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Letter from asylum seekers in “Foxtrot” compound at #ManusIsland internment camp

[via RISE] 18th January 2015 From: Foxtrot Compound To: Mr. Peter Sutton We would like to say today about your policy that if you do not wish us to come to Australia, then that’s okay. It’s your country. But it … Continue reading

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Pilot refuses to fly after plane protest by cuffed asylum seeker

I think this deserves props so I’m republishing it here (via C|O). See : Pilot refuses to fly after plane protest by cuffed asylum seeker, Refugee Action Coalition Sydney, December 20, 2014.

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The PNG Solution ~vs~ Operation Sovereign Borders

Well there’s not really a lot to add: ahead of the 2013 federal election, PM KRudd and Opposition Leader The Mad Monk are scrambling to outdo each other in their defence of The Nation, with KRudd first declaring (possibly unlawfully) … Continue reading

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Stella Artois : She is a thing

What with all the excitement over the fabulous redecoration (above) of the Tory Party’s hateful and deceitful billboard about asylum seekers I was naturally drawn to the Billboard Liberation Front website. There I came across the Stella Artois advertisement. Y’know, … Continue reading

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