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May Daze

Berlin The Capital and the May Day Riots | People & Politics: “On May 1, the whole of Germany’s eyes will be on the district of Kreuzberg, traditionally the center of the annual May Day riots. This year, left-wing activists … Continue reading

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Nationalist Alternative & Co.

Update : Far right attempts to hijack internet censorship rally, Alex Bainbridge, Green Left Weekly, March 13, 2010. Fascist bookseller Pedro Varela may be in trouble in Spain, but books for sale through the Australian neo-Nazi mail order 9 percent … Continue reading

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Andrew Yeoman : BANANA split?

ZOMG! Leading BANANA Andrew Yeoman has spat the dummy. For those of you coming in late, BANA — the Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association Bay Area National Anarchists, most commonly referred to as BANANAs — is, or perhaps was, the name … Continue reading

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Oh noes! Yarra National Anarchists go splat!

The Yarra National Anarchists — http://yarranationalanarchists.wordpress.com — appear to have had a change of heart! Play them off, keyboard cat! …and they’re back! …This website has in the past and will continue to publish news and information relevant to National-Anarchists … Continue reading

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Fluoride = Death?!?

Oh dear. The campaign against fluoridation of the Geelong water supply has apparently gone batshit, with a report in today’s edition of The Age indicating that a death threat has been delivered to Victorian Labor minister Lisa Neville. Curiously, Scott … Continue reading

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‘Co-opting the Counter Culture: Troy Southgate and the National Revolutionary Faction’ by Graham D. Macklin

Co-opting the Counter Culture: Troy Southgate and the National Revolutionary Faction Graham D. Macklin Patterns of Prejudice Vol.39, No.3, September 2005 Formed in 1996 by former National Front activist Troy Southgate, the National Revolutionary Faction (NRF) is a ‘national-anarchist’ groupuscule. … Continue reading

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National Anarchism (Again)

Recently, Vertigo, a student newspaper published by the University of Technology, Sydney, for reasons best known to the editors (and in possible ignorance of certain political realities) has provided an outlet for the views of ‘national anarchists’ (see : ‘A … Continue reading

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A is for Anarchy. B is for Bullshit.

Will the Global Economic Crisis (GEC) facilitate social change? And do the recent ‘Group of 20’ (G20) protests reflect a rise in anarchism? Donna Yan and Bonita Silva investigate. ~ ‘A is for Anarchy’, Vertigo, Bonita Silva and Donna Yan, … Continue reading

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