antifa notes (march 10, 2010)

OK. After several weeks of bitterly hard-fought campaigning, I finally gots me 180 fans on Facebook… so I’m gonna start posting again. About what? Nazis, of course. In the United States, in Spain, in Russia (for Dion, of course!), in Canada, in Austria, and even in Australia.


United States

The far right in the United States is full of RAGE! according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has just published a new issue of its Intelligence Report (No.137, Spring 2010). In his editorial, Mark Potok argues that the far right is ‘on fire’ in the US; similar claims have been made regarding the far right in Germany (see below).

“We are in the midst of one of the most significant right-wing populist rebellions in United States history,” Chip Berlet, a veteran analyst of the American radical right, wrote earlier this year. “We see around us a series of overlapping social and political movements populated by people [who are] angry, resentful, and full of anxiety. They are raging against the machinery of the federal bureaucracy and liberal government programs and policies including health care, reform of immigration and labor laws, abortion, and gay marriage.”

By way of example of RAGE!, a guest of David Irving’s on his recent speaking tour of the United States was so angry and upset he allegedly stabbed another listener — the assault possibly the result of an ongoing conflict between neo-Nazi groups the Hammerskins and Volksfront. (In Australia, the Hammerskins and Volksfront get on like a house on fire. No, really.)

Still No One Charged in October Stabbing at Speech by Nazi Sympathizer
Thomas Francis
Broward Palm Beach New Times
March 3, 2010

​It seems like a fairly straightforward case. On October 26, during a speech by Nazi historian David Irving at the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan, a man named Christopher Nachtman invited another member of the audience, John Kopko, outside the banquet hall to settle a disagreement. Nachtman pulled a knife and stabbed Kopko, who barely survived.

Police recovered the knife. There were a bunch of witnesses, along with a living victim. Simple case, right?

Apparently not…

The report goes on to detail various to and fro involving the police, the fascists and their lawyers, and speculation concerning the reasons one fascist stabbed another.

For a group that likes to traffic in conspiracy theories, there are plenty to choose from. According to one plot line, Nachtman’s attack was an outgrowth of a rivalry between two white supremacist groups, the Hammerskins and Volksfront. An anti-fascist group hacked into the websites and email account of the event’s speaker, David Irving, revealing that he had invited Nachtman to the event personally, contrary to his claims to the Palm Beach Post

Also in the United States, former Internet radio shock jock and FBI informant Hal Turner is back in court. Turner has received some support from his fellow racists, but it’s dwindled considerably since his exposure (by hackers) as an informant in January 2008. Arrested in June 2009, Turner currently awaits a verdict on charges of threatening to kill three Chicago judges while ranting on his show. “Turner’s lawyers have argued that Turner was an informant for the FBI and his mission was to draw in extremist groups that could then be monitored by the government.’ See also : Dennis McCormack ~versus~ Derrick MacThomas (July 25, 2009).


Spanish bookshop owner jailed for spreading neo-nazi propaganda
March 8, 2010

Barcelona – A Spanish court has sentenced a bookshop owner to two years and nine months in prison for spreading racist propaganda, justice officials said Monday. Pedro Varela [Geiss] spread ideas favourable to genocide that denigrated Jews, blacks and other groups, the court said.

He apparently did this through the books he sold at his Barcelona bookshop, and by organizing lectures.

Prosecutors had asked for a four-year prison sentence. Varela was also ordered to pay a fine of 2,880 euros (3,945 dollars).

His defence had argued that Varela belonged to no political party and that there were no banned books in Spain.

Varela had already been handed seven months in prison on similar charges, in 2008. At that time, he avoided being jailed, because he lacked a criminal record.

Pedro Varela is the former fuehrer of a nutzi mob called the Círculo Español de Amigos de Europa (Spanish Circle of Friends of Europe), who in the late ’70s decided to concentrate his energies upon Holocaust denial. It was in this capacity that Pedro invited fellow Jew-hating Holocaust denialist — and former Grand Poobah in the KKK — David Duke to Spain to talk shit about The Jew. Duke frequently tours Europe — he received a doctorate from a perfectly legitimate There’s none of that. That’s right out. I deny that completely. University in the Ukraine — and when he’s not being arrested in the Czech Republic for talking shit about The Jew may be found alongside of Don Operation Red Dog Black, milking the fascist cows on Stormfront.


Fearful in Moscow
The Korea Times
March 9, 2010

In just three weeks, one Korean student lost his life and another nearly did so presumably by ultranationalists in Russia. Going further back, almost one Korean has been killed or injured by Russian neo-Nazis and other thugs every year since 2005, showing foreigners’ security in the former leader of the socialist bloc has reached a dangerous state.

Diplomats may be tempted to think the six Koreans are just part of the hundreds of victims stabbed, strangled or beaten to death by more than 70,000 skinheads belonging to about 20 ultra-right organizations in the socially and economically unstable country over the years.

Sunday’s incident shows, however, it might not be entirely incidental. Various circumstantial evidences indicate that the two assaulters seemed to carefully plan the crime, considering the victim, a 29-year-old cinema student-cum-TV cameraman, had taken part in producing a program on neo-Nazi skinheads not long ago. It also means Koreans have emerged as a group noticeable enough to become targets of premeditated attacks…

Last month in Aotearoa/New Zealand, a bonehead named Malcolm Chaston, 40, was charged with the murder of his former girlfriend Vanessa Pickering, as well as assaulting a minor and sexual violation. Chaston was a founding member, along with Hayden Brent McKenzie, of a bonehead prison gang named Fourth Reich. In December 2008, McKenzie was convicted of the murder of South Korean backpacker Jae Hyeon Kim in 2003. Another founding member, Leighton Wilding, was imprisoned for the murder of James John (Janis) Bamborough in 1999; Bamborough’s crime was being gay.


Far-right contender for Austrian presidency forced to denounce Nazism
Ian Traynor
March 8, 2010

A far-right contender to become Austria’s head of state was forced to denounce the Nazis today, promising to uphold a national ban on denying the Holocaust after previously insisting that it was a matter of free speech.

Amid growing uproar over a tabloid campaign to make her president, Barbara Rosenkranz, a deputy leader of the far-right Freedom party, surprised the Austrian elite last week by announcing she would challenge the incumbent, Heinz Fischer, for the Austrian presidency next month.

Rosenkranz, a mother of 10 married to a man who was prominent on the Austrian neo-Nazi scene for two decades, has repeatedly criticised Austria’s laws criminalising denial of the Holocaust. Asked on national radio last week whether she believed the Nazis murdered millions of Jews in concentration camp gas chambers, she answered evasively, adding that freedom of expression also meant allowing “absurd, bizarre opinions”…

Across the border in Germany, at the same time as there is an apparent upsurge in support for neo-Nazism, racism and fascism (German anti-Nazi campaigners call for crisis meeting to fight far-right crime, Deutsche Welle, March 8, 2010), authorities are worried about and increasingly directing resources towards subverting Islamism and teh Left — whether in or out of Parliament.



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  1. Fascist Troll says:

    “After 5 days of calling it quits, Andrew Moron reveals exactly the type of person he is, throws a tanty, has attention withdrawals and returns after only getting 180 fans on facebook.”

    Well at least everyone, both left and right have no need to tell people what a loser you are, you just revealed yourself. I thought you were more than that.

    Edit it like you do everything else, this is just for you to read.

    Now you can add your pop culture vid or your [sic] witty non-sense you spew when backed into a corner (which happends [sic] very often).

    No wonder everyone[‘]s opinions change when you walk away. You’re a racist who hates racism. You are a sad story…

    Someone fighting his own actions. Sad indeed.

  2. jone says:

    Come on!

    3 years in the slammer for selling books? That’s the biggest load of shit ever. Doesn’t this sort of shit annoy you?

  3. @ndy says:


    As per your request, my pop culture vid:

    Witty nonsense:

    Holding up my
    purring cat to the moon
    I sighed.

  4. Robert says:

    A cliffhanger! Noooo! How can you do this to us, @ndy?

  5. @ndy says:

    Come on!

    3 years in the slammer for selling books? That’s the biggest load of shit ever. Doesn’t this sort of shit annoy you?

    Does the fact that a Spanish neo-Nazi will be imprisoned for 3 years annoy me? No. Should it? Do I think a person should be jailed for publishing shit? No. And?

  6. jone says:

    First and foremost, this article was pretty hilarious. I was laughing at this article from top to bottom, but after I stopped laughing, I finally approached the realization that this is the opinion of ONE PERSON!!! My friend, your reasons for “hating” David Duke are just ridiculous. I dislike Kevin Rudd, but you don’t see me writing an article on why I hate him. But I digress!

    First of all, I want you to name me ONE GOOD reason to hate David Duke?

    Now, I could go on and on with my rebuttal, but like an old Gospel song says: “I cannot tell it all!” And besides– what is not to like about the man who revolutionzed the right to free speech. You gotta respect that!

  7. Peaces N' Dreams says:

    Wooo, Secret Squirrel, that show was awesome, he had a side-kick didn’t he?

    Also, sorry for being so personal, must of been a shitty day.

    Once you get in a ranting mood, you can’t let it go to waste, as you well know.

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