“sit down, don’t start smashing the doors down”

Media Watch exposes the racist shit-stirring engaged in by the infotainment program ‘Nine News’ last week in ‘Welfare and Refugees’.

NOFX once asked ‘How can they sleep at night?’, to which the answer is ‘In luxury, on fluffy white pillows’.

Peter Overton is a Walkley Award winning investigative journalist yuppie hack from Sydney’s North Shore (and an ‘Old Falconian’). Thus, he is no stranger to hardship. So too, multi-millionaire Alan Jones, the squawking talk-back hack who once boasted that he “led the charge” at Cronulla in December 2005. (On Howard Sattler, see : Demons At Drivetime.)

See also : Justin Sheridan on Media Watch (September 28, 2009) | Justin Sheridan in Canberra (September 22, 2009) | Justin Sheridan : Australian of the Year (September 15, 2009).


See : “Stop watching, get out onto the streets” // “Free everyone who has been arrested” (December 12, 2008):

On continuing popular resistance and (para-)state repression in Greece — in English — see (the invaluable) ‘After the Greek Riots’ blog: “What is going on? The newly-installed government seems to have realised that its “iron fist” show of the first few days in power was not sustainable. Even more importantly, December is now clearly visible in the horizon: “citizens will be allowed to demonstrate on the day”, declared the minister of so-called citizen protection. “No more vandalisms and destruction, however”. Thank you so kindly for allowing us the right to demonstrate, your Highness. December is coming quick and your citizen-subjects are eager to salute you!” Fnarr fnarr.

Added Bonus!

Serbian comrades Sanja Dojkić, Tadej Kurepa, Nikola Mitrovic, Ivan Savic, Ratibor Trivunac and Ivan Vulović — aka ‘The Belgrade Six’ — remain in police custody after having been arrested in early September, 2009. The six are accused of ‘international terrorism’: the arrests are allegedly related to a ‘direct action’ which took place at the Greek Embassy in Belgrade on August 25, 2009. Damage to the Embassy was negligible: a window was cracked, a tiny scorch mark was left on the facade of the building, and a circle ‘A’ painted on one of its walls. If convicted of the crime, the six could be facing a term of anywhere from 3–15 years imprisonment. (They deny all charges.)

In Paris, on October 17, a dozen comrades of the CNT-AIT occupied the Serbian Cultural Center (situated in front of the Beaubourg / Paris Museum of Contemporary Art). Other solidarity actions are ongoing.

See also : International solidarity with Serbian anarchists (September 19, 2009).


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