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loon pond is the name of a blog that has come to replace The Michael Duffy Files. loon is a) entertaining and b) informative — the two purposive categories into which all writing may be classified (if I remember my high skool English classes correctly).

For the benefit of any law-talking guys who may be reading this, please note that, like Dylan Lewis, Michael Duffy is


in my humble opinion, annoying.

Others, sadly, appear to disagree.

As for Michael, from The First Post (July 20, 2008) —

If this is the best Australia can do – a columnist recycling without insight or understanding – one commentator’s work on US religion – then there’s little hope for intellectual life in the country. Duffy does counter-spin as a matter of habit, but as usual, his insights are driven by his bete noirs (the hysterical left as opposed to the rational libertarian). It’s neurosis as commentary, and slowly we can begin to form a deeper understanding of the Duffy angst. In the meantime, perhaps it’s better to read David Brooks in the NY Times and be done with it.

— to The Last (July 24, 2009) —

The Michael Duffy Files has now been running a tad over a year. It started as a jolly jape, though not amongst chums, by dedicating itself to the task of celebrating, disputing and excoriating the opinions of commentariat columnist Michael Duffy in the Sydney Morning Herald – such monomaniacal scribbling seemed a way of ensuring it would remain largely invisible to the world while acting as a kind of deep emotional therapy for the writer.

— the hits just keep on comin’.


Another local blog, for local (and global) people is Radical Cross Stitch. I just realised I have no permalink for it — my apologies to Rayna. Anyway, of slackbastard, Rayna writes: “Smart. Anarchist. And prolific. Really, really prolific!” Point being: loon pond is giving me a run for my $.

Also, some words of warning:


“isn’t it about time we tried socialism?” Maybe — it’s certainly time I updated my link to the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist blog, as it appears to have replaced, while Marx and Coca-Cola has also, sadly, gone away.


The Northern Myth by Bob Gosford is good — The Ampilatwatja Walkoff and the “wake-up call” for Alison Anderson – an interview with Richard North is especially interesting given the recent silliness of Warren Mundine.


The SPLC has published a new edition of its Intelligence Report (No.135, Fall 2009). Among other things, it notes:

Racist Skinheads
California Skinheads Busted on Hitler’s Birthday

Seven members of the Inland Empire Skinheads were arrested in a daylong sweep in southern California April 20, including two female gang members who were arrested in hospitals where they had induced labor to ensure their babies would be born on Adolf Hitler’s 120th birthday.

San Bernardino County Sheriff Rod Hoops said the arrests were the result of a nine-month investigation that was launched following an attempted murder in Hesperia, Calif., last year. Hoops said the gang has between 30 and 50 members residing in the Inland Empire, a region of southeastern California, and is closely affiliated with the Western Hammerskins, a regional division of the widespread skinhead gang Hammerskin Nation.

Hoops said his department had been tracking the Inland Empire Skinheads since 2002. In those seven years, members of the gang have been involved in murders, attempted murders, murder conspiracies, home invasion robberies, hate crime assaults, and narcotics trafficking, according to the sheriff…

Locally, the Southern Cross Hammerskins are organising a gig in Melbourne on September 12 (of which, moar later), while arch-rival boneheads Volksfront Australia have announced a new franchise (‘Official Supporters Club’) for New Zealand. Funnily enough, New Zealand Hammerskins organised a gig to celebrate Uncle Adolf’s birthday in 2007, *ing Blood Red Eagle — BRE have now transferred their loyalties to VF. According to Nicole Hanley (a neo-Nazi and co-organiser of the 2009 Sydney Forum, who posts on Stormfront as ‘BlueEyedBlonde’):

Last year [Volksfront] started a probationary chapter here, which pissed the Hammerskins off big time. Not because they wouldn’t support Volksfront, but because of how it was done. Doug [Schott] from Blood Red Eagle was the first probationary member, and he was allowed [to] start the chapter without having actually met any of the VF guys in the USA. A lot of the HSN guys can’t stand him and think he is a moron, so they were unimpressed with VF bending the prospect rules and letting him prospect sight unseen. Justin (AustMade) was in the scene years ago (I knew him back then), he also left and then has recently come back. He started off prospecting with VF, but then realised he had backed the wrong horse as HSN hated them, so he left and joined B&H Vic. And that’s pretty much where we are… try getting that group of egos to work together!

Added Bonus!

An img of Kim Kardashian.

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    these guys are rippin on aussies watch this these guys are the biggest ass holes ever they deserve to be shot

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