentary, obviously, with much of it centred upon establishing who Galea is and what role he played in the far right movement. As noted previously, Galea did attend an abortive anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rally back in April 2010, but has otherwise been an enthusiastic participant in a range of different groups (Australian Defence League/ADL, Reclaim Australia, Patriots Defence League of Australia/PDLA, TBC, UPF et. al.) and patriotik events. The reaction of his (former) friends to news of Galea’s arrest is captured by Peter Grace in one of his numerous videos documenting their antics:

Evan Smith provides some historical context in ‘Between the bomb and the ballot box’: the history of the far-right in Australia (The Guardian, August 16, 2016), while Martin McKenzie-Murray writes on How Reclaim Australia hid a ‘terrorist’ in The Saturday Paper (August 13, 2016).

See also : ASIO monitoring of right-wing extremists uncovered alleged plan to attack radical left, Nick McKenzie, Michael Bachelard, The Age, August 13, 2016. Note that the article contains a correction, viz, ‘An earlier version of this story quoted a person purporting to be Ralph Cerminara. Fairfax now accepts this was not Mr Cerminara, and that Mr Cerminara does not subscribe to the beliefs expressed. Fairfax apologises for the error.’ Speaking of Cerminara …

3) Shermon Burgess (‘The Great Aussie Patriot’) recently announced the launch of yet another Facebook project: Australian Settlers Rebellion (ARSE). At this stage it consists of Burgess, Neil Erikson, UPF leader (?) Scott Moerland and (possibly) Cerminara. ARSE takes the place of a series of Facebook projects established by Burgess and Erikson since they left the UPF and denounced the group as ‘Nazis’. Other stillborn projects include Generation Identity Australia (the page was given over to neo-Nazi and UPF QLD representative Jim Perren and is now known as Australians Resistance Network), Aussie Patriot Army (deceased) and United Patriots Front – Originals (defunct).

The departure of Burgess and Erikson from the UPF, and their declaration that the ‘patriots’ they’d been working closely with for more than six months were — shock! horror! — actually neo-Nazis, has naturally produced some bad blood. (This is in addition to the fact that Erikson now has very few allies among the far right in Melbourne.) A few days ago, this blood appears to have boiled up in the person of UPF lackey Linden Watson. Peter Grace again:

4) The UPF appears to have lost the support of Chris ‘The United Nations is attempting install the Pope as leader of a new world government’ Shortis, who has now openly embraced ‘national socialism’ and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and gravitated towards the Australia First Party. ‘Last Thursday’, Blair Cottrell’s sidekick Thomas Sewell expressed his support for fascism in a post which was soon deleted from the UPF page.


Otherwise, The Boys continue to hint at the fact that The Jew is responsible for All The (Bad) Things; a perspective expressed frankly in their internal discussions alongside, crucially, a recognition of the fact that being honest about their beliefs risks losing the support of that fraction of ‘patriots’ not down with neo-Nazism. It may also be read as evidence of the ideological incoherence of the milieu, and the fact that broadly speaking, it comprises anti-Semites, white nationalists, national socialists and fascists as well as Islamophobes: whether one aspect or the other is emphasised is largely a tactical question. The case of UPF leader Kriso Richardson (United Australian Front: UAF) underlines this fact.

5) The UAF was established in late 2014, ie, prior to the emergence of both Reclaim Australia and the UPF. While men wearing UAF merch made their debut at the anti-leftist rally in Richmond in May, 2015, it is now known as Order 15/UAF, and is open about its commitment to white nationalist and fascist doctrines.

6) The UPF and the TBC held a small counter-rally in Perth on August 13, and again on July 30, The Boys on both these occasions expressing support for The Mother Potato, Pauline Hanson. In Melbourne on July 16, the UPF attempted to mount a very small counter-protest. Wearing masks and holding a ‘Blue Lives Matter’, the boys (around 10–15 in total) were told to shoo by police — and did. Just a handful of neo-Nazis stuck around to heckle the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest later in the day, which attracted thousands.

7) Nick Folkes‬ and his micro-Party for Freedom staged a successful media stunt on the weekend, disrupting a church service in ‪Gosford‬. The event succeeded in Folkes being invited to address radio and television audiences — even if it also earned him a rebuke from Andrew Bolt and The Mother Potato herself expressed qualms. In any case, this is not the first time racist meatheads have targeted churches for their commitment to human rights, the PFF’s antics recalling an earlier period in which right-wing radicals harassed ‘progressive’ church-goers. Dorothy McRae-McMahon:

In the autumn of 1986, six men marched into the Uniting Church in Pitt Street during my morning service. They marched in fast, carrying the Eureka flag. They came down the centre aisle, put a pamphlet on the lectern and handed out various leaflets before marching out again.

That was the beginning. From that day on National Action launched a sustained campaign of harassment against me because of my involvement in the anti-apartheid movement and other anti-racism activities. It went on for two years.

Initially, most of the harassment was aimed at frightening me and trying to bring down my career. They sent out pamphlets not just to my parish but around many of the parishes of the Uniting Church, claiming some pretty amazing things about my sex life. It would have been exciting indeed if I’d been doing the things they said I was doing! One particularly unpleasant pamphlet they put together was called ‘Sodomy and Gonorrhoea in the Uniting Church’. It was a classic Nazi document, mainly homophobic and racist, and it was clearly an attempt to end my ministry.

The church authorities firmly supported me and there came a time when it would have been very difficult if they hadn’t done so. The parishioners at the Pitt Street church were also supportive to a person. Members of National Action had clearly been going through the church’s rubbish bins for some time and they’d got hold of discarded documents including part of our mailing list. They started phoning up some of our people and saying: ‘We know where you live and we know the names of your children and if you don’t leave the Pitt Street church we’ll come and do something to your children’. We lost nobody. In fact we gained people in that period.

By 1986, the Uniting Church in Pitt Street had clearly identified itself with the anti-apartheid cause. Archbishop Desmond Tutu had spoken there on two momentous occasions. It’s a church that seats 2000 people and we’d never seen it full like it was on both those days. It was a great thing for us to facilitate the gathering of so many anti-apartheid activists. We also had an anti-racist graffiti team which went around the city painting over slogans that said things like ‘Kill an Asian a day’. I was the only church employee in the regular team that went out, the rest were all parishioners from the Pitt Street church. On one occasion we approached the railway authorities asking them to wipe out slogans in the Stanmore railway tunnel. Six weeks went by without a response, so we went and did it ourselves. We got caught and were arrested for being on railway property.

I suspect the publicity we got after the graffiti incident was a triggering point for National Action’s campaign. Apart from the pamphlets there was nuisance-type harassment. Week after week they poured sump oil and printing toner across the front steps of the church. We sometimes had to pay for it to be cleaned up because it would soak into the sandstone. Their campaign gradually escalated until it became quite frightening. I was living alone at the time and they’d phone me in the middle of the night and make death threats and say various other horrible things. Bags of faeces and vomit were thrown all over the front steps of my house and stuffed in the letter box or in the windows. One time they graffitied my front fence. If I left the phone off the hook or later when I got a silent number they would come around and knock on my door in the middle of the night.

I was frightened during these incidents but I also felt supported by many people around me, not only in the church but outside as well. I have to say my spirituality sustained me too. They never gained power over me, nor any of us in the parish. After they’d been around I could always ring up somebody from the parish. No matter what time of the night it was, even at three o’clock in the morning, somebody would always hop in their car and come around to clean up the mess, sit down, have a cup of coffee and debrief me.

We eventually decided to go public about National Action’s campaign. We’d been reluctant to do so because we didn’t want to give them any publicity. But then it went on and on and they’d been harassing the parish for some eight months, we thought: ‘Well the Australian community has a right to know what’s going on in its midst.’ We were also getting very angry by then.

We took the initiative and wrote an open letter to the Sydney Morning Herald. The media took an immediate interest. We discovered lots of other people were being attacked by racist groups. Often they were individuals who had no support group or members of the Jewish community. Or people who worked for the NSW Ethnic Affairs Commission, even some journalists. We then formed a loose-knit anti-racism coalition and started lobbying for government and police action.

We took a deputation to the NSW Police Minister. He was outrageous. He was absolutely outrageous. He told us that things like a few bricks through windows were par for the course in a diverse sort of community where people have different opinions. We came out of the meeting stunned by his attitude. We didn’t know what to do next because we really needed his support. What was even more surprising was that his press secretary and advisers later put out a press release which said the Minister was really troubled by the racist attacks and they had to stop. That was very different from what he said to us. In the end the Sydney Morning Herald ran a column which gave our account of that meeting with him.

In all this, more and more anti-racism groups came together in support of each other. We had very moving experiences. One time people gathered on the front steps of the Pitt Street church with placards saying ‘If the police won’t defend this church – we will’. They were people who wouldn’t normally come near a church …

8) Finally, ‘Jews against fascism’ have a Facebook page and Jason Wilson writes Turnbull wants to diagnose rightwing populism? He should look to his own party (The Guardian, August 18, 2016).

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2016 Australian federal election and the far right

See also : antifa notes (june 9, 2016) : australian far right + #ausvotes (June 9, 2016) | antifa notes (june 23, 2016) : nazis, patriots, islamophobes, bigots, elections … (June 23, 2016) | VOTE 1 FORTITUDE! #ausvotes (July 1, 2016).

In brief:

Good results for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation; poor results for everybody else, especially the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA). Hanson’s victory — she’ll be joined in the Senate by Malcolm Roberts (QLD), Brian Burston (NSW) and (probably) Rodney Culleton (WA) — has caused a good deal of weeping and gnashing of teeth and much commentary. Margo Kingston reckons the nice lady and her nice followers oughta be treated to a nice chat; David Wroe writes:

What has driven this success? It is what Griffith University political lecturer Paul Williams called “a perfect storm” for Ms Hanson: dissatisfaction with major parties, the end of the mining boom hitting regional areas such as Gladstone, a lacklustre federal election campaign. Other commentators have added that the removal of Tony Abbott as prime minister has driven conservative voters away from the Coalition.

Otherwise, “Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane fears that Pauline Hanson could create a new wave of racially fuelled hatred and division”. Other useful writings include : Brown proxies for economic anxiety, Ketan Joshi, July 9, 2016 | Racism: moving beyond tribalism, Sushi Das, SBS, July 7, 2016 | Hanson supporters must accept world has changed, Fatima Measham, Eureka Street, July 7, 2016 | OPINION: Should we “ignore” or be “nice” to Pauline Hanson? Neither., Serkan Ozturk, PR4THEPEOPLE, July 5, 2016.

The ONP Senate vote totals 593,013 votes or 4.29% — an increase of 3.76% on 2013’s effort. The vote breaks down as follows:

QLD : 250,126 / 9.19% / +8.64% [42% of total]
NSW : 184,012 / 4.10% / +2.88% [31% of total]
WA : 55,026 / 4.03% / +4.03% [9.3% of total]
SA : 31,621 / 2.98% / +2.69% [5.3% of total]
TAS : 8,700 / 2.57% / +2.57% [1.5% of total]
VIC : 63,528 / 1.81% / +1.80 [10.7% of total]

The Australian Liberty Alliance scored a total of 102,982 Senate votes (0.74%): 29,795 (0.66%) in NSW; 29,392 (1.08%) in QLD; 23,080 (0.66%) in VIC; 15,168 (1.08%) in WA; 4,435 (0.42%) in SA and 1,112 (0.33%) in TAS.

The following seats are where the various parties — AFP, ALA, CEC, ONP, RUAP — contested for the bigot vote:


In Lindsay, leader of the Australia First Party (AFP), Jim Saleam, placed last of eleven (11) candidates, scoring 1,068 votes (1.20% — a gain of 0.50% from when Mick Saunders had a crack in 2013). Saleam was beaten by Stephen Roddick (Australian Liberty Alliance: ALA), who got 2,110 votes (2.36%) and ex-Tory Marcus Cornish (2,128 votes/2.38%). In Paterson, Peter Davis (Citizens Electoral Council) received just 533 votes (0.53%; a decline of 0.12% since 2013), while Brian Clare (Rise Up Australia Party: RUAP) got a few more (1,007 votes/1.01%, a gain of 0.45% on 2013’s effort). Graham Burston (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation: ONP) smashed them both, Burston getting 13,0563 votes (13.05%; a massive 11.62% increase on 2013), placing third behind the Liberal and Labor candidates. See also : Meet Brian Burston: One Nation’s power behind the throne, Damien Murphy, The Sydney Morning Herald, August 7, 2016.


In Lingiari, Peter Flynn (CEC) — 261 votes (0.61% –a decrease of 2.95%) — lost badly to Regina McCarthy (RUAP) — 1,498 votes (3.49%/+1.50%). In Solomon, John Kearney (AFP) got 798 votes (1.46%/+1.46%), Brigid McCullough (CEC) got 183 (0.34%/-0.07%) and Silvija Majetic (RUAP) got 985 (1.80%/+0.81%). The Marijuana (HEMP) Party candidate got 1,143 votes (2.09%/+2.09%).


Susan Jakobi (AFP) in Lalor gained 3,232 votes (3.03%/+3.03%) and placed fifth of five (5) candidates, while Marion Vale (RUAP) got a few more (4,685 votes/4.39%/+2.59%). In Mallee, Chris Lahy (CEC) came 5th of five (5) candidates, receiving 1,715 votes (1.96%/+1.68%) while Tim Middleton (RUAP) got 4,536 votes (5.19%/+4.29%) for their troubles. In Murray, Jeff Davy (CEC) got the grand sum of 227 votes (0.26%/-0.10%) while Yasmin Gunasekera (RUAP) got 1,195 votes (1.36%/+0.73%), while former AFP president Diane Teasdale (Independent) won 1,037 (1.18%/+1.18%).


In Fisher, John Spellman (ALA) did OK, coming fourth, just narrowly avoiding the 4% threshold (2,952 votes/3.52%/+3.52%), and beating Tracey Bell-Henselin (RUAP) with 2,210 votes (2.64%/+2.25%). (Mike Jessop — a candidate of the unregistered Whig party — got 2,906 votes or 3.47% (+3.47%).) In Hinkler, Damian Huxham (ONP) did very well, placing third with 16,987 votes (19.16%/+19.16%), easily beating Rob Windred (ALA) who came second last (1,670 votes/1.88%/+1.88%). In Leichhardt, John Kelly (RUAP) got 1,439 votes (1.62%/+1.06%), placing 8th of 9 candidates; Peter Rogers (ONP) easily out-polled Kelly, getting 6,775 votes (7.63%/+7.63%) and coming fourth. In Longman, Michelle Pedersen (ONP) done good, placing third (8,293 votes/9.42%/+9.42%) and easily beating the ALA’s Caleb Wells (830 votes/0.94%/-0.13%; Wells ran as an Independent in 2013). Finally, in Maranoa, Lynette Keehn (ONP) also done good, coming third and getting 16,047 votes (17.82%/+17.82%), while Sherrilyn Church (RUAP) had to be content with God granting her just 841 votes (0.93%/-0.03%).

* In addition to Saleam in Lindsay, Kearney in Solomon and Jakobi in Lalor, the Australia First Party also ran in McMahon, with Victor Waterson gaining 1,797 votes or 2.09%, placing 5th of 6 candidates. The party also ran two candidates, former members of One Nation WA, for the Senate in WA. Lyn Vickery and Brian McRae got 3,005 votes (0.22%).

* Kim Vuga failed to register her party ‘Love Australia or Leave’ but still managed to run for the Senate in QLD as an independent. She accrued the grand sum of 172 (0.01%) votes for her troubles.

[… to be continued …]

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Melbourne ‘terror’ raids : Phill Galea in trouble with the law (again)

Federal and Victorian police conducted several raids on houses in Melbourne and Victoria today, seemingly on the basis that some local radical right-wing activists had been planning harm to Victorians:

Victoria police counter terrorism command Assistant Commissioner Ross Guenther​ said that earlier this year they had received information that suggested there were individuals or an individual looking at either advocating harm against Victorian individuals or producing documents that might lead to the harm of people in Victoria.

“I’m very pleased to say I think we’ve interrupted something that could have been quite serious in terms of harm to our community,” he said.

See : Man arrested in terror raids in Melbourne’s north-west and country Victoria, Emily Woods and Chris Vedelago, The Age, August 6, 2016. See also : Terror raids lead to man’s arrest in Vic, Helen Velissaris/AAP,, August 6, 2016 | Man arrested as counter-terrorism police raid properties in Melbourne, Tatura, ABC, August 6, 2016.

The only person thus far named in association with the raids is Phill Galea; Galea has previously been charged with various weapons offences connected to the ‘patriot’ movement and its activities and first came to my attention back in April 2010, when he attended a failed rally ‘against immigrants and Islam’ in Melbourne and was photographed sieg heiling counter-protesters. In 2015, Galea jumped on the Reclaim Australia and United Patriots Front (UPF) bandwagon; of late, he’s also been working with the True Blue Crew (TBC), attending their flag-waving event on June 28 and indicating an intention to attend the TBC picnic rally being held in Melton tomorrow.


Bizarrely, in response to Galea’s arrest, his comrade Neil Erikson published a video in which he claims to have texted Galea immediately after his arrest stating ‘I dumped the stuff’. Pretty silly behaviour … but then again, Eriskon is a very silly boy.

In related terror news, late last month Kurdish journalist Renas Lelikan was arrested and charged with being a member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), one of 20 or so organisations proscribed by the Australian government as ‘terrorist’ — and the only non-Islamist organisation listed. See : Kurdish journalist Renas Lelikan accused of terror links denied bail, Jayne Margetts, ABC, July 29 2016; Bail denial for Kurdish journalist accused of being PKK indicts anti-democratic laws, Peter Boyle, Green Left Weekly, July 29, 2016.

Finally, both the Aryan Nations and the Ku Klux Klan seem to have made an appearance on the list at some point but are currently not listed. Back in May, several Aryan Nations members in Perth were arrested and charged with murder; they’d previously hosted the UPF when they travelled from Melbourne to attend a joint Reclaim Australia/UPF rally.

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Spanish Revolution 80th Anniversary 1936–2016


July 19, 1936 is the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War and Revolution.

Next week, the ASF-IWA has organised a meeting to commemorate the occasion:

On the 19 July 1936, the CNT and the FAI launched the Spanish Revolution in response to the attempted coup by fascist Spanish army generals. The ASF Melbourne is holding an event at the Melbourne Anarchist Club with Vincente Ruiz Jr., son of CNT column commander, Vincente Ruiz and CNT veteran, Antonio Burgos, the last remaining veteran of the Spanish Revolution living in Australia. There will be a short presentation followed by a Q&A session.

In addition to the meeting, local anarchists belonging to the Grupo Cultural de Estudios Sociales de Melbourne have published two pamphlets about the revolution. The first, The Spanish Social Revolution, is published in Spanish and is a re-edition of a booklet originally published in 1975, a transcript of a conference given by compañero Ramon Liarte in 1973 at the meeting hall of the local federation of Bordeaux. The second, English-language pamphlet is titled A grass root C.N.T. militant remembers and is based on the oral memoirs of Luis Parés Adán (translated by Vicente Ruiz Jnr.).

The Spanish Social Revolution (PDF)
A grass root C.N.T. militant remembers (PDF)

See also : Spanish civil war 1936-39: reading guide (libcom) | Chomsky’s Recommended Spanish Civil War Books List | AK Press titles re Spanish Revolution | Living utopia / Vivir la utopía. V.O. with English subtitles — a terrific 1997 documentary in which anarchists who participated in the revolution speak about their experiences and about anarchism.

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(Return Of The Son Of) Lenin ~versus~ #ausvotes


While results have yet to be finalised, I thought I may as well take note of how Socialists and communists fared at the federal election …

As one of 20 Ungrouped candidates in the NSW race for a Senate seat, Ron Poulsen (Communist League) received 46 (class-conscious) votes in 2016, meaning at least five other candidates got fewer.

The Socialist Alliance contested four Lower House seats. In Sydney (NSW), Peter Boyle got the grand sum of 414 votes (0.60%), a reduction of 0.03% on 2013’s effort. One of 10 candidates, Boyle beat Online Direct Democracy – (Empowering the People!) into last place (295 votes). In Corio (VIC), Sue Bull scored 992 votes (1.17%/+0.42%), very narrowly outscoring the last-placed Bullet Train For Australia candidate (987 votes/1.16%). In Fremantle, Chris Jenkins placed last (1,143 votes/1.61%/+0.75%), improving on 2013’s tally but still failing to outscore the mighty Mature Australia Party candidate (1,842 votes/2.60%). Finally, in Wills, Zane Alcorn (554 votes/0.69%) lost votes on 2013’s effort (-0.44%), but still managed to be more popular than the last-placed candidate for the leadership of the world socialist movement, Will Fulgenzi (248 votes/0.31%).

In the race for the Senate, SAll doubled their score in NSW (4,143 votes/0.12%/+0.06%), outpolling the Citizens Electoral Council (1,360 votes), the Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) (1,723 votes), the Australian Progressives (1,750 votes), the Palmer United Party (2,023 votes), the Secular Party of Australia (2,004 votes), the Socialist Equality Party (2,074 votes), CountryMinded (2,279 votes), Mature Australia (2,378 votes) and Katter’s Australian Party (3,565 votes). In VIC, SAll did less well, gaining 1,847 votes; still enough to defeat the Secular Party of Australia (1,678 votes) and the CEC (1,432 votes) for last place. Finally, in WA, SAll scored 1,860 votes (0.17%/+0.11%), again defeating the CEC (1,644 votes) and VOTEFLUX.ORG | Upgrade Democracy! (1,204 votes).

The world leadership of the socialist movement, AKA the Socialist Equality Party (SEP), contested three Lower House seats. In addition to Wills (see above), in Blaxland, Gabriela Zabala placed 5th of 5 candidates (815 votes/1.19%/1.19%) while in Grayndler, Oscar Grenfell came 11th of 11 candidates (268 votes/0.36%/+0.36%), proving less popular than the Animal Justice, Drug Law Reform, Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma MEOW-MEOW (Science Party), Australian Sex, Australian Cyclists, Renewable Energy and the Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group).

For the Senate, the SEP stood candidates in NSW (2,074 votes/0.06%/+0.02%), in QLD (1,236 votes/0.06%/+0.00%) and VIC (2,311 votes/0.09%/+0.02%).

Otherwise, the Socialist Alliance appears to be in something of a crisis at the moment, as the following suggests:

It is with regret that we announce our resignation from Socialist Alliance. We are members of the party who have been involved in the 21st Century Socialism Tendency, and some who have not been. We include the overwhelming majority of active members of the party’s Brisbane branch, as well as individual members from other branches.

The tendency launched approximately two months ago, based on concerns that had been simmering in the party for at least the previous four years. Following a series of individual and group efforts to raise questions regarding the political orientation of the party, and questions around party democracy and organisation, a small number of members were faced with a decision to leave the party, or to stay and test the capacity of the party to change. A decision to do the latter resulted in the formation of the tendency some months after the last National Conference.

See also : The Socialist Alliance (and basically why it sucks now), Sean Vickery (July 2003) | Lenin ~versus~ #ausvotes (June 28, 2016).

*Oh yeah: Joseph Toscano scored 986 votes (1.29%) in the VIC seat of Dunkley.

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VOTE 1 FORTITUDE! #ausvotes


G’day patriots,

Announced with much fanfare last November (Michael Safi, Far-right United Patriots Front to form political party ahead of federal election, The Guardian, November 24, 2015; Brendan Foster, Right-wing group that wanted Hitler in classrooms to launch political party, Brendan Foster, WA Today, November 25, 2015), the United Patriots Front’s stillborn political vehicle ‘Fortitude’ failed to register in time for the federal election (Gus Goswell, United Patriots Front misses deadline to register political party ahead of federal election, 7.30/ABC, June 2, 2016; UPF fails to register in time to run, skyNEWS, June 2, 2016).

Between the time of the announcement and the UPF boarding the failboat, the boys went to Toowoomba, Orange and Bendigo trying to drum up support for their crusade. It didn’t really work out all that well (Anti-Islamic group United Patriots Front picks wrong Qld town for party, Brisbane Times, February 11, 2016). Along the way, the UPF & Co were condemned by the NSW Parliament and at the beginning of June Daniel Flitton (Election 2016: How far-right politics crashed and burned in Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald, June 5, 2016) wrote of the patriotik/anti-Islam movement:

Just a year later, the heat has gone out of anti-Islam politics in Australia. Violent clashes by fringe radicals wearing Australian-flag masks in Coburg last week attracted ridicule, not fear, and Blair Cottrell, the Hitler-sympathising leader of the right-wing street movement, the United Patriots Front, was howled down when he fronted a rally of aggrieved dairy farmers. In the federal election campaign, various anti-Islam parties and candidates have been entirely invisible to the general public.

Most recently, UPF fuehrer Blair Cottrell had his violent criminal record made public:

Cottrell, 26, was sentenced to four months in prison in May 2012 after being convicted of 13 charges, including seven counts of intentionally damaging property. County Court Judge Michael Tinney convicted the then-22-year-old of throwing a missile, stalking, failing to comply with a community-based order, and two counts of recklessly causing serious injury. In December 2013 he was fined $1000 and sentenced to seven days in jail by a County Court judge for aggravated burglary, property damage, arson, trafficking testosterone, possessing a controlled weapon and breaching court orders.

Boys will be boys, amirite?

In any case, UPF internal discussions revealed that both Cottrell and his Perth lackey Dennis Huts expressed concern over running for public office given their respective criminal records; see : Current Issues Brief No 22 2002-03: Crime and Candidacy (Ian Holland/Politics and Public Administration Group, March 23, 2003):

In early 2003, the media reported that convicted bomber and racist Jack van Tongeren had been released after serving 12 years jail in Western Australia and was now interested in seeking election to the Senate. Western Australia’s Attorney-General urged the Commonwealth to tighten its restrictions on candidates. Under Western Australian law, van Tongeren cannot stand for State Parliament, but the Commonwealth’s restrictions on qualifications to be a member of parliament are less severe. Should a criminal conviction render a person ineligible to become an elected representative in a democracy? This Current Issues Brief discusses the limits placed on the ability of people with criminal convictions to stand for parliament.

Jack’s Senatorial campaign — like the UPF’s abortive entry into the formal political arena — was not a great success, and ended up with a number of boys (including Jack) going (back) to jail.

Also possibly going to jail are members of the Perth-based Aryan Nations, a 21st century attempt to revive neo-Nazi fortunes out West (see also : Combat 18). The UPF were guests of the Aryan Nations when they attended a UPF/Reclaim Australia rally late last year, though strangely they’ve not copped to the fact.

So, while UPF/Fortitude is not gonna be winning any votes tomorrow, a number of other far right political projects will be; they’ll also be pitted against one another in the following electorates:

Whose ideological cuisine will reign supreme?

Lindsay : Saleam (AFP) v Stephen Roddick (ALA) — Also throwing his hat into the ring is ex-Tory Marcus Cornish.
Paterson : Peter Davis (CEC) v Graham Burston (ONP) v Brian Clare (RUAP) — Fred Nile’s CDP is also contesting this seat.

Lingiari : Peter Flynn (CEC) v Regina McCarthy (RUAP)
Solomon : John Kearney (AFP) v Brigid McCullough (CEC) v Silvija Majetic (RUAP) — Marijuana (HEMP) Party also running a candidate.

Lalor : Susan Jakobi (AFP) v Marion Vale (RUAP)
Mallee : Chris Lahy (CEC) v Tim Middleton (RUAP)
Murray : Jeff Davy (CEC) v Yasmin Gunasekera (RUAP) — Former AFP president Diane Teasdale (Independent) will also be losing in the seat.

Fisher : John Spellman (ALA) v Tracey Bell-Henselin (RUAP) — Mike Jessop ‘is a candidate of the unregistered Whig party’!
Hinkler : Rob Windred (ALA) v Damian Huxham (ONP)
Leichhardt : Peter Rogers (ONP) v John Kelly (RUAP)
Longman : Caleb Wells (ALA) v Michelle Pedersen (ONP)
Maranoa : Lynette Keehn (ONP) v Sherrilyn Church (RUAP)


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