The Home of the Green Arrow (& Paul Morris)


That’s odd.

I’ve been linked to by a fascist blog in the UK called ‘The Green Arrow’ (State Supported Terror groups, Mister Fox, August 20, 2009):

After the BNP’s Euro election victory, UAF thugs attacked a BNP press conference outside Parliament, pelting the media and party officials with eggs, placards and bottles. Several of the UAF thugs punched and kicked members of the BNP, including deputy leader Simon Darby who was repeatedly kicked in the back.

I’m not sure why the post in question has been linked to, as there are numerous other accounts of the argy-bargy outside the British Parliament. The incident took place at a BNP press conference in London in June of this year; the conference called immediately after BNP Fuehrer Nick Gri££in was elected to the European Parliament.

It reminded one of a similar incident in Brunswick in the ’90s, when ‘National Action’ Fuehrer Michael (De) Brander expertly caught an egg in his mouth, and later featured on that week’s edition of The Footy Show

To resume.

I can remember coming across the name of The Green Arrow (apparently some bloke called Paul Morris) before, I think ’cause Darrin ‘Sleeping Dragon’ Hodges was wont to reference it as being a suitable alternative to sites devoted to ‘adult shopping’.

Anyway, it so happens that Denise has just recently written a little more about Snakes and Arrows (Norfolk Unity, August 29, 2009), prompted, in part, by the closure of a forum at the BNP website:

And so the dispossessed, muttering darkly about “egos” and “dictatorships”, move on to posting pastures new, but carry with them their unfailing loyalty to the very man who caused their discomfiture.

The closure of the BNP forum has led to a migration to the hitherto moribund Green Arrow forum – but if anybody thinks voicing an opinion there is a good idea, the spousally-challenged drink-loving Paul Morris has news for them, making it clear that nothing less than wholehearted support for Griffin and the Griffinite BNP is expected.

Now the pompous Morris is as much of a standing joke to his own fascist brethren as he is to the anti-fascist community. The online Colonel Blimpish persona and the over-frequent use of military metaphors are rather belied by his real-world persona as a vicious hater prone to subject his neighbours to drunken rants, and who urinated against his caravan while screaming and shouting at the now estranged wife who had locked him out of his own house.

Speaking of Darrin, his ♥ has recently been broken by ‘Terrible’ Terrie-Anne Verney, but he’s nothing if not determined — see : Oh, Darrin!, September 30, 2008.

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