F*** Off, We’re Full (Of Shit) : Part the 2nd : Timmy!

[Thanks to vigilante reader Bron.]

Good old Facebook!

Fuck Off We’re Full
Basic Info
Type: Just for Fun – Fan Clubs
Description: Australia – The Right to Leave!
Admins: Timmy (Markham)

See also : Part the 1st: “Fuck off we’re full.” (Of shit.) (January 28, 2009)

Racist Facebook group targets Aussie immigrants
Briena Barrett
WA Today
June 10, 2009

A rapidly expanding social networking site has been slammed for its racist taunts against immigrants to Australia.

The Facebook Group, F*** Off, We’re Full, has nearly 65,000 members and believes any immigrants coming to Australia must adapt to what it calls the ‘Aussie lifestyle.’

“This idea of Australia being a multicultural community has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity,” the site states.

“As Australians, we have our own culture, our own society, our own language and our own lifestyle.”

The website is full of debate on its discussion board. The latest topics put up for comment include: Will Indian race-rioters be hunted down? and All foreigners need to be euthanised.

Matt, an active member of the group, said he joined because he believed immigrants were ruining the Australian way of life.

“That’s why I joined it because I’m a very proud Australian and I love this place and I wouldn’t give it up for the world,” he said.

He believed the Federal Government’s current immigration policies were too lenient.

“Personally I think that it should be put out there that we will shoot or destroy any vessel that comes into the Australian waters without the applicable visas or the Australian Government knowing of their existence,” he said.

Female member Courtney said she recognised the site was racist but stood by its beliefs.

“I believe if you are going to come here, then do what we do and if you don’t like it then leave,” she said.

Another member, who doesn’t want his name used, mirrored this view.

“I don’t see why it should be a problem to have a group that is basically of an opinion that our country is full at the moment and we don’t need any more bloody third world immigrants coming over here and making things worse than they already are,” he said.

Murdoch University senior psychology lecturer Dr Anne Pedersen said the Facebook members were contradicting themselves.

“Why should we make people of colour assimilate to the white Australian culture, when in fact Indigenous people were the first people here,” she said.

Project SafeCom coordinator Jack Smit, who advocates for refugee rights, said the site was incredibly offensive.

“Stop vilifying migrants and stop vilifying refugees who are running for their lives… and need to come here,” he said.

“Everyone who attempts to exclude a whole swag of nationalities from what they regard as true Australians commits a form of racism.”

Dr Pedersen believed shutting down the group would be pointless but said there was a limit to freedom of speech.

“I believe in freedom in speech, but with free speech comes responsibility and this is irresponsible,” she said.

The Australian Protectionist Party, which describes itself as the patriotic movement Australia is looking for, says multiculturalism is ruining Australia.

Party spokesperson Darrin Hodges regularly uploads topic discussions on the site and says the Australian identity needs to be protected.

    Darrin spent many happy years posting on the Nazi Stormfront Down Under forum, as well as maintaining his multifarious blogs. He felt that the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion were essential reading for all Nutzis, and opined: “I’m more interested in the purer form of fascism… and while I don’t subscribe to the whole ‘worship Hitler’ thing, his comments on multiculturalism and politics in general are still just as relevant today as they were 70 years ago”.

“Every country does have its own culture and way of life and they should be looking to preserve that rather than turning all countries into a globalised mish-mash,” he said.

“In terms of protecting the identity, that comes back down to immigration and who is allowed into the country and who isn’t.

“We would see immigration turned back to the more traditional forces of being Europe and Great Britain.”

    On his blog and elsewhere, Darrin also describes Islam as a “religion of filth”, denounces “Negro savages”, and demands both groups be removed from our precious White soil. Other quotes by Darrin are below.

But Dr Pedersen said Australia was already a multicultural society and had been for a long time.

“It’s just that we’re not white anymore, walk down the streets, we’re not a white city anymore and thank god we’re not, “ she said.

Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities states that any content that is ‘unlawful, misleading, malicious or discriminatory’ could be shutdown.

Bonus! The Wit & Wisdom of Darrin Hodges

“Australia was a beautiful place once, before it was flooded with third-world sewerage from African [sic] and Asia.” February 26

“The hide of foreign students demanding our secular universities re-arrange everything just to suit the[ir] filthy religion…” February 25

(On why Darrin supports Aboriginal land rights) “Kosovo belongs to Serbia, not the Mohammaden hordes who with the help of the United States, have stolen the land.” February 17

(On the Stolen Generations apology) “…Rudd has re-written Australian history today and condemned an entire generation of Australians to a fate worse then [sic] death, he has condemned a people to extinction…” February 13

“How stupid do they think we are? The whole Habib family should be deported, they are a blight on this country.” February 9

“They are traitors just by the very fact they are Muslim…” February 5

(On contradiction) “This is the future the establishment have been longing for since before 1966 when the criminal traitors in the parliament opened the flood gates to the “yellow hordes”. The establishment is not beyond learning from history and are “asianising” Australia from the top and the bottom, with White Australia being squeezed out of the middle. The Establishment view Australia as an economic entity not as a nation of people and it doesn’t matter to them if the labour is white or yellow.” February 3

See also : Scrutinising the religious and political right (Alan Matheson) (November 8, 2008).

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24 Responses to F*** Off, We’re Full (Of Shit) : Part the 2nd : Timmy!

  1. @ndy says:


  2. Lumpen says:

    Edward Said’s corpse is spinning.

  3. Bron says:

    Where’s the “thanks to reader Bron”? 😉

  4. Bron says:

    Heh! Much better!

  5. dj says:

    Funny that such a group has an open invitation to it. Have they learned nothing from Australian Immigration policy?

    ‘Oh noes, our group has been invaded! by the Flaming Black Ops!’

  6. Damo says:

    I got a long list of names of people who were in this group if anyone wants it.

    I call it. The black list.

  7. Aussie says:

    Shut the fucking gates and breed our own!
    Immigrants are raping our daughters and bashing our sons, claiming social security and raping our environment.
    I don’t want to live in a multicultural society, that’s why we have different countries, so everyone can live in [sic] their own with their own race.
    Do the stats on Australian crime and immigrants are the majority.
    These fuckers come from war torn countries and come here to escape it, but it[‘]s deep seeded [sic] in their heads and they bring it all here, fuck off all you Asians, [L]ebs, Muslims, [I]slanders and the like, your [sic] ruining our country, do a nationwide referendum (excluding the immigrants) and you will find the majority of us real Aussies don’t want you here, but our fucked up government would never do that, and keep[s] brain washing our children with multi-cultural acceptance in our schools, it will come to our demise, this beautiful country is on a path to destruction.
    The Cronulla riots are just a taste of things to come!
    They are building Muslim schools and mosques and the fucking towel head mother fuckers are secretly planning attacks on innocent Australians within them.
    Fucking Islam, and Ulla, get these cunts out of our country before it’s too late and some huge terrorism attack goes down at a major sporting event and wipes out 1000s of my brothers and sisters.
    Their [sic] all fucking terrorists in my eyes.
    The Asians are down the beaches, raping our fish, putting every catch through their minces, undersized fish, everything, stripping our rocks from any living crustacean, netting our rivers, taking everything.
    Do some research on what the Asians are doing in North Aus, living in tree houses and stripping the rivers of our Mud Crabs and sending them to Japan and China, the females are considered a delicacy and even though it is illegal for an Aussie to take a Jenny (female mud crab) in NSW, the Asians can take as many of them as they want in Qld, then sell them back to us, and export them back to other Asians.
    They have depleted all their own natural marine resources and now they’re here annihilating ours.
    For fuck[‘]s sake, if we don’t put a halt to this environmental slaughter our country will be doomed.
    Hey a multi culture society could be ok if we were importing disease free, educated and happy people, that contribute to our country and mix with the real Aussies that grew here (Not Flew Here) respected our way of life our laws our Christian beliefs, but we’re not!
    Instead we are importing angry, diseased, war driven, Ulla worshiping, anti-Australian, anti-Christian, uneducated and environmental destroying scum.
    I just hope the terrorist attack that will eventually happen in Australia, happens at a Government function.
    Then these cunts may realize that multi-culturalism isn’t working!!!

  8. daithi1888 says:

    Oh for feck’s sake Aussie, go and have a wank, you are too tense man.

  9. Deeko says:

    Aussie…your words are strong but your sentiments are bang on. Time for all of these immigrant trash to go…This country has been wrecked by old slime bags marrying Asian trash. This old idiots should be shot. Not to mention the bucket loads of wealthy Asians coming in because of money forcing us to compete. This country is crap crap crap crap and I want out but where can we go? We cant piss off back to asia or the middle east for a bit of our own culture where do we go. The govt is full of corrupt bastards that rob us blind taxing us to hell and back while the rich foriegners milk the system dry.

  10. ash says:

    Why i love Aussie “patriots”:

    Patriot: rant rant rant, Muslims should assimilate/go back to where they came from/fuck off and die

    … why?

    Patriot: It’s unaustraayylian. We’re a Christian nation with Christian values. There’s a reason our motto is “in God we trust”

    … *face palm*

  11. @ndy says:

    Deeko & Co. have trouble think good. This immigrant fault. Also your fault. And communists. Aussie under siege with migrant! Steal, wreck, make brain hurt, and not country make better. Shoot them. Burn boat. Make safe for bridal gown for white girl not Chinese driver. Middle East or Asia it no culture. Your bad.

  12. glen says:

    i am white,i am australia,i am proud of my [british] heritage and im a racist.
    and i hate whats happening to this country now,ethnics from third world countries are fucking this country.
    fucken smelly scum
    say no to ethnics,no [multiculturalism],no to boat refugees,we dont want or need you here ok.
    you dont [assimilate],dont want to learn or speak english,dont wear normal [clothes],dont eat our food,your own dumb ass [believes],its fucked,stay in your own country,”FUCK [OFF] WERE FULL” alrite,go back where ya belong,not here in Australia
    thank you

  13. @ndy says:

    See previous comment.

  14. Paul Justo says:

    i am black,i am australia,i am proud of my heritage and im a racist.
    and i hate whats happening to this country now,white trash from the jails and slums of european countries are fucking this country.
    fucken smelly scum
    say no to white thrash,no [multiculturalism],no to boat refugees,we dont want or need you here ok.
    you dont [assimilate],dont want to learn or speak an Aboriginal languauge,dont wear normal [clothes],dont eat our food,your own dumb ass [believes],its fucked,stay in your own country,”FUCK [OFF] WERE FULL” alrite,go back where ya belong,not here in Australia
    thank you

  15. rags says:

    shut the f**k up you australian c**ts, australia is not your fucking country you dumb retarded w**kers. You lot are convicts from my f**king country and cos we bloody didn’t want you we had to send you to a s**thole called australia. Most australians are inconsiderate bastards and nobody in the world likes them. The can’t speak our fucking language (english) and sound like if their fucking nose has been blocked.

  16. i b original says:

    i remember the ancestors whinging about the same thing, when you got here, hey listen counterfeit aussies, at least your not being herded off the headland cliffs into an ocean, labelled animals and hunted like wild dogs into obscurity, to the point of cultural genocide. white australia is a dream that you must wake up from, native peoples didnt want you here but you didnt give a fuck and fucked them over anyways and still do, even to this day, because you failed to do the right thing a long long long time ago, many native communities are still fucking suffering and recoiling from it, mentally raped and physically abused and it always will be while greedy narrow minded thieves believe its their land, personally i think china should invade and give you all a taste of your own fn medicine, besides white australia will be the minority in less than five years, but even asians have honour and respect for the true traditional owners, so watch what you eat for breakfast dreamers, besides with one percent of native forest remaining i think that is proof enough of whos the real environmental terrorist is, racism from racist omfg, it is a sickness indeed, in all so called truth your all immigrants and invaders of a nation, whatever your creed or colour, beside the koori “true owner” aboriginal man, so when you whinge about the immigrant remember your really talking about yourself

  17. aussie says:

    i b original… mate you couldnt be anymore right… although may i make a suggestion.

    Simply put… two wrongs dont make a right, learn from our mistakes in history.

    Educate australians on the traditional owners, naturally i believe a large amount of respect will be created and given. not the kind of respect the leaders of this country are buying.

  18. aussie says:

    @ i b original… although i believe is disgraceful and true, may i suggest this…

    Two wrongs dont make a right :)… LEARN FROM HISTORYS MISTAKES!… maybe better education on the traditional owners of this land?, i dont know about anyone else but my school managed to teach me sweet fuck all on this topic.

    OR, slam the people for not respecting something they know nothing about, and then go on and let the government buy the respect.

  19. Proud aussie born and raised says:

    this our bloody home our soil why should we full blooded australians have to stand by while these blood suckers come and take our jobs our businesses our homes everything that us australians work hard for yet these bastards come over here cause the fuckin goverment let em hell ill standup for my country give me shot gun and ill blow these maggots back to were they came from in wooden box im bloody sick watchin the country i was born in and love get taken over by theses imbreeds enoughs enough we gotta take stand before were completely fucked

  20. mikey says:

    quick no time for punctuation hurry before its too late!

  21. Yakov Bok says:


  22. dave says:

    Explain to me an “Australian lifestyle” and I’ll consider it. Until someone can verify what that is exactly… fuck yourselves.

  23. jor says:

    you are people who have never left this country? you dont appreciate how ‘lucky’ you are. calm down – be tolerant – nothing is going to get out of control – this country has is TOO GOOD – you just dont know. appreciate just how lucky you are to live in this land. Smile.

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