Letter from asylum seekers in “Foxtrot” compound at #ManusIsland internment camp

[via RISE]


18th January 2015
From: Foxtrot Compound
To: Mr. Peter Sutton

We would like to say today about your policy that if you do not wish us to come to Australia, then that’s okay. It’s your country. But it does not mean you have the right to settle us in PNG.

We can tell you today this is enough, 18 months of suffering here. You claim humanity and justice, but there is none of this here.

We want to ask what kind of case takes more than 18 months to resolve?

We are not toys for you to play with and not animals to imprison us here.

We can say that when we woke up today, we are resolved to die here in order to bring back our dignity and our freedom.

It does not concern us what our destination is, but we did not come to PNG as our choice. If you send us back to where you found us, it is better for us to live with sharks and sea whales than to stay one more day with inhumane people – animals can eat humans, but here we have people who are likely to do the same.

So this is a promise Mr. Dutton we will keep going with our peaceful protest until we gain our freedom. And after all this time, force will never work with us.

And finally to all people who are sympathetic with us, we ask you to help us because here [we] witness a slow death every day.

We ask the Australian people to raise this question with their government – why does your government hide everything about Manus OPC, and not allow any of you to visit?

Could it be that the Australian people will find this place unfit for human beings to live[?]

We undertook a dangerous boat journey to escape torment and murder. We did not come ask Australia to open your doors to us, only to find more suffering and trauma. Now our biggest hope is for a solution as quick as possible, because we are all weary of [this] place.

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