“Scum” issue statement on 2007 ISD gig at Melbourne Croatia

Local neo-Nazi muzak group Blood & Honour Australia has issued a statement on their website regarding the 2007 Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig, held on October 13, 2007 at the Melbourne Croatia Social Club in Sunshine, at which four bands — Bail Up!, Final War, Fortress and Quick & the Dead — played to a crowd of somewhere between 40 and 200 people (mostly fellow boneheads). Keep in mind that when ‘[c]ontacted by The Weekend Australian, social club manager Catarina Malacic denied the event was held. “There was nothing on at the venue that night”‘.

Here ’tis:

Statement from the Blood and Honour Movement

On the 13th of October 2007 a memorial concert took place at Somers St. Sunshine Nth.

The venue was booked by phone some weeks before as a private function and those responsible for bookings were informed a couple of bands were to play.

Organizers arrived at approximately 4pm and a PA system was set up.

Around 5pm the people staffing the bar received threatening and abusive phone calls from anarchists and Marxists. Until this stage those operating the bar had no idea that a White Nationalist event was to be held.

After some discussion and reassurances it was agreed the concert would go ahead. Ultimately four bands played, the concert occurred without incident and those who attended left late that evening in a peaceful manner.

At no stage was this event ever linked or intended to be linked to the Melbourne Knights F.C. or Melbourne Croatian [sic] Social Club. It was purely seen as an isolated venue to hold a private get-together. If the show had been held at a Scout Hall it seems the same cowards making threats via phone would have held the entire Scout movement accountable.

The Chairman of M.K.F.C. [Matt Tomas] has been reported as calling supporters of the B&H Movement and S.C.H.S. [Southern Cross Hammerskins] as “scum”. Perhaps that term would better apply to those such as G.Roberts and C.Smith (aka Cam Sexenheimer) in regards to their efforts to attack, vilify and divide Australian-Croatians via their poorly researched and truth-challenged article “Neo-Nazis split Croat community”.

The only apology we will make regarding this entire matter is to the innocents of the M.C.S.C., caught in what amounts to a “beat up” orchestrated by anarchist and extreme left misfits. Frustrated by their impotence and inability to halt a meeting of White Nationalists they chose the easiest target they could find and made up a scapegoat in the name of the M.C.S.C. Absolutely reprehensible!

No further comment will be made or needs to be made.

For Blood and Honour
The Movement

“No further comment will be made or needs to be made”? Well, not by the anonymous members of B&H, at any rate. Once again, they’ve tried to hold a gig in secret, and failed. Once again, they’ve left others to clean up their mess.

By way of reply:

Aside from demonstrating (again) that the MCSC was indeed lying when its representatives claimed that there was ‘no gig’ on the night of October 13, to describe the annual tribute to dead bonehead Ian Stuart Donaldson as ‘just a couple of bands playing’ reveals not only a clumsy attempt by B&H to be tricksy, but constitutes an implicit acknowledgment that neo-Nazism is widely despised; that B&H are precisely as Matt Tomas described them — “scum” — and that, further, they know it. Hence the need to resort to subterfuge.

Of course, also interesting is the anonymous bonehead’s claim that “After some discussion and reassurances it was agreed the concert would go ahead”. In other words, the MCSC knowingly authorised the holding of a neo-Nazi event, thus putting paid to another, subsequent lie, this time by “club committee member Ivan Skunca… [that] the premises were booked for a concert, but… the club did not know who made the booking. “It was a mistake. Perhaps we had an obligation to check these people out and we didn’t. We apologise for that”.”

Note that just a few weeks prior to the ISD gig in Melbourne, the US branch of the Hammerskins attempted to hold ‘Hammerfest’, another neo-Nazi celebration in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately for them, the management of the Elks Lodge are made of much different stuff to the management of the MCSC, and consequently, upon being informed that their facilities were being used by scum (scum who also pretended to be a “rock group reunion of friends”), Elks’ management immediately told them to piss off. In other words, Elks management refused to collaborate with a small group of local neo-Nazis, to lie about their use of club facilities, and to accept their “reassurances” that there would be no further repercussions for doing so. And it’s the repercussions for their friends at the MCSC that B&H appear to be most upset over (they themselves presumably confident that they will be able to continue — as they have for the last 20 years or so — to operate with relative impunity).

    …In spite of outward appearances, the evidence soon indicated that we had been very badly misled, and the guests in our facility were indeed an organization whose beliefs we can neither condone or support. They had also [misrepresented] themselves in renting the facility, and continued to misrepresent themselves in the evening. We shut down the event as quickly and as safely as possible after that and the group left before 8:00. None of the guests ever did admit who they were and their organizational affiliation. The members of our organization are both shocked and embarrassed by this event, and thank everyone for quickly bringing the true identity of these folks to our attention.

Unfortunately, while claiming that Greg Roberts’ article is poorly-researched, B&H offer no evidence to substantiate their argument, only mealy-mouthed words to the effect that “those responsible for bookings were informed a couple of bands were to play”.

One of those bands, Final War, came from Orange County in California. (They, like literally thousands of other neo-Nazi scum, find a place on myspace.) The fact that Final War, like the other bands playing, and the two local groups organising the gig, were neo-Nazis, was apparently kept from the MCSC. I say “apparently” because although being informed on the night of precisely these facts, as outlined above, the MCSC allowed the gig to go ahead. Further, representatives of the Club lied — and continue to lie — about the gig taking place, and the circumstances under which it did so.

As evidence of the character of the bands which performed at the Social Club — and with its blessing — Greg Roberts quoted one song by Final War called ‘Defenders of the Reich’. Here’s a few further samples of their lyrics:

‘Land of the White’

No Jews in power with money to bribe
I see our people once again having their pride
I see our children learning who they really were
I see the Jewish lies being taught no more

‘Tales of Honour’

He took the reins of power in 1933
The appointed deputy führer of the N.S.D.A.P.
This is the story of Rudolf Hess, a brave and loyal man
Gave his life for his beliefs because he loved his land

On that night of May 10th in 1941
He boarded an Me-110, for his mission had just begun
Destination — Scotland, the Duke of Hamilton he must seek
But what was to unfold from this emissary of peace?

Sieg Heil! — Rudolf Hess, your legacy lives on
Your courage and your honour keeps us marching strong
Sieg Heil! — Rudolf Hess, amongst the gods you lie
You live on in Valhalla, ‘cause true heroes never die

‘Victory or Death’

You gave it your all, you gave it your best
In beating the odds against time’s test
Locked away, shackled in chains
Despite the conditions your honor remains

Nothing can stop you not even death
Forever loyal until the last breath
You gave it your all, you gave it your best
The men of The Order you’re above the rest

Race over all, endless pride
Dedication and strength the will to survive
Whatever it takes, victory or death…

Finally, the anonymous bonehead also claims that “the concert occurred without incident and those who attended left late that evening in a peaceful manner”, but this is contradicted by pseudonymous members of the Melbourne Knights Army forum, whose discussion of the incident which did occur — and which evidently included a racial dimension — is so sensitive that it was censored by the Board’s moderators. Nevertheless, one opines that it “musta had something to do with the blokes hanging out at the front gate”; another that “if what I heard is true then the perpetrators need to be identified and publicly shamed”; yet another asks “why would our boys vandalise our own property”? Finally, another member concludes that, as a result of the incident, it’s “Time to bring out the trusty old srbosjek“: literally ‘Serb-cutter’ in Croatian, a specially-designed knife used for the rapid slaughter of Jews, Serbs, anti-fascist Croats and other victims of the Ustaše regime during WWII.

Top stuff from the angry white boys…

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