“oh redwatch… will you ever learn?”

‘Poland shuts down neo-fascist website for the second time’

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)
August 4, 2006

Warsaw (dpa) – A Polish-language neo-fascist website inciting racial hatred and violence against individuals it labelled “enemies of the race” was shut down Friday for a second time, Poland’s Police Chief Marek Biekowski confirmed in Warsaw.

The site, hosted on a US-based server, was first shut down in early July by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at the request of Polish authorities [and against DreamHost‘s better inclinations].

But a Polish police unit dealing with cyber-crime discovered the Polish neo-fascist website had been relaunched a week later and was hosted by a server in the US city of Dallas, Texas. US-based neo-Nazis were thought to have relaunched the Polish-language site.

The site was closed a second time on Friday in cooperation with the FBI.

The neo-fascist website targeted Polish left-wing and anti-fascist political activists, ecologists, feminists, gay rights activists as well as journalists and intellectuals.

It labelled them “enemies of the race” and publish[ed] their personal details including home, work and school addresses, telephone numbers and photos online.

Police have detained several of the website’s designers and administrators in Poland, all alleged neo-fascists.

However, Polish Interior Minister Ludwig Dorn on Friday confirmed that a man suspected of the near-fatal stabbing of a 30-year-old Polish [/Jewish] anarchist was “not linked” to neo-fascist groups.

Originally the stabbing had been linked to the man being targeted on the Polish neo-fascist website.

[Possibly following Russia’s lead] Officials termed the 24-year-old suspect charged with attempted murder of the anarchist “a hooligan, not a Nazi”.

Polish police recently detained a suspect known for neo-Nazi views who allegedly attacked Poland’s Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich on the street in Warsaw in late May.

Schudrich did not suffer serious injuries in the anti-Semitic attack which was strongly condemned by senior Polish politicians including the President and the Prime Minister.

In related news, proboards has recently pulled the plug on redwatchnz‘s forum for neo-Nazi losers in New Zealand (while blogger continues its support for the project as a whole).

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