Hot Chile

Sheesh. Stumbledupon the above while examining the reaction to Belgian bonehead Dieter Samoy‘s recent suicide (following his being sentenced to two years jail for assaulting a man guilty of walking around in black skin). On my viewing, there would appear to be little arsing about in Chile when it comes to confronting boneheads (well, when the fascists are not being protected by their comrades in the police force at any rate) — and this outside a Universidad. Given that the US-sponsored fascist dictatorship — under which thousands of left-wing estudiantes were murdered, raped, and tortured — ended only 20 years ago, it’s perhaps understandable that boneheads should get pretty short shrift, especially when found lurking about centres of higher education. Whatever: the voters of Chile have just put Sebastian Pinera, a ‘conservative’ (read: reactionary neo-liberal) billionaire on the Presidential throne, ending 20 years of ‘leftist’ rule; presumably reinforcing the possibility of a hot Summer ahead…

¿Un 2010 Caliente? La Guerra De Cuarta Generación Y La Estartegia Antoi Subversiva Del Estado $hileno (Klinamen, January 6, 2010) / A Hot 2010? The Fourth Generation War and the Anti-Subversive Strategy of the $hilean State (Infoshop, January 14, 2010).

The configuration generated since the end of 2009 threatens to raise the temperature and bring in a hot summer. This situation has been marked by recent events of broad repercussion such as the assault and raids on the squatted social centers carried out by the repressive forces under the orders of the “anti-bombs district attorney” Francisco Jacir, caving to the pressure from the Interior Ministry, specifically the bravado of subsecretary Patricio Rosende. This action, with a clear mediatic and political purpose, since it was carried out at election time, was recognized by the Interior Minister, Edmundo Pérez Yoma, when he declared that these raids against the young squatters “came at a very good moment.” Despite this, everything seems to indicate that the kangaroo court failed, principally for lack of real concrete evidence to back up serious accusations, which would confirm the lack of results in the investigation of the explosive attacks against institutions of State and Capital, and thus the success of the strategy of diffuse blows of autonomous, libertarian subversion based in groups without central direction, but coordinated along a common horizon. Proof of this is that the attacks have not only continued, they have expanded with growing force to other regions of the country, especially the city of Concepción where the existence of one or more operative cells has alarmed the political and police authorities.

See also : Liberación Total | Our War : “Somos un colectivo de fotografía política con el objetivo de contarle al mundo historias sobre represión, resistencia y lucha del pueblo Chileno en su camino para lograr justicia social.” / “OurWar is a photography collective who tells to the world stories about repression, resistance and struggle of [C]hilean people in their way to make social justice.” | Porcupine Blog (Larry Gambone) | Rolling Thunder No.8 (Fall 2009) contains “a survey of the past four decades of anarchist activity in Chile”.

September 11 / S11 / 9:11 (September 11, 2006) | KiLliNg FoR pEaCe In ChIlE (January 9, 2008) | Police murder anarchist in Chile (April 5, 2008) | Mauricio Morales Duarte (May 24, 2009).

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