APEC and political ontology

Ahead of the APEC Summit in Sydney in September, police are being given extraordinary powers so that they may legally quash public protest. Members of the public, on the other hand, are being expected to exercise supernatural powers in order to discover if they’ve been banned from engaging in such manifestations.

Those on APEC black list ‘know who they are’
Edmund Tadros
Sydney Morning Herald
June 19, 2007

INDIVIDUALS do not need to be told they are on a list of “excludable persons” from this year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in Sydney – they should just know, says the office of the NSW Police Minister…

And on the whole, this is just as well, for it appears that state authorities are still not absolutely sure who’s who in the zoo when it comes to those who may transform themselves from mild mannered nerd to mad, bad and dangerous to know.

Spy for us and we’ll drop charge
Edmund Tadros
Sydney Morning Herald
June 18, 2007

AS DANIEL JONES walked through Circular Quay and towards the ferry terminal 12 nights ago, someone called his name. Mr Jones, an outspoken 20-year-old student activist, turned to face a man he had never met. Smiling and wearing a blue bomber jacket, the man introduced himself simply as Ahmed.

Ahmed, with a beard and receding dark hair, said he was from intelligence at NSW Police and had an offer to make. He wanted the student to spy on his fellow activists before the APEC meeting in September. In return Ahmed implied he could help “make arrangements” about charges Mr Jones faces over his part in last year’s G20 protests in Melbourne…

See also : APEC Meeting (Police Powers) Bill 2007

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