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Dr James Saleam, fuehrer of Australia First (NSW), has placed a fatwa on Australia First (er… Shepparton). Dr Jim’s fury has been unleashed — by way of a formal complaint to the WA Department of Commerce — on the unfortunate triumvirate of (petunia-lovin’) Diane Teasdale, Barry and Jeanette Woods for failing to maintain the party’s status as an incorporated association.

    The Incredible Fraud Against Australia First: AFP (NSW) Incorporated Files Action Against The Leaders Of The Former Party
    Jim Saleam
    May 26 2009

In a nutshell, it appears that AF had its registration as an incorporated association canceled by West Australian authorities on February 20, 2006 — a calamity Dr Jim has only recently discovered. Jim has his tinfoil helmet firmly wedged on his head when it comes to this ‘incredible fraud’ (as he does when bemoaning his brave fight to ‘defend Australian nationalism’ generally). Thus:

…The nature of this fact is legally crucial, morally repugnant and politically of enormous significance to the Australian nationalist movement…

…The cancellation of the association’s registration took place some ten weeks after the Civil Uprising [sic] at Cronulla. Australia First had won substantial publicity. Many people joined. It was announced the party would apply to become a Federal party. While that was occurring, clearly, Mrs. Teasdale did nothing in respect of preserving the party’s corporate status. She hardly informed me of what was taking place…

…However, it became clear too from late 2006 that the Shepparton ‘leadership’ group sought to centralise the party, shut down other websites than their [own] and otherwise secure their ‘authority’. Was that also part of the master-plan?

Whom did this all serve? What was Mrs. Teasdale’s real motive?

…Mrs. Teasdale was hardly serving the cause of Australian nationalism in all this. She was serving ‘someone’ else. I shall not at this point, ahead of the facts, make any claim as to ‘who’ that might be. Yet, we are aware of claims made by (at least) the New South Wales political police in early 2007, that they have disrupted patriotic organisations. Was it something like that? Or was it something else? Certainly, the political police agency ASIO would well have known what was occurring. Right now, we cannot really say.

True: but ‘we’ can speculate.

The loss of registration follows the expulsion of the one-man band that was ‘AF Brisbane’ and the ‘Patriotic Youth League’, aka John Drew, and the defection of the ‘Australian Nationalism Information Database’ website to AF’s chief rival, the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’.

Speaking of teh Intertubes, AF now has three functioning (or semi-functioning) sites to its eternal credit: AF NSW (semi-capably administered by Dr Jim), AF Victoria (a placemat maintained by some bozo in Croydon) and the empty site that is AF Queensland (possibly administered by the nutzi Jim Perren or one of his sidekicks). AF Hunter Valley (administered by the Jew-hatin’ real estate agent Nathan Clarke), on the other hand, is (presumably only temporarily) down, as is AF Brisbane (John Drew’s former domain).

See also : Ah Queensland. Pretty much the same as it was yesterday. : Youth! Nation! Destiny! 5,000 damaged condoms! and Queensland state election : Far left, far right, far out… on Af’s quest for a seat in the Queensland state parliament in March, 2009 || Doctor Saleam Jumps the Shark on Dr Jim’s vow to protest at the coronial inquiry into the police shooting of Northcote teenager Tyler Cassidy in December 2008.

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10 Responses to Australia First Party : Trouble At Mill!

  1. Snowy says:

    If these people are just tiny, marginalised crackpots and one-man outfits like you say they are, then why do you waste your time talking about them?

    Get a life.

    You’re not a radical, you’re just a gossip-monger.

  2. @ndy says:

    Because it amuses me to do so?

  3. Snowy says:

    Everyone has the right to amuse themselves.

    But if you’re gonna have a blog that purports to be about anarchism, then at least write about anarchist-related issues like survivalism, pulling out of the system and so forth.

    It’s blatant false advertising.

  4. @ndy says:

    My blog is about anarchism, yes, but much else besides. For example: the fortunes of the Collingwood Football Club — history — leftist train-spotting — muzak — state repression — the ‘war on terror’ — and so on. Point being: it is written by a self-proclaimed anarchist, and provides an anarchist perspective on a variety of matters. Survivalism / pulling or dropping out of ‘the system’ “and so forth” do not define anarchism: the struggle for a classless, non-hierarchical society, on the other hand, is much closer to the mark.

    On advertising/marketing:

  5. Punk says:

    A classless, non-hierarchical society could only be achieved by government coercion.

    That’s not anarchism.

  6. @ndy says:

    A classless, non-hierarchical society is by definition one in which the state is absent.

    That’s anarchism.

  7. Punk says:

    No @ndy, you’re not listening to what I’m saying.

    A classless non-hierarchical society can never be ACHIEVED without the state to enforce it.

    Your version of ‘anarchism’ is unachievable. How are you going to force people to be non-hierarchical without laws, which require a government to back them up? I’m interested to hear.

    You’re basically a socialist, who thinks you can somehow bring about socialist ideals *without the state*.

    So how do you propose to bring it about?

  8. Jasmine says:

    I certainly don’t like this Globalist World, or New World Order, it is all the same. It means, here comes Orwell’s Hey Hey it’s 1984. It is Socialism gone mad with Nazi overtones. “It is all about controlling your population.” I love Australia, but I hate what the International Socialists have created. Life here can only get worse, as they try to once again get rid of our strong middle class, and put in the third world – welfare junkies! At our expense, we will end up like America and England fighting for our survival.

    The New World, will be owned by corporate greed. Pigs in Troughs, which has been created by a Leninist Theory. This theory promised a world where power would be “global markets” and economies, not politics or armies, would lead the nations through trade, promising growth and prosperity for all. What a Leninist failure. This disgusting man murdered 30 million white Russians, because he wanted to control Mother Russia. That man’s theory now controls our own Federal Government. Please Explain Labor and Liberal Parties, why you have set-us-up for failure?

  9. @ndy says:

    I agree: Why is the Left silent about this?

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