Avi Yemini flops in Melbourne

It was a lovely day for a stroll in the city today.

Oh yeah!

A few dozen racist gronks (Party for Freedom, Soldiers of Odin, True Blue Crew and various other fascist zombies) attended a rally organised by tabloid favourite Avi Yemini (above); several hundred others attended a counter-protest. Otherwise, apart from the shouty, not much happened: one person was detained by police and issued a move-on notice for wearing a face covering; Neil Erikson tried to gatecrash Die PARTEI but was told to shoo.

That’s about it, really.

(Oh, and props to everyone who rocked up to tell Avi and his fascist mates to bugger off.)

See also : MEDIA BACKGROUNDER: Much more than an ‘anti-crime’ protest, Police Accountability Project, September 16, 2017 | The curious case of Britain First: wildly popular on Facebook, but a flop in elections, Nigel Copsey, Democratic Audit UK, July 17, 2017. Campaign Against Racism & Fascism /// Jews against fascism /// Melbourne Antifascist Info.

Below : Fascists receive the traditional Melbourne salute.

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8 Responses to Avi Yemini flops in Melbourne

  1. Pseudonymous critic says:

    Lol, the tighter you grip the more it slips through your fingers…

    No one needs to work against the far left anymore. It’s eating itself.

    Pro-terror, anti-Australian…

    Meanwhile crime in Melbourne is going through the roof. Assault up 10%, robbery up 20%, dangerous acts endangering others up 20% from 2016 to 2017. But I guess this is the Australia you want @ndy…

  2. spiraledi1 says:

    Pseudo = Liar. Just thought I’d let you know about that fact. LMAO.

  3. maks says:

    Oh look, it’s The Fringe Festival in the comments section!

    There is no terror you bloody idiot. There is no fu^&ckin crime wave either, apart from what you morons do to the philosophical understanding of Australian politics. Great Australian men travelled around the globe to fight against your “made for idiots” political philosophy.

    When push comes to shove they will again knackers 😉

    PS lemonparty.org

  4. @ndy says:

    wEiRd reportage in Uncle Rupert’s zine:

    Anti-­fascist rally in Melbourne sees police move on masked protesters
    Simone Fox Koob
    The Australian
    September 17, 2017

    Police have used newly enacted powers that allow them to disperse masked protesters to charge par­tici­pants of a Melbourne anti-­fascist rally, where several members of the hard left clashed with officers.

    A man dressed in all black wearing a dark face covering standing in the crowd of the anti-racism and anti-fascism protest refused to leave the area when asked by officers, resulting in a violent scuffle with police.

    He was handcuffed after he resisted arrest and began shouting at nearby media, but was eventually released and charged with wearing a face covering.

    Another woman wearing a hoodie and sunglasses was ­arrested and put in the back of a police van after she began shouting and violently assaulting photographers and other media who were covering the event.

    “Police were generally pleased with the behaviour at today’s rally, however there were some breaches of the peace and behaviour which resulted in a 24-year-old male to be charged on summons for wearing a face covering and a 27-year-old female charged with assault,” a Victoria Police spokesman said on Sunday. “Three other males were moved on under breach-of-the-peace provisions.”

    The new police powers, designed to unmask groups such as the antifa — a militant protest movement that regularly uses face coverings — were enacted just 72 hours before the rally, which involved about 300 people.

    The antifa protesters marched down Bourke Street to the steps of state parliament on Sunday to counter a far-right rally organised by anti-Islamic former Israeli army officer Avi Yemini.

    About 60 people turned up to Mr Yemini’s “Make Victoria Safe Again” rally, many of whom were from Melbourne far-right groups, including the Soldiers of Odin, Infidel Brotherhood and the True Blue Crew.

    Far-right provocateur Neil Erik­son, one of the men convicted of inciting serious contempt, revulsion and ridicule of Muslim people by beheading a dummy as part of a protest against the construction of a mosque in Bendigo, Victoria, was also in attendance.

    Speakers at the anti-fascism rally, dubbed “From Charlottesville to Melbourne; Unite to fight the far right”, said Mr Yemini was a Nazi and a “convicted anti-Semite” who was promoting racism under the guise of a clampdown on crime.

    But Mr Yemini, an avid Donald Trump supporter, told his followers on Sunday he was motivated by a desire to “make Victoria great again”. “If you’re standing up for safety, somehow you’re a fascist, Nazi Jew,” he said. “I refuse to let my community live in fear in Victoria. All I want is to make Victoria safe again. Apparently that is ­racism. I don’t care. I don’t care. I wear that proudly.”

    Mr Yemini called for capsicum spray to be legalised among a raft of other demands, including minimum sentencing and no bail for ­violent offenders.

    The small protest played the Australian anthem and chanted: “Black, white, straight or queer, we refuse to live in fear” before dispersing mid-afternoon.

  5. Ingrid says:

    Hmm, who’s the idiot who said there’s no increase in crime in Melbourne? There’s no terror threat either he says. This is v typical of left non-thinking. My family works in the crime area: crime rate is up 20% in several areas in 2 years, overall 12%, which is a huge jump in such a short time. I know several wheelchair-bound people who have been home invaded more than once because they are v vulnerable. Go tell them there’s NO increase in crime. The area they live in had v little crime as little as 3 years ago. Why? Or ask the police.

    You’re an absolute un-Australian disgrace. Leave.

    As for terror, there is an army of people working to make you think it’s no problem. You types forget the big number of terror crimes that are prevented. A major one was in 2015 when a youth was arrested with several pipe bombs he was going to let off in Bourke St mall on Mother’s Day. That’s just ONE. You idiots are beyond belief in your echo chambers, denial caves, Twilight Zone fantasies.

    Your smug ‘I am always right’, I have ‘superior IQ’ etc.. NOT. Are you aware of just that ONE example I told you? I think not, or your Twilight Zone idiocy just doesn’t register it because it doesn’t agree with your juvenile thinking, which is ‘IT’S JUST NOT HAPPENING’. Classic denial, which is an epidemic. In that one example, the police didn’t even have that v dangerous Islamist on the radar, they knew nothing about him, he was put in 2 days before Mother’s Day by a friend. Good person. But don’t think that will happen every time. As the police say ‘It’s a matter of time’. Know how many terror attacks have been thwarted in a year in Australia? You DON’T do you? What an insult to those who constantly work to prevent them. Know how many in England? A big number.

    Oh but there’s no terrorism in England or Europe either I presume? YOU DANGEROUS IMBECILE. Well, tell that to the families of the now 1000s of dead. You’re soooooo revoltingly smug and arrogant and one does wish your family suffers. Sorry, but that’s it. I mean that’s what everyone is thinking. This country is just considered identical to Europe/America as a target. People like you are so sickening. Even being a few metres away from someone like you makes people feel physically ill. The looks you all have on your silly faces. The way you stand. The loudmouth crap that you spew, with the smugness and ‘I am superior’ smirks on your dumb faces. Chunder-making. You’re the type that people make faces at behind your back. As for calling a practicing Jew a Nazi, I mean, that’s really taking it to new levels of the truly moronic. It’s v rare that a Jewish person will put themselves out like this, very rare indeed, and scum are lining up to attack him when he should be respected as a Jewish person speaking up FOR ONCE. A Nazi, I mean, seriously. Well the world has gone completely insane. We are all sexless now too.

    There was an army of fools like you before WW2 saying Adolf was harmless and it was all deliberate hysteria. Even Hindenburg, the German President, said Adolf was harmless. So did Chamberlain. The stupid old fools didn’t live long enough to see the folly of their words. If people hadn’t behaved like you and your cohorts, in total denial to the REAL threat, Adolf would never have gotten on the loose and achieved great power. It happens EVERY TIME. It happened before WW1 also. What it REALLY is is cowardice. Subconscious fear, so a huge denial front is put up by the mind. Which cloaks it all in pompous bombastic obnoxious smug arrogance. Grotesque. People just DON’T WANT to face it, or believe it’s happening so they say it isn’t. Because they’re cowards at heart as well as dumb. But it is happening, all of it and slowly, steadily getting worse. What would you know? You probably sit behind some desk, working in finance or what passes as education these days. A protected living-in-comfort idiot. Shame on you.

    As for Avi, he’s adored, has a HUGE following of 80,000+ and growing, so ‘small’ is an oxymoron as regards to him. The left violently threatens people online as to what they will do to them if they show up, this country is so divided, it’s a shadow of its former happy self where people were happy to disagree without violent threats. A big following always makes a person a target from the little smug wannabes who are really v angry that the world hasn’t acknowledged their delusions of greatness. Avi has immense courage, so rare amongst today’s so called ‘males’. There’s hardly any brave men any more, who will stand up for the suffering and forgotten. Those with little or no voice (you wouldn’t know about that as you have no experience working amongst suffering. I’m a long term nurse I DO.) The more you attack him, the more we will we will protect him and his family. His small children were attacked yesterday online by a truly grotesque Jewish woman which obviously you will approve of, though hiding it behind gross hypocrisy. Ugh, nauseating.

  6. @ndy says:


    Gee whizz!

    To begin with, I’ll note in passing that you wish my family to suffer death and/or injury and that I should leave the country. (Side-note: would you like harm to befall my family before or after I/we leave Australia?) This is because I’m A Very Bad Person, apparently — ie, an ‘un-Australian disgrace’; an ‘idiot’ who lives in a ‘Twilight Zone fantasy’; ‘juvenile’; a ‘DANGEROUS IMBECILE’; ‘smug’; ‘arrogant’; and so on — and people you disagree with should be killed or injured (kinda reminds me of certain other folks LOL).

    Hmm, who’s the idiot who said there’s no increase in crime in Melbourne? There’s no terror threat either he says.

    That’s a very good question, especially given the fact that the post on which you’re commenting contains no such ‘idiot’. That said, in an earlier post (Avi Yemini ~versus~ APEX : “Make Victoria Great Again” LOL (September 17, 2017)), while I made no reference to the ‘terror threat’, I did link to an article in The Conversation (FactCheck Q&A: is violent crime getting worse in Victoria and do people feel less safe than ever?, February 18, 2017) which examined a claim made by the Energy and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg, speaking on Q&A, that crime in Victoria was increasing and that people generally feel less safe. You can choose to read it or to ignore it, but the point is that it’s worth exercising care when using statistics and especially when they’re being used to demonstrate some point or other. You don’t cite any sources when claiming that the area in which your family works has experienced a 20% increase in (overall?) crime, and while it’s certainly a Bad thing that several wheelchair-bound people you know have experienced home invasions, it doesn’t really support your overall case.

    Re terror attacks in Australia, again, there’s no reference to these in the post above, and you fail to identify where I’ve made any such claims as you imagine (‘You types forget the big number of terror crimes that are prevented’/I’m unaware of the case of MHK or indeed any terror case in Australia) or relate it to Avi’s rally, so I’ll leave that aside too.

    As for calling a practicing Jew a Nazi, I mean, that’s really taking it to new levels of the truly moronic. It’s v rare that a Jewish person will put themselves out like this, very rare indeed, and scum are lining up to attack him when he should be respected as a Jewish person speaking up FOR ONCE. A Nazi, I mean, seriously. Well the world has gone completely insane. We are all sexless now too.

    While I don’t know how assiduous he is in practicing (some version of) Judaism, I’ve never described Avi as a Nazi — feel free to point out where I have. And I think you must be either terribly ignorant, or just plain naive, to claim that Jews do not routinely engage in public advocacy of one sort or another. Finally, I dunno why you write ‘We are all sexless now too’, but I presume it’s another one of your bugbears.

    There was an army of fools like you before WW2 saying Adolf was harmless and it was all deliberate hysteria …

    That may be so — in 1938, Robert Menzies was one of many statist reactionaries who spoke admiringly of Nazi Germany (‘There’s today a really spiritual quality in the willingness of Germans to devote themselves to the well-being of the state’) — but in that other place called ‘reality’, it was folks like me — anarchists — who fought Nazis and Fascists in Germany, Italy, Spain and elsewhere, and were killed, tortured and imprisoned for their troubles.

    As for Avi, he’s adored, has a HUGE following of 80,000+ and growing, so ‘small’ is an oxymoron as regards to him …

    Avi is a publicity hound, yes, and — as I wrote — a tabloid favourite. It’s also true that, as you note, his Facebook page has 80,000+ ‘likes’. On the other hand, barely 50 or so malcontents bothered to attend his stoopid rally on Sunday, the majority of whom were members of or associated with the Party for Freedom, True Blue Crew, Soldiers Of Odin and the like: ie, Avi mobilised the far-right behind his banner. This included blokes like his BFF Neil Erikson, a man with a long history of neo-Nazi activism and a criminal conviction for harassing a local Melbourne rabbi. By the same token, the Soldiers were established in Finland by another neo-Nazi activist, Mika Ranta. Ranta is a member of the Finnish Resistance Movement, which is allied with the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) in Sweden. The NRM is planning on marching on a synagogue in Gothenburg in a few weeks, and last month three of its members were jailed for politically-motivated violence (‘terrorism’):

    Viktor Melin, 23, received the longest sentence for carrying out bomb attacks on a left-wing bookstore and an asylum center and an attempted bombing of a second asylum center. The attacks took place in November and January. Nobody was killed but one man was seriously wounded in the asylum center attack.

    With regards the TBC, leaving aside the tendency of the boys to assault their female partners, one of its biggest supporters is Phillip Galea, currently awaiting trial for terrorism offences.

    Top Blokes!

    Finally, you’re free to phantasise about a non-existent Paradise called Australia in the 1950s — in which there was no conflict or violence or Bad Things — but it’s bunkum. So too, your unfounded and idiotic speculations as to my life, experiences and perspectives — but don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

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  8. ablokeimet says:

    A lot of different people turn up at demos – and the CARF demo on Sunday had a lot who wouldn’t be described as “the usual suspects”. These people may not have been totally up on the details of who was in attendance on the other side.

    So, Avi Yemini is *not* a Nazi. He *is*, however, a Fascist – and Nazism is only one species of Fascism. There never used to be Jewish Fascists, but this is a phenomenon which has emerged as part of the settler movement on the West Bank and has gained adherents across Israel. However, having made this distinction, two further things have to be said:

    (a) While Yemini isn’t a Nazi, he *is* in bed with them. Not only did he allow the presence of both the True Blue Crew and Tom Sewell from the UPF at his rally, but there is the little matter of his handshake picture with Chris Shortis from the Australia First Party.

    (b) Fascism involves a belief in the superiority of one’s own national/racial group, combined with a feeling of being under such a state of siege that extreme measures are necessary for one’s group to survive. If you’re in a society in which your group is the majority, there’s a contradiction involved in that. How can these untermensch possibly be a threat to the master race? Nazis have an answer: (((the Jews))). So the Nazis have a tendency to win out in arguments amongst the Fascists – which means Avi Yemini is not only a complete ratbag, but also a complete fool who’s playing with fire.

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