Aussie KKK “not sorry”… yet…

What a wanker. An Australian member of one of the KKK’s umpteen franchises decided (February 1, 2008) to upload a video on to YouTube giving his opinion on the recent decision by the KRudd Government to issue a formal apology to the thousands of indigenous peoples who constitute the Stolen Generations.

KKK’s vile response to apology
Peter Michael
The Courier-Mail
February 7, 2008

TOWNSVILLE police are investigating a Ku Klux Klan video that appeared on the internet featuring a burning cross and a white-hooded man making racist comments in response to the national “Sorry” motion.

Aboriginal activists, police, and race discrimination experts yesterday condemned the “vile” and “frightening” film posted six days ago on video-sharing website YouTube.

North Queensland Regional Crime Co-ordinator Det-Insp Warren Webber said officers would investigate the video. But he denied any significant KKK activity in Townsville.

“I don’t think racism is confined to Townsville,” Det-Insp Webber said.

“And I don’t think there is any magic wand to eliminate racist behaviour.”

The 30-year-old Townsville man who posted the footage, when contacted by The Courier-Mail yesterday, said Australian Aborigines did not deserve an apology.

“Why say sorry? If we did not come here they would still live in caves and be throwing spears. And they want us to say sorry for what?,” he emailed.

Under the username of Bennypip, he posted the video on February 1 in response to the proposal by the Federal Government to say “sorry” next Wednesday.

    From: bennypip
    Date: February 01, 2008, 03:33 AM
    Subject: Australia says sorry
    Body: no way go and screw your self monkeys

He refused to accept the racist attack was wrong.

Local Federal MP Peter Lindsay urged federal police to “hunt down this person” and charge him with racial vilification.

“Australians just don’t tolerate this kind of behaviour in our country. We won’t put up with it,” Mr Lindsay said.

He said he hoped there was no link to the large military community in the north Queensland city.

“Previously these sorts of things in Townsville have been associated with the Defence Force and I hope that is not happening again,” he said.

Aboriginal activist Gracelyn Smallwood said Townsville was well-known as “the nation’s KKK capital” and a “hotbed of racial discontent”.

“We can’t get too wound up, and hopefully all those people, both black and white, standing side-by-side prepared to say sorry will not be overshadowed by this sort of red-neck, bigoted behaviour,” Ms Smallwood said.

Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Susan Booth said she was shocked by the footage.

“The KKK is the symbol of hate. I don’t understand the appeal the KKK has for these sorts of people, but this is very serious,” she said.

Understandably perhaps, authorities have announced a police investigation into the video (Police probe Townsville KKK internet video, ABC, February 7, 2008: “North Queensland police are investigating a racist internet video describing Aborigines as in-breds…”). And since it was brought to the attention of the corporate media, the video has been pulled. Which is somewhat curious, as there’s actually an abundance of racist videos on YouTube. For example, a local bonehead named Jesse has a channel ‘genocidal88’ (88 = HH = Heil Hitler) on YouTube which contains a number of videos celebrating neo-Nazism and the Holocaust, including two crude cartoons which depict the murder of a Jew. Jesse himself is a member of local neo-Nazi groups Blood & Honour and the Southern Cross Hammerskins, which last came to the attention of the mass media when the groups organised a gig at the Melbourne Croatia Social Club. Prior to that, the groups used The Birmingham Hotel in Fitzroy as a venue; this weekend, one of Jesse’s former band mates is performing at a benefit gig at The Birmingham, on this occasion in aid of the Starlight Children’s Foundation!

Chances are our amateur filmmaker is a member of Stormfront Down Under (SFDU). SFDU last made the news in early January, when discussions on it by racists to march on the Cenotaph in Sydney for Australia Day were unveiled by Joe Hildebrand: “Much of the activity has been co-ordinated through the neo-Nazi website Stormfront, whose Australian arm is [sic] moderated by 18-year-old Newcastle resident Rhys McLean [below]. Mr McLean said he was aware of the plans but said it was a matter for the individual organisers, not the website”.

The SFDU forum is populated by a diverse range of fascist and racist cranks — from members of the KKK to outright neo-Nazis, members of the Australia First Party (such as Dr James Saleam) and Australian Protectionist Party to Jim Perren (formerly of the White Pride Coalition of Australia); Patrick O’Sullivan of the ‘Creativity Movement’ to men such as Carl D. Thompson.

On February 5, 2008, in a thread on the subject “What the **** is wrong with Abos?”, Carl writes:

There is one answer that covers all questions about the Australian Aborigines: they are retards.
The average IQ of the Aborigine is in the same range as the African Negro, which gives them an average in the 60s. Someone is considered to be a retard at 75, so the average Aborigine is 10 to 15 IQ points below the level of a retard.
Do not forget that the way that statistics work about 40 per cent of Aborigines do not even make average.
If you look at the self-appointed Aboriginal leaders out there, every one of them has white genetic material in them.
Racially-pure Aborigines are not intellectually capable of anything more than digging up and eating grubs.

On January 13, 2008, a Victorian racist, using the pseudonym ‘revcore’, writes on a thread titled “Aboriginals and pushing white guilt about Europeans stealing ‘their’ land”: “If whites didn’t civilise this land of ours, Australia would still be a land full of violent monkeys”. Another forum member, a woman using the pseudonym ‘ladyfuro’, writes in a thread titled ‘SORRY’ (January 1, 2008):

Abos…gratefull? [sic] At every turn they sue us for the menial [sic] of acts.
They demand their sacred land back…then sell it to developers. They are an ungrateful, alcoholic, hate filled useless race of people…
After they killed an innocent white man over Christmas…he had the hide to play beach cricket with his family! The charges are assault and assault causing bodily harm…No love lost here…


There are numerous other examples of racist sentiment being expressed by SFDU members, especially with regards Australia’s indigenous peoples, and of the most vulgar nature. So appalling is some of it that the Forum’s Administrators actually remove it from public display. It’s also the case that many SFDU members are involved in ‘real life’ activism, from membership in one of the small number of fringe political parties — such as Australia First and the Australian Protectionist Party — to the KKK, Blood & Honour, the Hammerskins and moribund groups such as the ANM/ANWU, Patriotic Youth League and White Pride Coalition of Australia. A profile of three current and former members of SFDU — Dävid Palmer, David Innes and John Drew — is available here. As for ‘bennypip’, it’s quite possible that he’s one of the handful of members of the White Legion Knights of the KKK.

On a final note, the KKK has raised its pointy head in Townsville before, most recently last July. Note that: “Townsville Police Crime Co-ordinator Detective Inspector Warren Webber said he had never heard of the group and at this stage was not making any investigations. Townsville Mayor Tony Mooney and Thuringowa Mayor Les Tyrell both refused to comment on the rumoured branch.”

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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46 Responses to Aussie KKK “not sorry”… yet…

  1. Tony Whitemore says:

    Sorry for what?

    Just more typical anti-white guilt being pushed in our faces.

    NOT SORRY!!!

  2. @ndy says:

    That’s a real surprise coming from you Tony / Mick / Boofhead.

  3. Tony Whitemore says:

    What makes you think it’s Mick/Boofhead?

  4. Tony Whitemore says:

    Still no apology.

  5. Adam says:

    well tony while you may not apologise i assure you , you are one sorry fucker

  6. Tony Whitemore says:

    “well tony while you may not apologise i assure you , you are one sorry fucker”

    Yep, more white guilt.

  7. Adam says:

    i have neither pride nor guilt in being white , i am however glad i have the white skin i do as it tattoos fucking marvellously other than that i couldn’t give a toss.

    as far as the whole middle class guilt thing about the varying crimes of white people i agree that it’s stupid but for the same reason i think your politics are stupid , and that’s the constant wanking on about and clinging to race , the idea that the crimes or accomplishments of another are my own cause of who my parents were is absurd!

    i am no more responsible for the racism of the past then i am for the creation of the wheel.

    i feel no guilt for the stolen generations cause i’ve never had anything to do with it but do i think the australian state should apologise … YES … the state while always having a changing face is a lasting individual entity and it should apologise for its wrongs the same as i or any other should apologise for our own wrongs.

    but more to the point tony you’re a fuckwit … go seek help.

  8. Tony Whitemore says:

    Ok, Adam, do you support the working class?

  9. Adam says:

    1. short answer: yeah

    2. long answer: complicated (i re-wrote it like 5 times already before this post). i support the idea, have a sense of belonging to it, but have a deep seated skepticism about to what level it exists in today’s society, cause i think that social alienation has played a large part [in its decline] — and also the death of older, localised communities… especially in the cities

    & i hate the old commie hard-on for the working class, the idea that it only needs the right prodding and vanguard and everything will be sweet, completely ignoring all the bad points and all the fucked elements of society that are from the working class, and that while many of these ills have roots in the upper classes, there are still thugs and rapists and bigots and all the rest, and the fact that they have to work to survive means a lot less in trying to build a new world than beating their families or abusing people for their sexual preference etc.

    i haven’t explained this really well as i’m beyond fucking tired (as i just got off work)

    3. in a practical sense: i’m a union delegate

  10. Adam says:

    i guess how i’d compare it is to any other idea of grouping people in big generalizations as soon as you try you’re gonna fuck it up … be it nationality or sex or sexual preference race or this or that you can’t pigeon hole everyone as much as you may like to, cause even the people i share the most in common with i differ with and why would this be different of other people that seem different from the outside. to lump everyone in together in convenient little groups is only actually convenient in the short term or if you are incredibly closed minded/have no interest in the truth … do i support the working class … yes i support the idea of it but i don’t support all its members as in a western country you’re talking about most of the population and frankly there are too many fuckwits! i support unity of all down trodden animals (human and not) and the shaking off of all oppressors and usurpers. it goes back to the old saying “you don’t have to fuck people over to survive”

    in short i support elements of the working class ethos and population but i won’t support something just cause it’s from the working class or claims to be for its good, i won’t take responsibility for every action of its billions of members and i won’t live my life on the backs of any of its members

    ok now sleep

    i hope that this both answers your question and you’ve sought the help i previously alluded to

  11. If you guys, Adam and Andy, support the working class – why would you support the Jews who are anti-working class?

  12. Adam says:

    well i am an idiot tony … not for “supporting jews” but for thinking that maybe your question about the working class was leading to some really hard hitting relevant non-retarded question.

    through everything i’ve been trying to explain to your stupid arse is that the lumping of people into rigid groups and expecting the same actions/beliefs from all people in that group is insane/moronic.

    and as far as me “supporting jews” well there are a few things we need to cover first i’m of partial racial jewish origin but i think judaism like all religions is fucking retarded and evil … as far as me supporting jews … I … AM … GOING … TO … SAY … THIS … SLOWLY … YOU … IDIOT … I … DON’T … SUPPORT … THE … IDEA … OF … SEPARATING … PEOPLE … OUT … INTO … RACES! … EITHER … IN … A … STEREOTYPING … BULLSHIT … PIGEON … HOLING … WAY … OR … IN … SOCIETY

    if you need it explained any slower then you really are the dumbest fuck ever to step foot on this page … maybe even the internet … and that’s saying a lot cause … apart from anything else o’sullivan visits this site and he would lose a game of trivial pursuit to a mouse! (probably on a question about WWII)

  13. @ndy says:

    I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that ‘Tony Whitemore’ is:

    a) a teenager;
    b) brain-damaged; and/or
    c) suffering from a mild form of mental retardation.

    If a), I hope he learns as he grows (that is, he matures). If b) or c), his racial phobias are likely simply a result of his absorption of the attitudes and views of those around him.

    Otherwise, he’s just another bigot: annoying, but also unintentionally amusing. For example, check ‘Mick’ on the importance of windmills as proof of The White Man’s superiority (and why his phobia regarding non-Whites is fully justified):

  14. Adam says:

    i’ll read it later on i’m heading to bed… but on the topic of invention and its relation to race i have to say i laughed my arse off when in that video party trick says something to the effect that everything of value that has been invented was invented by whites… of particular humour was my sitting next to an air conditioner while watching it… oh and for all you racist pricks you should boycott air conditioning cause it was invented by a black dude… i guess what i’m getting at is go get heat stroke fuckers!

  15. vents says:

    Well put, Adam.

  16. Tony Whitemore says:

    You have a bad impression, Adam. I converse with people of non-white origin everyday at my work.

    Otherwise, he’s just another bigot: annoying, but also unintentionally amusing. For example, check ‘Mick’ on the importance of windmills as proof of The White Man’s superiority (and why his phobia regarding non-Whites is fully justified):

    That’s not me.

  17. Tony Whitemore says:

    Anyway, you still haven’t proved that the Jewish community supports the working class.

  18. slackbastard Sydney correspondent says:

    Tony, I’m a Jew. I support the working class in its broadest sense. I know of many other Jews who do too.

    Most Jews are poor, working class folk. Learn it.

  19. @ndy says:


    The Jew is in control;
    The Jew pursues a multicultural agenda;
    Multiculturalism is against the interests of the Australian working class;

    — therefore —

    The Jew is acting contrary to the interests of the Australian working class (that is, the Jew does not support the Australian working class).

    Is that it?

  20. Adam says:

    ok first things first :

    Tony Whitemore Feb 16th, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    You have a bad impression, Adam. I converse with people of non-white origin everyday at my work.

    Otherwise, he’s just another bigot: annoying, but also unintentionally amusing. For example, check ‘Mick’ on the importance of windmills as proof of The White Man’s superiority (and why his phobia regarding non-Whites is fully justified):

    That’s not me.

    andy said that … i just said you’re fucking retarded … which i stand by.

    and as far as “the jews” supporting the working class the main point i have been trying to get across is you can’t treat all people of an ethnic origin as the same and they can’t be held accountable for everyone else who could be grouped together.

    it’s like me saying that white people don’t support the working class because hitler smashed the unions as one of his first acts … and thatcher and a lot of other fuckers of all races creeds and colours.

    i realise that as a simpleton you may not want things to become complicated but life is complicated and people are individuals. they may have some common traits within various circles but they do differ.

    i guess it goes back to your being a fucking idiot … i don’t know how old your body is but your mind is about 10.

  21. Tony Whitemore says:

    I sometimes ask the same question, Andy.

    That has fuck-all to do with the argument.

    The original argument was about the contributions Jews have made to the working class of Australia.

  22. Tony Whitemore says:

    “Most Jews are poor, working class folk. Learn it.”

    Well, if I can grab the stats for average income of Jewish families, I’ll suppose that is debatable until then.

  23. @ndy says:

    “If you guys, Adam and Andy, support the working class – why would you support the Jews who are anti-working class?” is not an argument, it’s a question. This question was apparently prompted by a discussion regarding the response by a member of the KKK to an apology to the ‘Stolen Generations’ by the Government on behalf of the Australian state and (non-indigenous) population. In the meantime, this question has somehow been transformed into an agreement: “Anyway, you still haven’t proved that the Jewish community supports the working class”. This statement implies that ‘the Jews do not support the working class’. The argument I presented was an attempt to reconstruct your thinking on this question. My mistake was that I believed you to be capable of constructing an argument from a morass of racist assumptions and gross ignorance.

  24. Tony Whitemore says:

    [Tony is very very sorry.]

  25. Adam says:

    indeed andy … actually if you’re going to start separating out sections of the community as being different and against the rest shouldn’t the burden of proof be on you tony? … you know innocent till proven guilty?

  26. …Anyway, you still have yet to prove that anti-racism doesn’t equal anti-white. I suppose that’s a question [too] difficult for you to answer.

  27. KinkyBoy says:

    Amusing it is to hear members of the Chosen sect who define themselves racially by a religious narrative that declares the “Goyim” as beasts to serve the JewHiss Princess.

    Apparently the Anti “Rascists” declare that they are racially “Jews”.

    Recently in the AJN “Pre-eminent anti-Semitism expert Dr (Wow!!!) Gregg Rickman” was quoted as dissimulating through thin lips and sharp teeth with flickering tongue that:

    “Education is so critical because kids are blank slates. When they’re five and six and seven years old… they are able to form opinions and if you can inform them of everyone’s need to be treated equally and fairly it’s so important not only for Jews but for Muslims, for anyone.”

    What a lot of hypocritical Kosher GoatShite from this grubby little peddler of the profane.

    He’s talking about Goy Kiddies here folks. Perhaps we should have open book tutorials on the Talmud for these innocents who are implied to be little “racists” in waiting.

    What Ghoul Rickmann wants to do is have access to the mind of innocents legislatively enforced so that he can induct the innocent stealthfully into the Jew/Goy paradigm. Their preordained role is to provide a debased reference point, worshipful in obeisant respect for supposed Jewish magnificence.

    Rickmann is a type of intellectual paedophile who derives a sense of pleasure and power from stealing the innocence from those which, as a “Jew”, he knows he can never have.

    I suggest a restraining order of sorts be imposed up[on] the Jews when dealing with the children of Gentiles and access only be permitted with informed parental consent.

    The problem however is this. To be informed of the nature of JewHiss intent is to risk the exponential increase in “Anti-Semitism” which is an entirely natural and healthy Karmic response to the scheming precepts codified as the religion of “Tolerance”.

    I maintain the Jew is manufacturing Goyim with his MultiCulturalism and engineered destruction of race.

  28. @ndy says:

    Far out brussel sprout, I think you’ve outdone yourself there Kinky! I have to confess but, this beastly “Goy” probably wouldn’t object too strongly if I had to “serve” a “JewHiss Princess” (if you know what I mean).




    as they say.

    (By the way, is the medication helping?)

  29. Tony Whitemore says:

    Kinky, Andy’s Grandfather was jewish… so there is no use convincing him [of] anything other[?].

  30. Lumpen says:

    Stop feeding the troll, Andy.

  31. @ndy says:

    Lumpen, my Grandfather was jewish… so there’s no use trying to convince me of anything.

    Ol’ Bastard.

  32. Adam says:

    “…Anyway, you still have yet to prove that anti-racism doesn’t equal anti-white. I suppose that’s a question [too] difficult for you to answer.”

    well there is plenty of racism in the world that doesn’t involve whites or jews being either party … for instance african americans having issues with asian americans especially newer korean migrants who own stores in traditionally black communities … of course it’s not that all blacks hate koreans but it is an issue … so there you go conclusive proof that anti-racist doesn’t mean anti-white as here is a perfectly valid example of racism that is real and does occur and there is not one pale face to be seen

    oh and tony you’re a douche bag

  33. KinkyBoy says:

    [Kinky thinks Adam is totally sexy. He also promises to get his own blog very soon, and that it will be very sexy.]

  34. KinkyBoy says:

    it wasn’t that bad ya’ [sexy] WoodDuck. Adam’s a Big[Sexy]Boy

    [@ndy: GET YOUR OWN BLOG! sheesh!]

  35. Adam says:

    ??? while i know i am one sexy bastard i’m bloody curious what was there to begin with … i’m gonna guess since it was from kinky that it has something to do with me being jewish … and i’d put money on it the word jew appeared more than once

  36. @ndy says:


    How did Jew know?

    Get it get it? Huh huh? Jew? Get it? Huh? Jew? Jew get it?

    (Et fucking cetera, ad fucking infinitum.)

  37. Adam says:

    ??? sorry i don’t see what you’re getting at andy

  38. KinkyBoy says:

    The difference between Jew lot and most of us is that we are not.
    And what a good [sexy] thing that is.
    My Grandfather’s lineage is of the Scottish Celt, and unlike you NitWits there is little implied religious baggage, entitlement or subversive intrigue that goes with that.
    It could be said difference between St Patrick’s Day (Celt festival) and Holocaust Remembrance Day is that everyone wants to be Irish on that day.
    (Courtesy of the Birdman plagiarised.)
    We politely put on a brave face when that day is inflicted upon us and think thank Fuck that’s over when it’s done.
    The incessant Holocaust whine is beginning to exhaust the charitable nature of your benefactors.
    The grating insistence of Jewishness can be such a bore can’t it when others purposely and unnaturally reciprocate with the same.
    Similar methodology often works with children as a mechanism to show how they appear to the world when thoughtlessly throwing tantrums without consideration for the existence or needs of those around them. Children learn quickly though, because they generally do have a natural sense of empathy for the other.
    Religion can erase that by inwardly redirecting empathy towards the other in ways that manifest as concern only for self.

  39. All a result of migrating into a White community.

    Enforcing other cultures into White nations – Anti-White Racism.

  40. smitty says:


  41. jason says:

    Fuck everyone who is racist … Right in the ear.

    If you can’t deal with mixtures of cultures and getting along with people then go form your own fucking ancestral island somewhere and we will continue to live our awesome lives.

    Fuck you wanks are full of some aggressive behavior. Don’t be so angry at other cultures just because God gave you such small dicks … go work on your game. While you’re all, ranting happy peaceful cultures are getting laid by women of the world including yours.

    Suck that bitches.

  42. Andrew 'Pommy' JOHNSON says:

    I was born in Australia to an English dad and a Hungarian mum…

    I have not bothered to read all your prior comments but, suffice to say, it is an undoubtable [sic] truism that niggers, abos, pakis, chinks, and all the other ‘untermenschen’ are just that.

    God defend all White Aryan people and death to the rest of the sub-humans, especaily [sic] the evil Jews in control and their minions…

    My Lord, when did Australia become full of foreign fucks and race tretcherous [sic] wankers? (White Australia?)

    The Final Victory will be ours! DEATH TO THE JEWS!


  43. Simon R Humphries says:

    Im just posting to give this warning about the burning of the reichstag, dont go off half cocked boys, never heard of this political party before. Nazism is not the way to deal with a problem as this. Jew money power has sponsor this party, coz the ecomomy is about to crash, and that is just what they do! They use “Celto Alpine” idiot Nazi’s like yourselves to wreck good country’s, so that these insects (Jews) can buy up the country @ 5 cents on the dollar, and because you are idiot you help achieve this for them. There are many big reasons not to be revolutionaries and the Electronic weapons array they possess now is beyond most peoples comprehension, i.e. “who can fight against the beast”. This will destroy American Patriot in no short order, and they got to keep their fucking guns, they may as well have let us keep ours for all that it matters now. I have been targeted for 17 years of “E torture”. I will just say this. . .They can (theoretically) put whole entire cities into electronically induced trance states! If you must start Revolution after Economy crashes, you really ought to get as many Phone Towers down as possible, yet this still may not be enough, and they are bringing yank divisions here after they HAARP California into the sea. Kim Petras is the made to order “Abomination that maketh desolate” her (actually born a girl) sex change announcement Oct 2008 was the beginning of the 1290 days of the book of Daniel which in and of itself is the Grand Grimoire of the 21st century.
    My blog will be up anon to explain this. I may contact again, feel free to use my e-mail address. . .good-day. P.S. “Le Homme Vrai Amie Son Pays”.

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