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The dates for the Anarchist Summer School in Sydney have been confirmed as being February 18–20.

David Rovics–whom I had the pleasure of seeing play when he toured Australia last year–has written a new ‘Song for Bradley Manning’.

In Toronto, Canada, Jewish mentalists belonging to the Jewish Defence League (of Canada) have organised a rally in support of English prat Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s E, E, EDL. Yaxley-Lennon’s last overseas trip in October 2010 ended badly when a Dutchman stole his flag and his tiny group of supporters had to run away from unhappy locals in Amsterdam. Other attempts to conduct public rallies in Australia, Scotland and Wales have had similarly derisory results, suggesting the EDL has, not unexpectedly, greatest appeal to Little Englanders. As if to confirm the League’s political proximity to earlier fascist street-fighters, Yaxley-Lennon has also promised that in future members of the League will be joining the police in cracking open the heads of students protesting against fee increases… (See also : Dr.Dawg.)

Back in Australia, the ‘Western Australian National Anarchist(s)’ has/have been exposed as some student called Nicholas Cole. Speaking of ‘Wingnuts’, Michael Orion Powell of LGF has written of Nicholas’ Yanqui comrades that Even In The Bay Area, Nationalism Takes Root (October 26, 2010). Chief White nationalist BANANA Andrew Yeoman is known as Andrew White according to court documents; two individuals currently face misdemeanour charges for allegedly assaulting Andrew (one with a battery?!?) on May Day in SF in 2010. Otherwise, following the jailing of FBI informant Hal Turner in December, 2010 for threatening three federal judges, last week fellow nutzi William A. White has also been found guilty of being a very naughty boy:

A neo-Nazi whose online rants struck fear in Roanoke and across the country was convicted of using his website to solicit violence Wednesday, just two weeks before his scheduled release from prison.

William A. White was found guilty of encouraging harm to the foreman of a Chicago jury that convicted a fellow white supremacist in 2004. The verdict came on the third day of a trial in U.S. District Court in Chicago.

White, 33, the leader of a Roanoke-based white supremacy group, has been serving a 2½-year sentence following his convictions last year in Roanoke of threatening a bank employee in Missouri, a university administrator in Delaware and a group of apartment tenants in Virginia Beach.

Instead of a scheduled Jan. 18 release date, White now faces up to 10 more years in prison…

~ Neo-Nazi William A. White convicted in Chicago for Web posts, Laurence Hammack, The Roanoke Times, January 6, 2011.

J.R. Boyd has a blog. It’s called ladypoverty. He also blogs @ femenins, ‘Feminist men in solidarity with women’. Which is a whole other story. Anarcho-Feminist lasted two months before calling it quits, apparently prompted by another blogger: Broadsnark. But The (NSFW tumblr) Anarcho-Feminist keeps going. Dunno if anarch(y/ism) gonna feature @ the upcoming Feminist Futures conference, but among those abandoned by the anonymous Anarcho-Feminist are Nikolaj Dedok, Aleksandr Frantskevich, Maxim Vetkin and Igor Olinevich, four activists from Belarus, currently imprisoned and awaiting trial for various alleged crimes stemming from their activism. Curiously, the call for solidarity with the four was issued by the International of Anarchist Federations IAF-IFA (which includes Anarchist Federation UK) in Sofia at the end of October, 2010. The Bulgarian Federation has previously denounced imprisoned Australian anti-fascist Jock Palfreeman–currently appealing a 20-year prison sentence for murder and attempted murder–and requested the Bulgarian courts to impose the harshest sentence possible. An increase in Jock’s sentence remains a possibility open to the appeal court: such an outcome would presumably meet with the approval of the BAF.

The BAF’s denunciation has not stopped ‘Antifa England’ from publishing a recent letter by Jock, in which he notes that Andrey Monov’s father is “good friends” with the former Minister of the Interior, Mihail Mikov, Minister at the time of Palfreeman’s arrest (December 2007) and first trial. Mikov’s party, the Bulgarian Socialist Party, lost office in the 2009 elections. The BSP is a member of the Socialist International, to which the Australian Labor Party also belongs.

“According to the EU, Bulgaria is the state with the least transparent police force. In a nation that still struggles with its Communist past, people place little trust in their police… Bulgaria is a society in transition, and not everyone sees the need to create structures that are more accountable to the public. But with the EU putting pressure on Bulgaria and a new interior minister who looks like he means business, the police may at last start to become part of the democratic state.” ~ Bulgarian minister seeks to reform unaccountable police, Deutsche Welle, February 5, 2010.

See also : Aussie to Spend Third New Year’s Eve behind Bars in Bulgaria,, December 31, 2010.

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  1. Kidnapped says:

    Lol I love the links you’ve made hahahaha.

    Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria claim Andrei was their “friend”, who was friends with the police minister for the Bulgarian Socialist Party… in the International with the Australian Labor Party and I believe the UK Labour Party.

    And Stormfront have written in Bulgarian “death sentence” for anarchist Jock. And whitepower want him to “rot in hell”.

    The Bulgarian National Union Party with a brown shirt militia attended a protest demanding a life sentence in 2008.

    So Nazis, anarchists, general racists and socialists all hate jock…

    What the shit is happening in Bulgaria? How can all these people agree on anything, let alone a man trying to stop a hate crime?

  2. Basterd says:

    I have seen ONE Jew in all the time I have lived here (Southern Gippsland) and that prick ripped me off for a couple hundred dollars (go figure).

    The land here is “toxic” (Dugway Proving Ground Survivors), so they avoid it like the plague. But quite frankly, I’d rather be a “downwinder” and bathe in toxic soup, than to have to live around any Jews. I can’t even stomach the site of them at this point… but I put my blinders on every couple weeks, walk fast, and avoid any conversation with the devil spawns, when I am forced to go down to the nearest Kosher grocer to get my food (Melb).

    I think I would rather die than trust a Jew doctor (OR the Jew medical INDUSTRY as a whole for that matter). I don’t even trust the White doctors here who all seemingly have good intentions. They might mean well, but they are irresponsible with their patients, since they blindly follow the medical rules and guidelines they were given (that’s NO excuse, they are still culpable).

    MOST doctors lack the ability for critical thought, just like MOST others do… So they don’t question the things they were taught, by their Jewish professors, in med school. If you tell them “a” and “b” are ailing you, they will look in their handy little medical book and prescribe you something from the list they were given by the pharmaceutical companies that essentially sponsor them. Very few doctors can think outside of the box and even fewer care to. As a patient, you might as well not even have a name. You are nothing more than a number and they will follow protocol mindlessly as they “treat” whatever ails you.

    BTW – MOST doctors will not give an inch and admit when they don’t know something. They would rather make something up than to simply tell you they don’t know.

    Whenever I go see a doctor, especially a new one, I make sure that I study up on something related to what I am seeing him about and I test his knowledge and his willingness to admit when he simply does not know the answer (admitting that you are unsure is an admirable trait, if you ask me). Well, more often than not, they make up some BS and then give a snide remark about the “internet” not being a reliable source of information, after being called out on their bullsh1t. As IF their little medical book, that they merely memorized, was the holy grail of “unquestioned knowledge”. Like I said, I prefer a person who admits it when they don’t know something, especially if I am trusting that person with my health or my life.

    My family doctor that I had most of my life (back in Albury) was a book worm (a good thing IF you realize there is rarely one and only one right answer), but if she didn’t know something, she would spend the weekend researching it and then come back and tell you what she came up with. I NEVER had a problem when she told me she was unsure of something, because I knew she would do her best to find out ALL possibilities, and then conclude something on the back end. She would do so BASED on, but not entirely reliant on, the foundation of knowledge and experience she obtained over the years. That’s a good starting point, but doctors should always look to learn more, especially when they are unsure of something. Man, I loved that woman. Not many like her left.

    Another quick point: I have a very close friend that I have known since high school. He is extremely intelligent and eased his way right through med school. But a critical thinker he is not. If you try to suggest something to him (in regards to his field/profession), he will get pissed off and attempt to belittle you… especially if you corner him, since he is unwilling to simply admit that he doesn’t know. THAT is the typical response I expect from these mental midgets who THINK they know everything.

    Anyhow, it’s high time you abandon South Melb. I wouldn’t live there if you gave me a free mansion up in the hills somewhere. No thanks.

  3. @ndy says:

    I have met ONE South Gippslander in all the time I have lived here (South Melbourne) and that prick ripped me off for a couple hundred dollars.

    Need I say more?

  4. Piltdown says:

    “I think I would rather die than trust a Jew doctor”

    We have something in common.

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