#UnitedPatriotsFront ~versus~ Bendigo Mosque (cont.)

Anti-Muslim group ‘Rights For Bendigo Residents’ has welcomed the organisation of an anti-Muslim rally by fascist grouplet the ‘United Patriots Front’, scheduled to take place at Bendigo Town Hall on Saturday, August 29. While Julie Hoskin & Co look forward to the arrival of a small group of neo-Nazis, fascists and White supremacists from Melbourne:

The Campaign Against Racism and Fascism have organised a counter-rally — Stop the bigots in Bendigo! No to fascism, no to Islamophobia.
No Room For Racism event page — STAND WITH BENDIGO against racism & bigotry – Melbourne contingent.

See also : Bendigo united against racism, Hayley Sorensen, Bendigo Advertiser, August 21, 2015 | Rival protesters plan to face off in Bendigo over building of mosque, Andrew Jefferson, Herald Sun, August 20, 2015.

Otherwise, convicted anti-Semite and neo-Nazi Neil Erikson has made another minor media splash after filming himself and a comrade playing with pig’s heads, the severed heads described as being members of the local Muslim community. See : Anti-Islam organiser throws pig head in video to promote Bendigo mosque protest, Patrick Hatch, The Age, August 22, 2015 | Some Anti-Islam Nutjobs Are Using Severed Pig’s Heads To Protest A Mosque In Bendigo, Hannah Hawkins, Junkee, August 23, 2015.


See : Further notes on #ReclaimAustralia/#UnitedPatriotsFront rallies (July 18/19), July 23, 2015.

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3 Responses to #UnitedPatriotsFront ~versus~ Bendigo Mosque (cont.)

  1. ablokeimet says:

    The CARF rally is meeting at Bendigo Trades Hall at 1:00 p.m. and marching to the Town Hall at 1:30 p.m.

  2. Sossle says:


    Looks like ISIL organised a peaceful BBQ also to show their support for the planned mosque in Bendigo. I believe the catchy name they came up with for their event was ““There is no god but Allah!” I know, doesn’t sound real inclusive right nor tolerant? Well a peaceful BBQ was the plan, but they seem to have forgotten the sausages, bread rolls and the er peace as well. So they just decided to murder maim and kill as many as possible. And if you look closely they’re not stubbies getting their tops knocked off, they’re innocent people being beheaded in the name of Islam. Oh wait they’re also not sausages being grilled, they’re 2000 year old works of art, culture and history!

    Destroyed forever, showing how Islam deals with other’s beliefs and values. See the event name again.

    Really makes you wonder who are the Fascists? Not surprised [a] group like Antifa align with the like, burning Australian flags, faceless thugs expressing their right to violence.

    I hear Thailand is nice this time of year for a lovely holiday or the Paris to Amsterdam train is worth experiencing as well.

    Good to see you guys know how to identify the real enemies of peace and goodwill. Well history will ultimately be your judge. What can I say…

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