Richard Poplawski & Co.

Richard Poplawski, like Nicole Hanley, was a member of Don Black’s white supremacist Stormfront.

Quelle surprise.

Poplawski is charged with killing three Pittsburgh police officers on April 4, 2009.

Poplawski’s web postings warned of ‘enemies’
Dennis B. Roddy
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Richard Poplawski posted dozens of racist and anti-Semitic messages on a far-right Web site over a span of 15 months, decrying race-mixing, sharing his thoughts on the best weapons and predicting chaos as the economy collapsed at the hands of “Zionist occupation,” investigators said.

“It seems to me that our enemies would like nothing more than to see us retreat peaceably into the hills so that they could continue raping the remainder of the land without having to worry about any ‘kooks’ putting up a fight,” reads one post dated Nov. 1, 2008. “I’ll subscribe to the camp that believes we are running out of time. A revolutionary is always regarded as a nutcase at first, their ideas dismissed as fantasy.”

An account kept on Stormfront, a gathering place for racial extremists and others from the far right, shows Mr. Poplawski’s increasing belief in a coming economic and political collapse in the days leading up to the time of the deadly standoff in which he is charged with killing three Pittsburgh police officers.

“I’ve been a longtime lurker on Stormfront, and I see myself probably ramping up the activism in the near future,” reads a Nov. 28 post on the account identified as his.

Details of Mr. Poplawski’s extreme racial and political views came to light yesterday when a leading researcher at the Anti-Defamation League delved into his postings at Stormfront, a white supremacist Web site run by a former Ku Klux Klan leader in Florida…

See : Richard Poplawski: The Making of a Lone Wolf, ADL, April 6, 2009:

* Richard Poplawski was a white supremacist arrested in Pittsburgh on April 4, 2009, for the murder of three Pittsburgh police officers responding to a domestic violence call.

* Poplawski believed that the federal government, the media, and the banking system are all largely or completely controlled by Jews. He thought African-Americans were “vile” and non-white races inferior to whites.

* He also believed that a conspiracy led by “evil Zionists” and “greedy traitorous goyim” was “ramping up” a police state in the United States for malign purposes.

* Web sites like the neo-Nazi Stormfront forums and the anti-government conspiracy Infowars site fueled his racist, anti-Semitic, and conspiratorial mindset.

Blood & Honour Australia

Speaking of Jew-hating, Blood & Honour has received small mention by Your ABC. Despite unhappy noises coming from the RSL, ‘…Ian from Blood and Honour Australia says it is pure coincidence the concert is planned for Anzac Day. “We’ve always had a mid-year concert around April,” he said. “The weather is a little bit warmer, it’s not too cold, but unfortunately this year it happened to fall on the 25th which is no significance at all or no reference to Anzac Day at all”.’

See also : Perth nutzis vs. the RSL (April 7, 2009).

The Perth representative of B&H is Murray Holmes. Murray plays bass in the band Quick & the Dead (who are scheduled to play the ANZAC Day gig with Melbourne band Ravenous). Q&TD were the first bonehead group to form in Australia, and after the band broke-up in the early ’80s, members of the band later joined others: Skrewdriver in the UK and White Lightning in Australia.

White Lightning has recently evolved into Sydney band T.H.U.G., and will be joining a Jimmy Pursey-less Sham 69 and The Business when they play Sydney @ the Gaelic Club on April 24.

Like Sham’s previous tour, the 2009 tour is being organised by Faultline Touring. Faultline have “a wealth of knowledge and a punk rock ethos”. And it was thanks to this wealth and ethical commitment that T.H.U.G. supported Sham in Melbourne @ the East Brunswick Hotel on the 71st anniversary of the Spanish Revolution last year. T.H.U.G’s drummer Simon has happy memories of touring Melbourne with his former band White Lightning:

What is the best memory with White Lightning and or any other “scene thing”?
Simon: Best memory was playing a gig in Melbourne, in some pub, can’t remember which, full swing into it and about 30 Maoris drinking in the front bar… I’m sure you can picture what happened. Bedlam. We managed to protect all our gear however. Mic stands make magnificent clubs…

Stupid fucking Maoris

As for Murray, a Greek bonehead interviewed him a coupla years ago. Here’s what he had to say:

At present [I]’m an ex Skrewdriver member bass player at 46 years of age living in country town called Harvey. I have a business as a refrigeration and air-conditioning service centre. Life here is very very dull as there is [sic] no boneheads or nationalist socialists. There is a lot of would bees [sic] if they could be a nationalist socialist. Every one here hates blacks and Asians. We have a very big population of Italians now into third and fourth generation that have simulated [sic] well over the years. I remember my father despising them as they were immigrants after WW2. They came in their thousands and it upset a lot of Australians. I would fight with them at school and after leaving school fight with them on the streets. Yes we called them wogs and any other European immigrants.

Enter the Asians.

Australian immigration has been letting in so called refugees from all these sand nigger countries now for years. Slowly but surely the numbers have increased to an epidemic proportion. Then it was the Italians and Australian[s] against the Asians and we joined forces. Now it[‘]s Asian triads against Asians. Laugh my arse off. They are fighting among themselves through drugs gambling and crime, the tide has turned on the face of Australia…

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