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Trouble at Historical Materialism Conference Mill : Call for Solidarity

As leftist trainspotters and ‘revolutionary socialists’ generally would be aware, the Socialist Workers Party‘s poor handling of a rape allegation has had serious ramifications for the party’s public standing: this has included its relations with aligned parties elsewhere in the … Continue reading

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Solidarity with the “scrupulously fair” SWP

The rape scandal which has engulfed the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) in the UK appears to have left its local franchise Solidarity relatively untouched. Back in February, the party released the following statement in solidarity with the SWP. It describes … Continue reading

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Anti-fascism? This is ponderous. Ponderous, f’n ponderous.

See also : casey kasem. Someone calling themselves Brian has posted a comment regarding an account by Gordon Crawford (SDL World Pub Tour Continues, Though Cowards Flinch, February 20, 2010) of the recent SDL rally in Edinburgh, describing it — … Continue reading

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