(Even more) Nazi schmazi

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More Nazi schmazi

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In Other Bizarre British Free-Speech Cases, Brendan Kiley, July 24, 2008 : “This morning it was S&M, the son of Sir Oswald Mosley, and a tabloid. This afternoon, it’s anti-Semitism and R. Crumb” (referring to the recent, bizarre case of Simon Sheppard and the other bloke).

Prize comment:

Since they used a work of satire thinking it was racist, I say put them in the gas chamber and see if they get the irony. Posted by Sirkowski | July 24, 2008 4:41 PM

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Searchlight on Sheppard and Whittle (the other bloke):

The prosecution was novel in that the Heretical Press site is hosted in the United States. British nazis had believed that if they hosted their racist ravings on US web servers they would be immune from prosecution. Sheppard’s conviction has undermined that confidence, sending shock waves through British fascism…

Sheppard was no doubt expecting a custodial sentence. He was jailed in the Netherlands in 1995 for Holocaust denial and received a nine-month sentence in June 1999 for distributing antisemitic leaflets in Hull with Dave Hannam. At the time both were BNP activists. Sheppard was expelled from the BNP, but Hannam, who was jailed for three months, went on to become the BNP’s regional treasurer and a close confidant of party leader Nick Griffin, who himself has a conviction for inciting racial hatred. Since that time, as well as maintaining his own Heretical Press site, Sheppard has made himself indispensable as the front man and registrant for a number of far-right websites including the notorious Redwatch…

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Meanwhile, Antifa UK are preparing to ‘Smash the BNP’s Scumfest!’ (absolutely not to be confused with Scumfest the Sarf London DIY punk benefit festival), exclamation mark and all. The annual Scumfest is being held on August 16, on a farm belonging to some bloke called Alan Warner, in some little village somewhere. A glimpse into the future of “national anarchism” perhaps?

Nazi Bashers In BNP Vow
Daily Star
July 28

An anti-fascist organisation hell-bent on violence is targeting the British National Party’s summer festival.

The hardline group Antifa – who advocate the use of extreme violence against neo-Nazis – are calling on members to descend on the Red, White and Blue Festival next month.

The organisation has members all over Europe and were responsible for the decapitation of the waxwork Adolf Hitler in Berlin.

They are now targeting the BNP’s festival. Gerry Gable, of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight said: “Antifa like getting stuck in basically. They are related to groups in Germany and other parts of Europe. They will confront Nazis wherever they find them. They’re really quite intimidating and scary.”

Antifa is using left-wing message boards to rally support for direct action against the festival.

Police were so concerned about the prospect of violence at the festival they advised councillors to refuse the BNP a license to hold the two-day event in Denby, Derbyshire, from August 15.

They told a council meeting the BNP would need a 10ft fence, floodlights and up to 400 security staff to stave off [a] clash with the Antifa hardliners.

But despite warnings, the BNP has vowed to go ahead with the bash.

One chilling internet posting from Antifa read: “If you too are sick of the baffling success of these thick tw*ts, their lies and their hate, we urge you to join our mobilisation.

“We will be descending on their farm and wish to encourage as many people as possible to join us. We at Antifa intend to shut it down.”

Local intelligence sources indicate that, in addition to bloodthirsty Greek and Russian anti-fascists, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Nazi bashers will be joined by German and Swedish football hooligans. Further, the whole exercise is being co-ordinated by an elite unit of at least 40 New Zealand anarchists, fresh from training with animal loving Tuhoe for a peace freak terror-attack plan shock.

The BNP are also calling for warriors:

We are also looking for a final few volunteers. Please get in touch if you have some display or skill you can share with us in one remaining under-utilised marquee. And battle re-enactors, we need individuals in British military gear – any period from Romano-British onwards – to help with a children’s quiz (education in disguise!)

Please note:
Wives, girlfriends, kids and trusted friends are all welcome as guests of the cardholder.
There are no advance ticket sales this year. Please pay at the gate.

f o u r

It appears that, unlike previous years, there will be no Sydney Forum — an annual gathering of the Australian far right — this year. Apparently, James Saleam and Welf Herfurth will be too busy contesting an election (and er, preaching anarchy) to guide the White masses back to the White Australian future.

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11 Responses to (Even more) Nazi schmazi

  1. THR says:

    You may have seen it already, but today’s Fairfax had an article on murders by Russian thugs:


  2. Asher says:

    Quotes like this:

    Gerry Gable, of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight said: “Antifa like getting stuck in basically. They are related to groups in Germany and other parts of Europe. They will confront Nazis wherever they find them. They’re really quite intimidating and scary.”

    Make me wonder if Gerry has totally lost his memory in his old age – that’s exactly what he used to do with the 43 Group, before he sold out and started cooperating with the British State and its “intelligence” services… *sigh*

  3. Dr. Cam says:

    He’s not exactly condemning them, Ash. 🙂

  4. @ndy says:



    Time is truly wastin’
    There’s no guarantee, yeah
    Smiles in the makin’
    You gotta fight the powers that be
    Got so many forces
    Stayin’ on the scene
    Givin’ up all around me
    Faces full o’ pain

    I can’t play my music
    (They say my music’s too loud)
    I kept talkin’ about it
    (I got the big run around)
    And when I rolled with the punches
    (I got knocked on the ground)
    With all this bullshit going down

  5. lars shalom says:

    they took two speeches, rivers of blood and lard

  6. Asher says:

    Cam – No, he really is. He’s also known for ratting out AFA activists to the British intelligence services, back in the day – no reason to think it isn’t still happening with antifa too.

  7. Dr. Cam says:

    I rat you guys out to intelligence services all the time. Are you saying that’s not cool?

  8. @ndy says:

    Uh-oh: I think we both may be in trouble Doctor.

  9. @ndy says:

    Oh yeah… THR:

    I wish they’d stop calling them skinheads. They’re boneheads ffs.

  10. Krilic says:

    41 years ago on October 15 the Black Panther Party founded itself, an important date for MIM’s ideology. In a video statement in September,(1) Osama Bin Laden has asked Amerikans to convert to Islam. Recently, Limonov in Russia converted and newspapers report that Al Qaeda linked people are talking about Malcolm X.(2) Malcolm X was the local spiritual inspiration for the Black Panthers, while Mao was the ideological and scientific inspiration. In this essay we will try to place our thoughts about converting to Islam in an accountable way.

    The current writer only started studying Islam relatively recently. We have found that we reached Muslim Sultan- Galiyev’s conclusions independently from him, mostly from an in-depth examination of the labour theory of value. Sultan-Galiyev was a leader from Lenin’s and Stalin’s circles…

    [Blah blah blah…: On converting to Islam: the invisible schism in the international communist movement, MIM, October 23 2007.]

  11. Krilic says:

    MIM opens this web page to start a process of re-appraisal of Mirza Sultan-Galiev, a Tatar communist who worked for Stalin on the nationalities question, but who rumor says Stalin eventually shot 1939 or 1940.

    MIM does not doubt that what Stalin said about Sultan-Galiev’s violations of democratic centralism is true. We should investigate on this page to what extent those violations of democratic centralism were on account of being an intellectual unable to follow democratic centralism and to what extent all the ideas concerned were too new. MIM has too much experience organizing a movement to doubt that people often have strange ideas about democratic centralism, especially when much action occurs in a short space of time…

    [Blah blah blah. “Krilic”, either stop fucking spamming my blog with MIM propaganda, or ‘splain yrself — @ndy.]

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