BNP ~versus~ Sadie Graham

Gosh and bother and tish and fiffle: “Nottingham University graduate Ms Graham-Single used to sit on Broxtowe Borough Council as a BNP member and her husband [Matt Single] was the BNP’s former head of security”; the pair have been charged with leaking the BNP membership in November 2008.

Man and woman charged with BNP membership leak
Daniel Davies (Press Association)
The Independent
August 21, 2009

A man and a woman have been charged under the Data Protection Act after a British National Party membership list was leaked onto the internet, police said today.

Dyfed-Powys Police said the man, aged 27, and woman, aged 30, were due to appear at Nottingham Magistrates Court on 1 September.

The woman is understood to be Sadie Graham, who was expelled from the far-right party in late 2007 after falling out with its leadership.

The BNP called for a police investigation last November after the names, addresses and contact details of some 10,000 of its members were published online.

Party leader Nick Griffin lodged a complaint with Dyfed-Powys, his local force, on the grounds that publishing the list breached human rights and data protection laws.

He described the publication as “a disgraceful act of treachery” by former BNP staff members who were subsequently sacked.

At the time the BNP said the leak was based on its 2007 membership list, although a number of names of people who were not members had been added.

The list, which included details of some members’ jobs, was reported to include serving and former police officers as well as members of the armed forces.

In a statement, Dyfed-Powys Police said: “We can confirm that the two people arrested as part of a joint investigation with Dyfed-Powys Police and the Information Commissioner’s Office in relation to alleged criminal offences under the Data Protection Act have been charged with Section 55 Data Protection Act offences.

“They will appear in Nottingham Magistrates Court on 1 September.

“The arrests followed an investigation into a complaint received about the unauthorised release of the BNP party membership list.”

Note that Sadie the (Alleged) Leaking Lady was investigated by police and initially arrested in connection to the crime in December 2008.

The leaking of the list caused a few headaches for BNP members — See! this Top Ten — and also disclosed the fact that a few dozen whingeing pommy bastards — who’ve *sniff* demonstrated their love *sob* of their country by leaving it for the colonies — were also members of a party dedicated to keeping Britain White British.

The BNP has its Antipodean equivalent in the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’, a tiny group which has as its chief spokesperson Darrin Hodges. Hodges has stood for election, and has also pretended to be an anarchist, joining a few dozen other racist muppets in donning a mask and standing about in Sydney in September 2007. Twelve months later, Darrin had cast aside his ‘anarchism’, and asked the people of Sutherland for a seat in Council Ward D. Unfortunately for Darrin, despite considerable media exposure — and a very handsome face — he came last, garnering just 333 votes or 2% of the total.

See also : Blood & Honour hacked (March 25, 2009) | I love (leaky) Fargo Nazis. (August 22, 2009).

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