Old wounds…

BISHOP ANTHONY FISHER, CO-ORDINATOR OF WORLD YOUTH DAY, 16 JULY, 2008: “Happily, I think most of Australia was enjoying [and] delighting in the beauty and goodness of these young people and the hope for us doing these sorts of things better in the future, as we saw last night, rather than dwelling crankily, as a few people are doing, on old wounds.”

Emma Foster: In memoriam
Larvatus Prodeo
July 15, 2008

Jul 16th, 2008 at 1:06 pm

I found the lawyer’s comments interesting.

Sounds like the poor girl had the devil’s own job in trying to sue for damages. They obviously made it as hard as possible for her.

Perhaps the One Holy Roman and Apostolic Church should be re-named The Catholic Church (No Liability) Inc., (possibly incorporated somewhere, perhaps Rome, but certainly not here); Or perhaps: The Catholic Church: That Which Does Not Exist, Does Not Employ Anyone (especially Priests) And Cannot Be Liable Vicariously For Any Wrongdoing.

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