The Sydney Forum // Australia First Party Conference

Oh dear.

David Bradbury, the award-winning Australian documentary filmmaker, has decided to withdraw from the neo-fascist 2006 Sydney Forum (August 26/27).

That makes Bradbury the second speaker (or possibly third, if one includes that “bloody funny sheila” — and vulgar racist — Sandy Thorne) to withdraw from the event, and means that the Forum will be addressed by almost nobody outside of Saleam’s small — and rapidly dwindling — circle of racist friends.

How sad.

Perhaps Welf Herfurth, the MC, can lift the mood by making a few cracks about the Holohoax?


    David Bradbury is internationally and nationally known as a film producer. His latest film, Blowin’ In The Wind, documents the appalling truth about depleted uranium shells used by the U.S. war machine in [t]he Middle East since 1991. He will speak and illustrate his talk from the film. This will be an important address for those keen to understand the immoral predatory conduct of the masters of war.



Intriguigingly, given the fact that at least one ex-member of the ANM, Ben Weerheym, will be in attendance at the Forum, Saleam failed to note some of Bradbury’s other film projects, notably Nazi Supergrass (1993):

This chilling story of terrorism in suburbia explores the dark underworld of neo-Nazis in Australia today.

There are exclusive, riveting interviews with Jack van Tongeren, jailed leader of the neo-Nazi Australian Nationalist[s] Movement [ANM], and the man who betrayed him, police informer Russell Dean Willey.

Supergrass Willey emerged from deep cover and a new legal identity overseas to tell his extraordinary story on camera for the first time. Returning to Australia in disguise, he met the film crew at a secret rendezvous and spoke frankly about his years of crime, firebombing Asian restaurants and looting warehouses to finance a campaign of racial terror in Perth – once famous mainly for flashy millionaires and beautiful beaches.

In this rare insight into the making of a racist, Willey explains his fascination with the Nazi philosophy he learned from Van Tongeren. He tells how Nazism gave him the excuse he needed to vent his anger against the Asian migrants he resented so bitterly in his home town.

As the film shows the Australian Nationalist[s] Movement was brought down by chance and clever police tactics that persuaded Russell Willey to “roll over” and turn police informer.


In fact, as of this date — just four days before the racist losers gather in Sydney — aside from Andrew Fraser, Greg Clancy, James Saleam (AFP) and Neil Baird (AFP), there are only two other speakers listed. One, a “Syria patriot”; the other:

    A Historian And Author [who will speak on] ‘The Ancient European Contact With Australia And The Pacific’:

    Our speaker is a historian and archaeologist who has investigated the contacts between the peoples of Euopean racial origin from the Near East and Old-Europe – with Australia. There are startling discoveries popularised now by a variety of authors. This speaker will present evidence that shows a plethora of contact over the millenia. There will be maps, slides and other specialised material. He has asked for anonymity pending the Forum.

As well he might: the Australia First Party is not a group any serious academic or scholar would normally be willing to voluntarily associate with. And — given the Party’s deeply racist and authoritarian politics — quite rightly so. (Which fact also explains Andrew Fraser’s presence.) Then again, it’s not like our anonymous ‘historian’ and ‘author’ will remain so for long.

And remember folks:

To get the venue details: you will have to telephone either of the two numbers here after 7.30 am on the Saturday morning, August 26… It is our promise that plenty of time will be available for any Sydney resident to reach the venue by 9.15 am for a ‘start’ [sic] at 9.30 am. Phone [Jim] 0407 732 868 or [Welf] 0411 669 181…

In related news, Nic Miller of redwatchnz may be facing charges, of an as-yet unspecified nature, as a result of some of his online writings. The latest issue of the AJN reports:

Kiwi cops to charge avowed anti-Semite

Police in New Zealand are likely to charge a self-confessed anti-Semite who posted four Jewish addresses on a website filled with anti-Jewish invective.

Nic Miller, 22, of Wellington, was reported in the Kiwi press this week as saying, “I do not like the Jews, not one bit. They should have been exterminated … Jews being in New Zealand is harrassment to me. They do not belong here.”

Professor Peter Muntz, 85, a German-born Holocaust survivor was one of the Jews whose addresses were posted on the site. “I find it deeply disturbing a fellow like this should be allowed to walk free in New Zealand,” he said.

I can only agree with Rosemary McLeod’s assessment: ‘A loser, just like the Nazis’ (Dominion Post, August 17, 2006).

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3 Responses to The Sydney Forum // Australia First Party Conference

  1. weez says:

    Howizzit that Kriegtoiletteführerkapitän Jämähl Säléäm invited not just a red to the Sydney Forum, but an obvious anti-racist, anti-fascist red??

    Ferfuxsake, Jamahl may as well have invited Darp to speak.

  2. @ndy says:

    Heil Der Kriegtoiletteführerkapitän!


  3. @ndy says:

    What Saleam reckons. From Scumfront :

    Forum Member
    Join Date: Oct 2005
    Re: Sydney Forum, August 2006


    Some of you will note the regretable withdrawal of Mr. David Bradbury from the Forum. He will be replaced by another speaker tonight. Mr. Bradbury endured the ‘barrage’ of criticism from persons who otherwise support his films.

    I ask Lillith’s indulgence on the following concerning FDB which reported his withdrawal and justify this unfortunate necessary digression to add an important general point on Bradbury and the van Tongeren case:

    “FDB” said:

    “Not only us, but a number of progressive groups contacted Bradbury and the result, as you’d expect, is that David has cancelled his appearance at the Sydney Forum.

    What we find most mind-boggling about all this is the minimal research that Jim Saleam actually put into Bradbury. We know he met the film-maker at this year’s Inverell Forum but if he’d punched his name into Google, he would have seen that David Bradbury is one of FDB’s all time heroes.


    He’s the guy who made Nazi Supergrass. Probably the most brilliant documentary ever made on the Australian far right.

    Go Jim!”

    Of course, I know all about Mr. Bradbury and heard his excellent address at Inverell. There I reminded him of an interview he did for the Australian newspaper in June 1993 (I quoted in in my doctoral thesis). He told a reporter then that he had it on the authority of an ASIO agent that they were fully aware of van Tongeren’s guilt months before Russell Willey became the rollover witness. I told Mr. Bradbury I believe the source of ASIO’s information was the deputy leader of the ANM who had been recruited as a NSW Special Branch informer. He was most interested.

    So I suppose FDB’s true ignorance shines again.

    However we may conclude on an important note: the anti-racist/anti-fascist movement in Australia has a congenital problem with facts like the one I related to Bradbury. They will not address it, touch it etc. They prefer to run the safer script – which shows their state-dependent quality. The idea that the state manipulates certain events like the van Tongeren arrest and trial, uses neo-Nazis as agents to trap him and poison the nationalist scene etc. – is verboten indeed.

    Go FDB!

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