Briggs : Bad Apples + #ShepLife

Briggs — Shepparton’s finest rapper, unofficial mayor, and winner of the 2014 National Indigenous Music Award’s National New Talent of the Year award — has a new album out on Golden Era Records, ShepLife. The second single off the album is ‘Bad Apples’; the first, with Gurrumul, is ‘The Hunt’: both tracks get ***** from me.

The National Album Launch Tour starts in Maroochydore on Friday, October 3 and ends in Melbourne on Monday, November 3. Get into it!


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Squadron 88 + The Skull = lulz

“Hi, I’m Squadron 88. You may remember me from such media headlines as ‘Wake up white Australia’: Anti-Semitic flyers distributed in Sydney and Right to be a bigot comments have emboldened racists …”


Oh dear: good old Squadron 88 have a new spokesperson: Ross ‘The Skull’ May. The silly old bugger has a message … or had. After having been bitchslapped on the Stormfront forum by Peter Campbell (“Whitelawtowers”), the bonehead/s of Squadron 88 (“truewhitewarrior”) have thought better of publishing a promo video on YouTube. Titled ▶ SQUADRON 88. SKULLISM EP.1 DARKIE PATROL. ( the very short promo vid declares that The Skull & Squadron 88 will be setting up ‘darkie patrols’ in Sydney to apprehend black men before they rape white women.

Or words to that effect.

Why Squadron 88 has now elected to place The Skull at the centre of their propaganda efforts is a bit of a mystery, but presumably the fact that The Skull is already a well-known figure — halps. But who is ‘The Skull’? May has been around for some time. Here he is with his fuehrer, Jim Saleam, at an Australian Nazi Party mini-Nuremberg rally in the early 1970s:


Again in January 2005:


Again in December 2006, halping Dr Jim Saleam hand out Australia First propaganda in Cronulla:


And again in 2009, entering the now-defunct annual fascist gathering known as the Sydney Forum:


Otherwise, The Skull may be found at most Australia First Party events in Sydney, and constitutes a fitting sidekick for Dr Jim’s moustache.

Bonus Ralph!

Ralph Cerminara, the self-proclaimed President of the always-outrageous Australian Defence League, has gotten some media attention recently, first for declaring his intention to burn down mosques, harass Muslim women on the street and plan another Cronulla (Australian man warns of another Cronulla riot after being bashed for filming Muslim women,, September 9, 2014) and secondly for his sterling military record (Ralph Cerminara, soldier who warned of another Cronulla riot, is a fraud, according to military impostors website, Matt Young,, September 12, 2014). Note that the previous self-declared President of the ADL was a whinging Pom named Martin Brennan. In 2011 Brennan was deported to E-E-England as an illegal immigrant.

Wankers, the lot of ‘em.

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La Revolución de Octubre 1934 (José Muñoz Congost)


On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Asturian October 1934 revolution Exilio Libertario, a Melbourne-based group of Spanish anarchist exiles, have published in PDF format a booklet in Spanish written by compañero José Muñoz Congost.

[La Revolución de Octubre 1934 (José Muñoz Congost)]

See also : The Asturian Commune of 1934, José Luis Mulas Hernandez, Kate Sharpley Library.

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Socialist Alternative 0 Christopher Pyne 1

On August 29, my favourite Tory politician (and federal education minister) Christopher Pyne wrote an article for Uncle Rupert’s The Australian decrying anti-Semitism on Australian university campuses and identifying the neo-Cliffite political organisation Socialist Alternative as a major culprit. Subsequently, the SAlt club at Monash University has been deregistered and a SAlt member at LaTrobe University faces disciplinary action as a result of alleged harassment of a fellow student. Note that in WA, the SAlt club at the University of Western Australia has also been deregistered.

This isn’t the first time SAlt have been accused of anti-Semitism, previous allegations having surfaced in September 2006 (see : Anti-Semitism on campus?), March 2009 (see : Socialist Alternative: socialist jihadists of the far Left subsisting on a diet of anti-Semitism, lentils and tofu) and March 2014 (see : Socialists deny anti-Semitism slander, Mel Barnes, Green Left Weekly, March 22, 2014): SAlt deny all such allegations.

SAlt has issued a public statement on the decision and there’s an online petition calling on the Monash Student Association to rescind their decision; in related news, the AUJS is celebrating the defeat of a motion to support the BDS campaign at Monash: “The Australasian Union of Jewish Students has welcomed the Monash Student Council’s rejection of the highly offensive and unproductive Boycott Divestment Sanctions propaganda movement. The rejection of BDS, which came after extensive AUJS advocacy, was overwhelming. Just 4 councillors voted in favour, 2 abstained, and 11 voted against.”

See also : Max Brenner, chocolate and blood (September 13, 2011) | The Man Who Wants To Smash My Face With A Baseball Bat, Michael Brull, New Matilda, September 5, 2014.

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Australian government supporting terrorists (PKK)?

Update (September 16) : Is Australia arming ‘terrorist’ PKK fighters?, The Age, September 15, 2014.



The Australian government has announced it will be transporting arms to Kurdish groups fighting IS/IS in Iraq:

Australian troops to deliver arms in person in Iraq
Dan Harrison
The Age
August 31, 2014

This is quite remarkable given that one of these groups, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), is proscribed under Australian law as a terrorist organisation. Given that the US government is similarly committed to supplying arms, and given that Australian foreign policy is typically in lockstep with the US, the status of the PKK may well change … a fact which, if nothing else, reveals the highly pragmatic nature of The War on Terror™. Chomsky:

The fact of the matter is that there is no War on Terror. It’s a minor consideration. So invading Iraq and taking control of the world’s energy resources was way more important than the threat of terror. And the same with other things. Take, say, nuclear terror. The American intelligence systems estimate that the likelihood of a “dirty bomb,” a dirty nuclear bomb attack in the United States in the next ten years, is about 50 percent. Well, that’s pretty high. Are they doing anything about it? Yeah. They’re increasing the threat, by increasing nuclear proliferation, by compelling potential adversaries to take very dangerous measures to try to counter rising American threats.

This is even sometimes discussed. You can find it in the strategic analysis literature. Take, say, the invasion of Iraq again. We’re told that they didn’t find weapons of mass destruction. Well, that’s not exactly correct. They did find weapons of mass destruction, namely, the ones that had been sent to Saddam by the United States, Britain, and others through the 1980s. A lot of them were still there. They were under control of U.N. inspectors and were being dismantled. But many were still there. When the U.S. invaded, the inspectors were kicked out, and Rumsfeld and Cheney didn’t tell their troops to guard the sites. So the sites were left unguarded, and they were systematically looted. The U.N. inspectors did continue their work by satellite and they identified over 100 sites that were systematically looted, like, not somebody going in and stealing something, but carefully, systematically looted.

See also : PKK – from terrorist threat to ally?, Deutsche Welle, August 31, 2014: “The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) is banned in Germany. The EU deems it a terrorist group. Now, however, regarding the threat from ‘IS,’ some German politicians appear ready to begin discussions over reconsidering.” | The possibility of breaking up Iraq, Kurdish Anarchists Forum, anarchistan, August 28, 2014 | Chomsky On The Prospect of Kurdish Independence: Noam Chomsky interviewed by Namo Abdulla, Rudaw, February 15, 2011 | Australian Federal Police (AFP) ~versus~ Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), August 20, 2010.

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antifa notes (august 26, 2014) : golden dawn + squadron 88

Huh: it never rains, it pours.

1) Golden Dawn

Yesterday the ABC published a report on the upcoming Australian tour by two Golden Dawn (GD) MEPs, Eleftherios Synadinos and Georgios Epitideios:

Golden Dawn: Members of controversial Greek far-right political party to visit Australia
Dan Oakes
August 25, 2014

As noted, real estate guy Iggy Gavrilidis is Chief Swinging Dick for GD Down Under. You may remember Iggy from such stunning victories as the joint GD/Australia First Party rally in Brisbane in May (where the handful of fascists who assembled had to flee in a maxi taxi driven by an Indian gentleman LOL). See : So who were these nazis anyway? Australia First & Golden Dawn in Brisbane (May 4, 2014).

In any event, assuming the dynamic duo pass the character test — ie, the Australian government elects to allow elected fascists into the country — and assuming also that GD intend to publicise their meetings, there’s a fair to good chance that their presence in Australia will not go unopposed. For more information on fun in Melbourne see The Disrupt & Dismantle Golden Dawn Welcome Collective event page. No doubt further infos will be available if/when the two old fascists make it in.

For moar infos on GD’s record of political violence, see : The 60 case files of the criminal organisation Golden Dawn, Jail Golden Dawn, August 24, 2014. See also : Ευρωβουλευτές της Χρυσής Αυγής στην Αυστραλία/Members-of-Golden-Dawn-to-visit-Australia; SBS, August 26, 2014.


2) Squadron 88

In other news, a tiny mob of nazis called ‘Squadron 88′ (88 = HH = Heil Hitler) has gained some media attention after some of the boneheads distroed a nazi tract in Bondi:

‘Wake up white Australia’: Anti-Semitic flyers distributed in Sydney
Stephanie Anderson
August 26, 2014

In brief, Squadron 88 is a new, ad hoc organisation consisting of a few young boneheads from Sydney closely aligned to the Australia First Party. Curiously, AF member David Pallor supports the boneheads: you may remember David from several years ago — when he had some legal difficulties arising from his sale of nazi merch (2008) — and more recently, when he failed to turn up to his own rally in Brisbane.


As well as producing shitty anti-Semitic samizdat, the groupuscule has been making a bit of a nuisance of itself in other ways. But moar on that later …

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Free the refugees – Nadya & Masha, don’t speak at #FODI [#PussyRiot]

On August 31 in Sydney, two former members of Pussy Riot, Nadezhda (Nadya) Tolokonnikova and Maria (Masha) Alekhina, are scheduled to talk at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI). You may remember FODI from such Dangerous Ideas as Honour Killings Are Morally Justified.

Unfortunately, the St James Ethics Centre, the hosts of FODI, is implicated in Operation Sovereign Borders, the Australian government policy framework for the multi-billion dollar industry that is Fortress #STRAYA: “Australia’s asylum seeker policy has delivered up to $10bn to private contractors, with offshore contracts alone valued at $859,363 per person.” Consequently, a group of women from Sydney, Too Many Girls In The Pit, have requested Nadya and Masha reconsider their participation in FODI and seek other venues to address their audience.

Below is the open letter the women (blog | Twitter) have addressed to Nadya & Masha.

See also : Crossborder Operational Matters.

Dear Ms Masha Alyokhina and Ms Nadya Tolokonnikova,

We are a group of women who have recently read that you will speak at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas #FODI in Sydney, Australia. We understand you will be in conversation with journalist, Ms Masha Gessen, about your work for Zona Prava, about Putin’s and the state oppression of your people and about your activist and art work and punk music, as part of Pussy Riot. We have been following this work and your more recent fight against prison conditions.

We are greatly concerned about another group who are also detained and some of whom have undergone torture, imprisonment and a lack of freedom of movement. We are highly disturbed with how the government is treating this group, namely refugees who come by boat, and with how refugees are indefinitely detained in conditions that amount to human rights abuses.

We ask that you both choose to not speak at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas #FODI and choose another forum to get your important messages out. We request this because the hosts behind this festival, the St James Ethics Centre and its foundation (the St James Ethics Centre Foundation), have strong links to the indefinite detention of refugees. The cultural aspect of this event helps to soften the St James Ethics Centre’s image despite these links, which are often unknown.

In Australia, we now have militarised borders under the government’s policy and framework, Operation Sovereign Borders. Lt General Angus Campbell is the head of Operation Sovereign Borders and decisions made by the National Security Committee of Cabinet do not have to pass Cabinet. Refugees who seek asylum run up against this group of military persons, politicians and national security services. The operation itself has been run under secrecy and deception.

Operation Sovereign Borders refers to refugees who are detained offshore such as on Christmas Island, Manus Island and Nauru, or onshore. Our national government and the previous one have spent billions of dollars each year to lock up refugees who come by boat. The billions are spent on corporations and small businesses, non-government organisations and on detention centres, camps and the land to provide poor services and premises. This is spent without a guarantee of refugees’ basic safety. There is evidence from the refugees themselves and from others within and outside the system that this environment causes mental illness, trauma, extreme uncertainty and bodily pain due to ailments, which aren’t medically attended to. There is also evidence of abuse from guards and virulent racism. Families are sometimes separated.

The refugees have no freedom of movement and depending on the government’s desperate need to silence, have highly restricted access to lawyers and other advocates. Despite this, a lot of the information we are able to get is from refugees contacting people outside the camps, from lawyers and other advocates, former detention industry workers, non-government actors, from the government accidentally releasing info and from committed journalists. There has been increasing overseas media coverage about the current state but the government continues to act with impunity.

The Festival’s host, the St. James Ethics Centre and its foundation, has two board members who have direct connections to Operation Sovereign Borders. One board director of the St James Ethics Centre is Major General Andrew James Molan. Major General Molan is the paid Special Envoy of Operation Sovereign Borders. He helped design the operation and promoted the current government’s refugee policies prior to its election.

Another St James Ethics Board Director of concern is Douglas Snedden. Mr Snedden is also an independent director of Transfield Services, a multinational corporation that profits from the service provision of indefinitely detained refugees on Nauru and from 2014, Manus Island. Most recently, the national government under high secrecy ordered the detainment of 157 Tamil refugees on a prison ship. These same refugees are now being detained on Nauru.

Transfield Services entered the service and welfare provision on Manus Island after a particular series of brutal events. There was violence towards the refugees at the hands of various actors, which resulted in many injuries and the murder of a refugee known as Reza Berati. There are ongoing reports of abuses, including punishment, for when refugees try to inform people outside the camps of the abuses and when there is understandable protest on Manus Island.

• The St James Ethics Centre presents the staging of its ideas as neutral and the fallacy that its organised forums have no relevance to the indefinite detention of refugees. We reject this.
• The St James Ethics Centre runs on manufactured controversy in organising cultural events and profits off this controversy but neutralises the importance of having board directors who profit from the human rights abuses of refugees.
• We believe that the Festival of Dangerous Ideas allows the St James Ethics Centre to build its brand. This branding and reputation flows on to the reputations of corporations and government policies, which make up Operation Sovereign Borders.
• The Centre and its foundation with board directors who profit from this brutal system reduce this profiting to the sharing of ideas and an ‘inevitable’ conflict of interest such as on their governance page.
• The St James Ethics Centre’s charity status lists refugees and those seeking asylum as beneficiaries. We reject this when two of the directors of the centre and its foundation drive and profit from mandatory detention and Operation Sovereign Borders.

Nadya and Masha, we look forward to hearing about your activism, art and ideas at a different forum, a forum that does not have such strong ties to an industry that for profit, political gain and electoral stability oversees immense human rights abuse such as indefinite detention and an absence of refugee processing. In conclusion and in the spirit of solidarity, we created a mixtape for you both. A world where there is no mandatory detention—where refugees are free—is possible.

In solidarity,

Too Many Girls In The Pit.

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(White) Anarchists in Ferguson?!?

See also : From Anarchists to Tibetan Monks, Here Are Some of the Outsiders Joining Protests in Ferguson, Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones, August 20, 2014 | Ferguson. Over one week in., Anti-State STL, August 20, 2014 | Love Me, Ferguson, I’m a Liberal, Douglas Williams, Jacobin, August 21, 2014.

Blah. Blah blah. Blah blah blah.

The police murder of black teenager Michael Brown on August 9 in Ferguson, St Louis triggered a wave of angry protests — which in turn has created a media storm. One of the curious aspects of this reportage was the claim by St Louis police on late Sunday night/early Monday morning August 17/18 that:

This was soon picked up by CNN, among others: “Late Sunday night, a day of peaceful protests devolved into a night of gunfire, Molotov cocktails and tear gas”. The claim re Molotovs was disputed by others (‘Missouri national guard to be deployed at Ferguson protests’, Jon Swaine and Rory Carroll in Ferguson, Teh Grauniad, August 18, 2014):

Police launched their first barrage of gas and smoke at about 9pm on Sunday after fearing an advance on their command post – in a mall parking lot just south of the centre of the clashes – by a largely peaceful protest march, according to Johnson. He said several molotov cocktails were thrown by those taking part in the march, which included children.

This was sharply disputed. “You need to pull these officers back,” Renita Lamkin, an episcopal pastor who has been trying to control the protests, told a police chief by phone, as teargas fell on the march. “There were no molotov cocktails,” she said.

Curiously, journalist Sarah Kendzior tweeted:

I’ve been unable to find any footage or stills of any white “anarchists” throwing Molotovs at either police or restaurants, but The New York Times uploaded footage from several days previous which shows a black man (an “anarchist”?) throwing one. See : Standoff in Ferguson by Brent McDonald (August 13/14).


The ‘chop suey place’ Sarah tweets about may be a reference to the fact that on August 11: “At Northland Chop Suey on West Florissant, Paul Fletcher helped owner Booen Jang sweep broken glass from the restaurant. Nothing was stolen from the restaurant and the interior was left intact. But the bill just for boarding the windows came to $2,700. Fletcher said the total cost for replacing the windows is expected to reach $10,000.” Then again, given the distance of a week (August 11 > August 18) between the broken window and the burning, maybe not.

As for (white) anarchists, a few Twitter users have made reference to whites being bad, but others appear to confuse “anarchists” with the followers of cult leader Bob Avakian, a/k/a the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Which, if nothing else, is at least mildly amusing.

Otherwise, the media machine grinds on.

For news and views from anarchists in St Louis, see : Anti-State STL.

Bonus Beck!

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The (Australian) Anarchists on Chinese Labor (1887)

‘Chinese Labor’, Honesty, Melbourne, August 28, 1887.

[Honesty was published from April 1887 to November 1888. It was the first anarchist newspaper in Australia, produced by the Melbourne Anarchist Club. Contributors included David Andrade, his brother Will (later well known as a radical bookseller), J.A. Andrews and Chummy Fleming. Source : Reason in Revolt.]

The visit of the Chinese commissioners to Australia [May--September 1887] has afforded a fresh opportunity for the labor agitators to raise the old familiar anti-Chinese cry. Again do we hear the outcry against their vicious habits — their smoking of the opium which we thrust upon them, their simple mode of living, and their industrial success. It is time that the laborers looked this matter squarely in the face, and took a rational view of the matter.

The Chinese have been persecuted long enough. Not only have they had poll-taxes imposed upon them, and other legislative obstacles thrown in the way of their immigration to these shores; but a constant effort is being made to drive them from their employment, if not from the colonies altogether. Meetings are constantly being held in Queensland protesting against the employment of them; Victorian trades’ unions are forever trying to devise means to drive away “the yellow agony;” and everywhere are evidences of determined hostility towards them. It is feared that they are superseding the European races, and the descendants of “the noble Britons” are recoiling in horror at their number, although, as a matter of fact, there are not fifty thousand Chinese in the whole of Australasia, as against two million eight hundred thousand Europeans, — sixty-five of us to every Chinaman. Think of it: sixty-five white men afraid to compete with one yellow skin! They are actually alarmed at the fact that the Chinese are setting up as gardeners, carpenters, miners, hawkers, storekeepers, cooks, laborers, and probably will soon be doing our washing and laundry work. What matters it to the laborer that his Chinese neighbor is also a laborer? — were he an idler instead, there would be some grounds for complaint. The Chinese are admitted to be industrious and persevering, and yet condemned for this very perseverance. If they excel as cabinet-makers, owing to their cheap production, it is clearly of advantage to us who buy their articles. If they sell at low prices, it is at their own loss, and to the advantage of our poorly remunerated laborers, who can only buy cheap articles, or none. If they transport their money — a valueless thing in itself — to China, we are again the gainers, for they have consumed the less of our produce. If they work so diligently, and such long hours, to produce so much, it is to the advantage of ourselves who thus have more to consume. If they are economical — if they live so simply, and fare so poorly, we suffer nothing by their lack of consumption. And yet the European laborer is fighting poor “John”, because he produces too much and consumes too little!

If the Chinese being employed is the cause of a European starving, it is clearly not the Chinaman, who produces much and consumes little, who is to blame. We must seek further. We must seek out the exploiter who produces nothing and consumes much. The fact is that statute law has monopolised the wealth of nature in the hands of a few idlers; and the workers — Chinese and European — are cutting each other’s throats for the crumbs from the rich man’s table, when they might more advantageously cease piling the fruits of their labor upon that table. The Chinese, like ourselves, are the victims of monopoly and exploitation. Were every Chinaman banished from Australasia tomorrow, the evils would still exist as bad as ever. Instead of the Chinese being the scapegoats of economical blundering as they are now, their places would be filled by European scapegoats. While monopoly is supported some must go to the wall, the weakest must decline, a huge number of the workers must be sacrificed upon the altar of Usury.

Stump orators and professional labor agitators propose that the “difficulty” be met by compelling the Chinese to adopt our manners and customs. Could absurdity go much further? Does any intelligent laborer imagine for a moment that the labor troubles will even be minimised by compelling the Chinese to eat flesh and wear European clothing (when the other workers have already not enough), to cut off their pigtails (which harm no one), and to practice the “civilized” customs of tobacco-smoking, beer-drinking, alcoholic intoxication, wanton luxury and indolence? We must seek other “remedies” than these.

The Chinese labor question must be settled by reversing the aims of the trades-unionists, who seek high wages and high prices,–two principles which destroy each other. We must aim at high wages and low prices, or in other words, the Cost Principle. When the workers combine together to exchange equivalent for equivalent, boycotting all capitalists, usurers, and profit-makers generally, we shall hear no more of the Chinese labor question, which is one of the most hollow delusions by which the monopolists hold the laborers in subjection.

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antifa notes (august 17, 2014)



The boofheads at the Australia First Party have finally conceded that they got it wrogn — again (see : Antifa ‘Slackbastard’ Outed And Named. By Morons., October 11, 2010.). Their latest Big Idea is that I’m James Hutchings’ brother.


Otherwise, the Australianists have organised a get-together in Ipswich on Saturday September 6 to piss and moan about bloody foreigners et al.



Spencer Sunshine has written a piece for Souciant on Nazi Skinhead Economics (August 7, 2014); Robert Parry writes about how The New York Times Discovers Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis at War (August 14, 2014); Niles Williamson, a scribe for The Leadership of the World Socialist Movement, writes that Kiev deploys fascist militias against Donetsk (August 12, 2014).



In the US, Luke O’Donovan was last week sentenced to two years prison and eight years probation after successfully defending himself from a group assault:

On New Year’s Eve of 2013, Luke O’Donovan attended a house party in Reynoldstown, a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. Luke was seen dancing with and kissing other men at the party. Later in the night he was insulted with homophobic slurs, and attacked by several people at once. Luke unsuccessfully attempted to escape, at which point several witnesses reported watching between 5 and 12 men ganging-up on Luke and stomping on his head and body, evidently with the intent to kill him. Luke was called a faggot before and during the attack. Throughout the course of the attack, Luke and five others were stabbed. Luke was subsequently imprisoned and charged with five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as well as one count of attempted murder. He spent two and a half weeks in jail without bond before being released under bond conditions that drastically affected his life. None of the other individuals involved in the altercation were charged.

Luke is a young queer man previously residing in metro Atlanta. At the time of his arrest, Luke was a student at Georgia Gwinnett College and planned on transferring to Georgia State University — a plan he subsequently had to abandon because of legal fees, medical costs, and bond conditions. The conditions of Luke’s bond caused him to move out of the house he was staying in, as well as preventing him from interacting with a large section of his community in Northeast Atlanta.

Luke’s trial concluded on August 12, 2014, when he accepted a plea deal. The negotiated deal was as follows: Luke will be in the Georgia prison system for 2 years beginning on August 12, after which he will begin eight years of harsh probation. At the time of sentencing, the judge added to the negotiated plea that Luke will be banished from the state of Georgia for the eight years of his probation …

For more infos on Luke’s case and how to show support see : Support Luke! Defense Committee website.


Speaking of homophobes, the “World Congress of Families” conference, which Kevin Andrews, Robert Clark, Bernie Finn, Fred Nile and other anti-choice, anti-LGBTI speakers will be attending, will be taking place on Saturday, August 30 in Glen Iris. See The Block Party Against Hate for fun-filled counter-activities.

NB. The Southern Poverty Law Centre has classified the WCOF as a hate group; People for the American Way and Political Research Associates have moar.

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