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Letter from accused ‘terrorist’ John Zakhariev, currently on trial in Sofia, Bulgaria

UPDATE (June 6, 2017) : As expected, Zakhariev has been found guilty of ‘training with a Kalashnikov with the intention of carrying out a terror attack’ and sentenced to four years in jail (Australian-Bulgarian John Zakhariev sentenced for terrorism, Nick … Continue reading

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The WikiLeaks Party’s administrative error [Crikey]

The ‘highly emotional and volatile’ world of the WikiLeaks Party Bernard Keane Crikey February 7, 2014 The aftermath of the WikiLeaks Party’s electoral debut reached a new and unexpected level of farce today when the party released its much-heralded “independent … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks Party : R U Syrias?

John Shipton, CEO of the WikiLeaks Party (and Assange’s old man), recently sat down for a nice cup of tea with that nice man Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria and General Secretary of the Ba’ath Party (Bashar was of course … Continue reading

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