Iron March Leaks : Aussie Pride Edition (1)

[Update (November 16, 2019) : Perhaps inevitably, the exposure of the nazis on Iron March has triggered a backlash. First, the Proud Boys have been mobilising to report Twitter accounts which details the leaks, with some smol degree of success. (Seemingly, the Boys want to protecc the reputation of Proud Boy Joseph Evans, who posted on the site as ‘OvenEngineer’.) Secondly, billionaire meathead Jack Dorsey and Twitter have suspended the account of The Jewish Worker (@jewishworker), much preferring the public use the platform to familiarise themselves with Richard Spencer‘s antisemitism than the news & views of Jewish workers. Finally, is down but is up.]

[Update (November 15, 2019) : One local forum user, ‘Neizbezhnost’, has been exposed as 25yo Territorian Steve Braddy. See : Inside the twisted world of a braggart Australian neo-Nazi, Mark Schliebs, The Australian, November 15, 2019.]

A few days ago, a digital pixie uploaded the contents of defunct neo-Nazi site Iron March (IM: 2011–2017).

See : Massive White Supremacist Message Board Leak: How to Access and Interpret the Data, Bellingcat Investigation Team, November 6, 2019 | Neo-Nazi forum Iron March exposed in massive data dump, Claire Goforth, The Daily Dot, November 7, 2019 | Leak from neo-Nazi site could identify hundreds of extremists worldwide, Jason Wilson, The Guardian, November 7, 2019 | Inside the Private Messages of Neo-Nazi Group Atomwaffen Division, Kelly Weill, The Daily Beast, November 8, 2019 | Members of violent white supremacist website exposed in massive data dump, Dan Goodin, arstechnica, November 8, 2019 | Neo-Nazi Web Forum Iron March Has SQL Database Dumped on the Internet Archive, Tom McKay, Gizmodo, November 8, 2019.

The dump is rather large, contains lots of intriguing details, and will take some time to sort through. Still: ‘At least three members of the U.S. military were registered users on the influential neo-Nazi forum Iron March, according to an analysis of an anonymous data dump from the site this week. And one of them, a Marine, was apparently using Iron March to try to recruit people for a fascist paramilitary group he wanted to launch in the U.S.’.

The database is accessible through various means, but The Jewish Worker has published it in a more-easily searchable format here and/or here. There’s also been discussion about some of the technical details inre communications on the site and the various alternatives (Discord, Skype, encrypted email services) its users sometimes employed, with one blogger asking: ‘How do right-wing extremists secure their communications? The recent Iron March data leak gives insight into how its members tried to communicate outside the message board’ (Communications Security on Iron March – An Intelligence Analysis, Key Findings, November 9, 2019).

Above : ‘Daddy Terror’ AKA Benjamin Noyles AKA Benjamin Raymond.

Curiously, one of the users cited in the keyfindings analysis, ‘Daddy Terror’ (AKA Benjamin Noyles AKA Benjamin Raymond, the founder of National Action), both ‘encourages people to act more sensibly so they don’t get themselves doxed by leftists’ and also claims (January 16, 2017) that, inre the exposure of US neo-Nazi activist Mike Enoch/Peinovich, ‘slackbastard is familiar to me as a grizzled australian antifa (maybe I am mistaken), the type of person you expect to be an internet antifascist, in his 40’s most likely and so I imagine there was a large team around him and he is probably getting money from somewhere’.

Note that, while a number of members of National Action have been jailed after having been found to be members of a proscribed terrorist organisation, ‘Daddy Terror’ Benjamin remains very much at-large. (On NA and its legal travails in the UK, see : ‘The Evolution of Extreme-Right Terrorism and Efforts to Counter it in the United Kingdom’, CTC Sentinel – Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, Vol.12, No.1, January 2019; ‘”Only bullets can stop us!” The banning of National Action in Britain’, Perspectives on Terrorism, Vol.12, No.6, December 2018).

The site, established by ‘Alexander Slavros’ AKA Alisher Mukhitdinov, gained some notoriety for helping give birth to Atomwaffen, though was also the launchpad for the Australian neo-Nazi groupuscule ‘Antipodean Resistance’ (AR). Indeed, just a few days prior to the leak, it was reported that: ‘Last year, a German offshoot of the U.S. neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division announced its existence to the world with a chilling video declaring “National Socialism is alive.” Now, it’s issuing death threats to left-wing German politicians’ (The German Branch of a U.S. Neo-Nazi Group Has a ‘Kill List’ of Left-Wing Politicians, Tim Hume, Vice, November 6, 2019), while in June Shane Burley and Alexander Reid Ross discussed how I was the target of alt-right death threats across the internet – here’s what happened next (The Independent, June 19, 2019).

As for the Australian contingent on IM, there were approximately 50+ users, most of whom left very interesting online trails. Some are known fascists: Lisa Beulah/Sandford AKA ‘Eva’ gets a guernsey, as does Matthew Grant AKA ‘Matty G08’ — Grant is the leader of the ‘Eureka Youth League’ (a tiny offshoot of the ‘Australia First Party’, but for yoof) — and even Shermon ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ Burgess AKA ‘Aussie_Patriot’; others are more obscure. One example is ‘Sigurd79’ AKA Steven Pidgeon. Pidgeon appears to be Very Normie on his social media profiles — on Twitter he describes himself as a ‘Law and Business (HRM) Student – Aspiring Lawyer with a passion for law reform – Looking to leave the world a better place’ — but his postings and messages on IM suggest a rather more complex picture.

Further investigation will no doubt reveal more interesting facts about the Australian users of IM, but in the meantime it’s worth reiterating the site’s status as the birthplace of AR, and the critical role played by users ‘Xav’ and ‘kehlsteinhaus’. Based in Melbourne, the dynamic nazi duo provide some detail about themselves that’s likely to end in tears, but you can read background material elsewhere on the blog: Who are Antipodean Resistance? (August 2018 Update) /// Jacob Hersant : An Antipodean Resistance Lad (April 13, 2018) /// Who are Antipodean Resistance? (September 28, 2017).


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6 Responses to Iron March Leaks : Aussie Pride Edition (1)

  1. @ndy says:

    Inside the twisted world of a braggart Australian neo-Nazi
    Mark Schliebs
    The Australian
    November 15, 2019

    A senior member of a neo-Nazi website linked to violent extremist groups is a Northern Territory man who has bragged about being on a “terror watch list”.

    Steve Braddy, 25, left Australia after being raided by authorities amid claims he tried to obtain radioactive ­material.

    He was chosen in 2015 to be among the “Black Corps” leadership group of the Iron March website, which gave rise to the violent US Atomwaffen Division and Australia’s neo-Nazi Antidopean Resistance.

    Private messages and other details from the fascist forum, which went offline in 2017, were leaked last week. Mr Braddy’s details and private messages were found among those files, along with those of other Australians.

    The Australian has confirmed he came to the attention of Northern Territory police and his home was searched by the AFP before he left the country in 2016.

    Other details about Mr Braddy have been confirmed by a person known to him who was unaware of his involvement in the far-right website.

    As well as the leaked messages and membership details, more than 1200 posts from his Iron March account prior to him being “gassed” — banned — from the forum have also been found.

    Mr Braddy is now believed to be living in Europe and is said to be married. He did not respond to emails, Facebook messages and requests for comment on two of his Skype accounts.

    But in late 2016, a post from Mr Braddy’s account said he was in Bulgaria after police executed a search warrant — which he claimed referred to “uranium and radium” — at his house.

    “So about two weeks ago feds broke into my house (Australian Federal Police — not ASIO for a change), with a warrant this time,” the post said.

    “Seized all my PCs and a bunch of other things. They took photos of my portrait of Hitler and my flags and the look on the pigs’ faces was hilarious when they found my box of knives, books and racist pamphlets for putting on cars and letterboxes and the like. Classic.”

    In a later message, he said he had gone to Serbia, which he claimed “has no extradition laws with Australia”.

    Despite no extradition treaty existing between Australia and Serbia, extraditions have previously taken place.

    It was while he was in Serbia that, according to the private messages of other members, he was banned from Iron March because of his relationship with a Turkish woman.

    During his time on the forum, he bragged about being on a terrorist watchlist and his collection of knives, including a replica “HJ” knife based on ones given to the Hitler Youth, and defended right-wing terrorist Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in 2011.

    “Dead liberals is a fundamentally good thing, period. Any discussion on this matter needs to start from that point. 77 dead liberals is 77x better,” a post said.

    “You think the left should have the monopoly on violence? WE ARE THE VIOLENT ONES MOTHERF..KER. The first thing that people should associate with fascists is their willingness to ­immediately back up what they say with action.”

    Just hours after terrorist Omar Mateen killed 49 people in a gay nightclub in Florida in June 2016, a post from Mr Braddy’s account praised the attack.

    “Hero, honorary (sic) sand-aryan. I’m sure this is what everybody imagines doing when they see some fags kissing, they just aren’t as alpha as Omar,” it said.

    In another post from his account, he claimed the Holocaust didn’t happen: “Camps existed, plenty of jews died, there were no gas chambers and the death toll was nowhere near six million.”

    The Iron March website has been linked to violent groups and acts, including the murder of two members of the Atomwaffen Division in Florida in 2017. Three members of the website were involved in a 2015 plot for a mass shooting at a Canadian mall.

    The Antipodean Resistance, which has been spreading anti-Semitic propaganda around Australia, formed on the website, as did neo-Nazi group National ­Action, which in 2016 became the first far-right organisation to be listed as a terrorist group in Britain since World War II.

  2. AG says:

    Mr Pidgeon is mentioned in this article “How Jesus met a pagan fascist through Facebook”, written by a friend of mine. Steven has had an interesting past, and the stuff found here is no longer reflective of the Steven that is now. Let’s not forget that people can change, and Steven is honest enough to not try to hide, and honest enough to allow others to journey with him as a seeker of truth.

  3. pidge1979 says:

    @AG Thanks, AG – not sure who you are, but I’m thankful for taking the time to respond.

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