Australia First Party Goes To The Polls (November 2014)

Pauline Hanson has announced her return to the political hustings, again.

How excitement.

One Nation WA is not. happy. with Hanson, labelling her ‘psychotic’. In fact, over the past few years ON in WA has drawn much closer to the Australia First Party

(See also : The level playing field: Hansonism, globalisation, racism (Suvendrini Perera, Race & Class, October 1998) November 16, 2010.)

Speaking of which, AFP managed to come dead last in the struggle for political power in both Marrickville and Newcastle on the weekend. In Marrickville, party Führer Dr James Saleam managed to wrest just 188 votes from the political clutches of the traitor class, leaving the remainder to be distributed among the corrupt forces of the Labor, Greens and Liberal parties.

Marrickville Council West Ward – Burraga – Councillor Election (First Preference Votes)

1. Daniel Barbar (ALP) : 4,577 / 50.08%
2. Justine Langford (Greens) : 3,021 / 33.05%
3. George Andrade (Liberal) : 1,354 / 14.81%
[4. Informal : 309 / 3.27%]
5. Jim Saleam (Australia First Party) : 188 / 2.06%

In Newcastle, Joe Ferguson followed his leader, also finishing in last place.

Newcastle City Council – Mayor Election (First Preference Votes)

1. Nuatali Nelmes (ALP) : 35,198 / 42.30%
2. Brad Luke (Independent) : 19,635 / 23.60%
3. Therese Doyle (Greens) : 11,664 / 14.02%
4. Aaron Buman (Independent) : 9,570 11.50%
[5. Informal : 5,051 / 5.73%]
6. David Chapman (Independent) : 4,240 / 5.10%
7. Rod Holding (Independent) : 1,560 / 1.87%
8. Joe Ferguson (Australia First Party) : 1,341 / 1.61%

In Victoria, AFP’s John Carbonari has thrown his wig into the electoral ring again, this time hoping the people of Bayswater will heed the call for a return to a White Australia policy.

See also : 2013 Australian federal election. How did the far right fare? (September 12, 2013) | 2012 Victorian local council election : far left and far right (results) (October 29, 2012).

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13 Responses to Australia First Party Goes To The Polls (November 2014)

  1. Marcus says:

    You do realize (and I’m sure you do) that it had nothing to do with winning. And if AFP were such a joke, why did your Antifa friends feel compelled to assault a middle-aged woman and her son handing out how-to-vote cards at the Marrickville West Primary School, in front of witnesses and CCTV cameras? I mean, you realize that the least popular group that day was not AFP, it was Antifa. Just ask those members of those other parties and horrified members of the public who saw the violation of the voting place by terrorists… really inept terrorists. A bit of a comic relief act, all told, who got their arses kicked by a middle-aged woman. Those results, small as they are from AFP, translates to supporters… and there’ll be more of them.

  2. Lugius says:

    No they won’t. Racism is not only immoral, it’s stupid.

  3. Marcus says:

    Physically assaulting middle aged women and their children, and stealing at the sanctity of the democratic voting place, is not only immoral, it’s seriously illegal. Racism? Give me a break, you use your value judgments on ideas that don’t conform to yours as an excuse to indulge in any sort of uncivilized activity. No one rolls down to the Anarchist Book Fair and beats on you junkies for being a burden on the community. Hell, we let you live your little subculture and fantasies of social justice crusading. Nah, youse are dogs.

  4. @ndy says:

    “You do realize (and I’m sure you do) that it had nothing to do with winning.”

    I understand that nobody expected AFP’s candidates to win or come close to winning. They didn’t; they received a vote reflective of the party’s deep unpopularity.

    “And if AFP were such a joke, why did your Antifa friends feel compelled to assault a middle-aged woman and her son handing out how-to-vote cards at the Marrickville West Primary School, in front of witnesses and CCTV cameras?”

    Obviously, you’d need to ask those responsible for the alleged incidents.

    Otherwise, with the exception of Preece in Adelaide and Girotto in Sydney (both of whom left the party in very short order after their success), AFP has enjoyed a desultory run at the ballot box and there would seem to be no reason not to expect this to continue into the forseeable future.

  5. Marcus says:

    I don’t believe the idea is about winning at the ballot box. It’s about community action politics. AFP can’t win at the ballot box, but it can win the support of those whose ideology accords with its brand of nationalism — and as we can see, 188 people are walking around Marrickville in full accord with the AFP’s views. For one thing, the party cannot match the others for funds anyway. But what really gets me here, is why, if you’re so convinced of its impotence at a political level, why do you even care, or invest energies into opposing them? Why attack a party that has no chance of winning? Do you believe that it is highly likely that without the agitation of the social justice warriors the malleable public just might be won over, or even enlightened to support the party’s views? Is the indulgence of making that statement so important that it must breach all boundaries? Again, AFP has not attempted to shut down any of its opponents’ gatherings, or electoral efforts. And to an AFP member the views of those people on the opposition are as unpalatable to them as theirs are to you. Now then, which side is the most open-minded and tolerant?

  6. Zula says:

    Why attack the AFP?
    Because it is fun.

  7. ablokeimet says:

    Marcus: “But what really gets me here, is why, if you’re so convinced of its impotence at a political level, why do you even care, or invest energies into opposing them? Why attack a party that has no chance of winning?”

    Because Fascism has to be nipped in the bud. If we wait until their stormtroopers rule the streets (which would happen before they get 20% of the vote), it would be vastly more difficult to resist them.

  8. patrick says:

    Once again AFP members/supporters claim an assault took place, yet fail to provide any proof. They talk of independent witnesses and cctv, yet fail to provide photos or statements. Were the police called? Interfering with election is a federal offence, surely the AFP would be over the moon knowing that they had the antifa on cctv committing a federal offence in front of many independent witnesses. Even on stormfront there are no photos of any assault, just posts whinging about antifa.
    To the AFP, either produce the proof and have antifa charged with assault or shut the fuck up and stop your constant bullshit about assaults by antifa.

  9. Marcus says:

    Patrick — you’re free to inquire with the police that supervise the Marrickville area as the onus of proof to you, an anonymous antifa tool, is not on the party or me. Andy might know, however, since he had a pic of one of the defaced signs up on his Facebook page quick smart, which would lead any intelligent person to deduce that he was in contact with those involved.

    The police were not only called, but spoke to the victims, as well as the witnesses, which involved The Greens, Liberal and Labor representatives present on the day. Statements included the description of an African, and a female of Indian descent with rings all through her stupid face, among the group. Perhaps a friend of yours, Pat? These witness accounts were provided independent of the party. A Green volunteer broke up the actual assault, and we thanked him. It’s in YOUR interest to repudiate the anti-social actions of your antifa friends, Patrick, so you’re full of shit. You’re everything you accuse the other side of being. If there is no CCTV footage, that’s an interesting question for the local police, NOT the party who has no power over accessing those cameras.

    We would LIKE to believe that the NSW police do not support antifa terrorism and are pursuing this subhuman filth, as is their duty. On the other hand, those who assaulted the party chairman’s son (who is NOT AFP) defending his home against a break-in, by what were most likely the same group, are also a matter of record — as they were arrested and processed by the courts. All were on amphetamines; all were under 20 years of age. One assaulted an officer and got a nice big whack for his troubles. Your rhetoric is guaranteeing those kids a bright future.

    As to ablokeimet: this talk of ‘stormtroopers’ is your fantasy, not the AFP’s, who don’t want to see every part of our entire nation become a commodity for foreign ownership. Don’t make me laugh, Nazi Germany had no interest in Australia, but we do. You speak of fascism when you’re talking about a bunch of unemployed drug addicts that in lieu of anything to validate their lives fall under the spell of antifa propaganda and commit acts of violence and terrorism. In fact, that was something one of these bottom-feeders yelled at the lad they assaulted — “fascist”. It became a matter of dark humour as those around wondered aloud who the real ‘fascists’ are.

  10. @ndy says:

    “Andy might know, however, since he had a pic of one of the defaced signs up on his Facebook page quick smart, which would lead any intelligent person to deduce that he was in contact with those involved.”

    Or, alternatively, that I know how to use the intarwebs.

  11. patrick says:

    @marcus, please tell me you have better evidence than the few defaced signs I just saw on @ndy’s f/book page. I notice that you still have not provided any evidence of the assault, maybe you are too stupid to understand how the legal system works. Here is a clue, you claim a crime took place, then it’s up to YOU to prove it, it’s not up to me, or @ndy to prove it did not happen. Get these independent witnesses to provide statements and post them on stormfront, you have a week. After that we will just send your statements and the crap written earlier in the year about a so called king-hit old bloke to the A.E.C and leave it up to them to decide what to do about a party that continually lies about assault cases. Don’t bother providing false statements from the independent witnesses as that will almost certainly guarantee the deregistration of the AFP. As far as the attack on the party chairman’s son that you mentioned, would that be Saleam’s kid? If so then why should I give a rat’s arse about an assault on a non-white?

  12. patrick says:

    Just noticed this comment by the mad arab over on stormfront:

    Forum Member
    Join Date: Oct 2005
    Posts: 355

    Default Re: Australia First Party
    Re: attacks on AF members.

    There are photos of Antifa members involved in the attacks at the Marrickville polling booths in Sydney. Identifications have been made.

    Sympathetic people have provided photos to Australia First for review and one or two look like the offenders.

    There are occasions when it is proper for Australia First to freely publish and times not. On this occasion – not.

    There is an investigation into the polling day attacks because Australia First understands that it was not only their members who complained. It is understood that the Electoral Commission also complained.

    Slackbastard may publish material sidestepping the idea of attacks on AF members by using some post-er called ‘Patrick’ who claims nought has ever taken place.

    Two names of offenders from other incidents (at the AF offices) are: Daniel Joseph Trotter and Alexander Reed. They are friends of Tayce Brown, an Antifa organizer.

    @radnat, aka, jamahl saleam since when have you or your pets ever bothered about what can or can not be published, after all your pets continue to put innocent peoples lives at risk by claiming several times over the years that they were the infamous slackbastard. Then there is also the time certain so called white nationalists tried to set up a fake facebook account and attempted to make a Sydney school teacher look like a rock spider simply because someone did not like that he stood up to you pack of whingers. Instead of going face to face with him, your friends tried to set him up, it shows what pathetic scum your people truly are and also explains why you all have fuck all credibility among real Nationalists or among anyone outside your little circle of hypocritical delusional hollywood nazis.

    As for the mad arab’s claim that slackbastard is using this account, ROFLMFAO, are you really that stupid (rhetorical question). I am not @ndy… I have no idea who he is, nor do I care.

    Anyway, I will ring the AEC and ask about the investigation the mad arab claims is taking place and get an answer from them and if they have no idea what I am asking about, LOL, I`ll post their answer so everyone can see what a pack of liars the AFP and their half breed arab leader truly are.

  13. Futilitarian says:

    Assuming that the Antifa ‘action’ occurred as described by Marcus, and there’s no reason to assume it didn’t, then it demonstrates once again the ridiculous antics anarchists will get up to when they can’t think of anything constructive to do.

    The behaviour is not a genuine expression of anarchist activity, it’s of the kind found in bourgeois misrepresentations of anarchism — dumb, stereotypical violence.

    The anarchists in question don’t even have the excuse that they were engaging in a defensive action. What threat were the AFP people posing at the ballot station?

    Use your brains, Antifa.

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