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The murky politics of the Right (in New Zealand/Aotearoa)

FTR. The murky politics of the Right John McCrone The Press (Christchurch) [December 2009] The country’s hardcore Right-wing factions look like they mean business. It’s just that their business never gets off the ground. JOHN McCRONE reports. With a slightly … Continue reading

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Fascism 1 Love 0

Whoever said love conquers all? Split for Far Right boss Karla Akuhata and Tim Hume Waikato Times October 27, 2009 A former National Front member’s fairytale marriage to a Waikato woman is over as he ramps up his involvement in … Continue reading

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‘Wellington Nazis. Top 10 Holiday Parks STILL loves Wellington Nazis.’

Heil Hutt Park Top 10 Holiday Park! Fence tagging sparks call to ban [F]ront Stacey Wood The Dominion Post October 26, 2009 Eastbourne couple Geoff and Gwyn Morphew don’t care if the Right-wing [sic] National Front and their mates are … Continue reading

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OMGWTF Kyle Chapman is back! (Again.)

From the Department Of Knock Me Down With A Feather comes shocking stunning news both shocking and stunning: Far-right leader Kyle Chapman returns Tim Hume Sunday Star Times October 25, 2009 The face of the far-right fringe has reverted to … Continue reading

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“Wellington Nazis. I hate Wellington Nazis.” (Two)

“The kids learnt their lesson- will the adults?” Stolen from Fight dem back! The NZNF are gathering in Wellington this weekend to wave flags and to celebrate Kyle Chapman‘s “retirement” from Nazi politics earlier this year. The publication earlier this … Continue reading

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Coming Soon : Annual ‘Nazi Wave A Flag Day’ in Wellington

RRTAA! In exilent and exciting news, former ‘National Front New Zealand’ Fuehrer Kyle ‘The Pieman’ Chapman is further reinforcing his retirement from racist, right-wing politics by organising a contingent belonging to ‘Right Wing Resistance New Zealand’ (RWRNZ) to march on … Continue reading

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New Zealand Flag Day, 2009 : “…against the delusions of our European Culture and pride”

Uh-oh spagetti-o: New Zealand Flag Day is in October and this year, like last year, Kiwi nutzis will be assembling en masse to rally ’round the flag. 1. The New Zealand Flag is the symbol of the realm government and … Continue reading

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