Jacob Hersant : An Antipodean Resistance Lad

In September last year I published a post titled ‘Who Are Antipodean Resistance?’. It gave a brief outline on the neo-Nazi group’s origins on Tumblr and its development by way of ‘Reclaim Australia’ and, moreover, the ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF). It included a photo of a young man who had been spotted distributing Antipodean Resistance propaganda in Collingwood and Fitzroy. That man’s name is Jacob Hersant.

In addition to palling around with Antipodean Resistance, Jacob is also an active member of another neo-Nazi grouplet, ‘The Lads Society’. Here he’s pictured at the Society’s headquarters in Cheltenham with James ‘REGISTER COMMUNISTS NOT FIREARMS’ Buckle — President of gun lobby group ‘Firearm Owners United’ — and Lads’ founder Tom Sewell (ex-UPF):

‘The Lads Society’, which has taken the place of the now-defunct UPF, is intended to fulfill the dreams of its founder Tom Sewell and ex-UPF fuehrer Blair Cottrell: to create a fascist cadre. This has met with some success: a joint meeting with members of the Bendigo- and Melton-based ‘True Blue Crew’ in January in order to discuss the formation of a vigilante patrol to police African yoof was promoted by Channel 7, while the ‘Lads’ have also attracted participation by goons working in the security industry (including Avi Yemini’s sidekick, Daniel Jones). Thus, last weekend Stuart Von Moger conducted a training workshop for The Lads on How To Get Into The Security Industry:

You may remember Stuart from such events as MILO’s appearance at Melbourne Pavilion in Kensington last December:

When he’s not busy securing the existence of Milo Yiannopoulos and a future for paedophile apologists, Stuart may also be found protecting former Premiers, playing with guns, and going for bushwalks to terrible destinations:

Of course, bush-walking is a pastime beloved of many, including Antipodean Resistance:

As for the Hitler Yoof Down Under, a few more notes:

• Since the group first emerged in late 2016 it’s received enormous media attention, almost none of it in the least bit useful. (Recent items include: Anti-Semitism on campus condemned, Australian Jewish News, March 9, 2018; Police investigate neo-Nazi material at VU Footscray campus, Benjamin Millar, Star Weekly, February 27, 2018.) An editorial in The Australian (March 16, 2018) claims that, while excising section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is laudable:

Inciting violence against individuals or groups is an entirely different matter. It has been overlooked for too long and warrants the attention of politicians. In a recent Weekend Australian column, Janet Albrechtsen highlighted the problem of fringe groups such as the neo-Nazi Antipodean Resistance inciting violence towards Jews, gay people and others. The group is responsible for posters depicting a Nazi holding a gun to the head of a man on his knees wearing a Star of David. “Legalise the execution of Jews,” the caption says. “Join your local Nazis.” The poster appeared outside schools in Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast. Another poster featured a gun pointed at a man with a bullet in his head. He was wearing a “gay and proud” T-shirt. “Get the sodomite filth off our streets,” it blared. A poster featuring a swastika and proclaiming “REJECT JEWISH POISON” was glued to the window of federal Labor MP Mike Kelly’s office in the seat of Eden-Monaro in NSW. Mr Kelly’s wife is Jewish.

• As noted previously, Antipodean Resistance’s kameraden in the US (Atomwaffen) and the UK (National Action) have also been making headlines, albeit for killing people and doing terrorisms. VICE UK has recently published a series of articles on the far-right under the collective title of ‘Hate Island’; it includes one examining ironmarch dot org, a/k/a ‘The Obscure Neo-Nazi Forum Linked to a Wave of Terror’ (James Poulter, March 12, 2018):

Ironmarch.org was not the kind of website to hang out on if you knew what was good for you. A swastika-plastered forum which took its users on a shared journey of extreme radicalisation, it kickstarted an international wave of Nazi terror.

Users of Ironmarch.org have attempted a mall shooting; murdered two young men; attempted to hack a Sikh dentist to death with a machete; and have been found to be in possession of illegal weapons and materials to make bombs, among other crimes. While these acts of violence mostly took place in North America, the forum had plenty of fans in the UK.

One of Ironmarch’s administrators founded the banned British Nazi terror group National Action (NA), while an infographic produced by the site lists NA among its “affiliated groups”, under the heading “Ironmarch members in the global fascist struggle”.

Curiously, along with National Action (banned by the UK government as a ‘terrorist’ organisation), Atomwaffen and Skydas (Lithuania), Antipodean Resistance is the only other group listed as an affiliate of IronMarch.

Meanwhile, antifa in Eugene, Oregon have been doing a bit of digging into Atomwaffen: Mr. and Mrs. Maci: The Atomwaffen Division Implodes (March 8, 2018).

See also : YouTube Belatedly Bans Neo-Nazi Group Atomwaffen, Melanie Ehrenkranz, Gizmodo, March 2, 2018 | Read the Chilling Texts of Nazis Celebrating the Murder of a Jewish Teen, A.C. Thompson, Ali Winston and Jake Hanrahan, Mother Jones, March 1, 2018 (‘When Samuel Woodward was charged with killing Blaze Bernstein last month, other Atomwaffen members cheered the death’).


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  1. Moo Kau says:

    quick Q Andy: Sup with the blotted out folks?

  2. @ndy says:

    Because reasons.

  3. Moo Kau says:

    fair enuff.

  4. Marcus says:

    Amazing how quickly you get ripped if you join the far right. Honestly thinking of joining AR so I can get swol

  5. SA Team Snow says:

    We should be connecting the dots who has all these photos…

  6. Goebbels says:

    Australia for Islam and European girls for blacks and arabs

  7. Theslackestbastard says:

    Why can’t you debate The Slackest Bastard of them all? Your not slack enough weak little comy…

  8. @ndy says:

    About half past five; I’ll have the salad, thanks.

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  11. stanislaw says:

    The Antipodean Resistance don’t give a shit about race, they are all about national socialism, very weird. They demonise white people by sticking their stupid mindless Heil Hitler shit everywhere, rather than actually trying to help everyday white people you-know have kids/ succeed in life and keep immigrants out. They should be shot, they are just as damaging as the other loony lefties. Absolute retards.

  12. stanislaw says:

    The Lads Society, as simple as they are. Have achieved more in the real world than the Antipodean Resistance ever will.

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