Cake scoffers, Totenköpfe and mateship: Fascism Down Under

    Because you can’t, you won’t and you don’t stop: further documenting the bright shining light that is the Australian far right.

Cake Scoffer Diane

Following the dismissal from the Australia First Party of Darrin Hodges (* of Media Watch) in NSW and then John Drew (* of Zoo) in Queensland, then the expulsion of Perth-based David Innes and his partner Lilith from Don Black’s Internet business Stormfront, comes the shocking news that the President of the Party — a country bumpkin from Shepparton in Victoria called Diane Teasdale (above, with perm and words of warning) — has expelled two more party organisers from Victoria. And let’s face it, if news of the purge of a handful of AF members isn’t big news, then I don’t know what is. Newsworthy or not, any real shock suggests fantastic naivete on the part of party leader Dr James Saleam‘s opponents, for whom imagining Jim as a kind of fascist version of the potty-mouthed priest from Melbourne — and themselves as trespassing skaters — may possibly help them better understand the role they play in the world of fascist micro-politics. And that is as props in another’s rather odd play — one in which the nominal head of AF acts as a messenger girl.

I pity the fools.

Pride, Strength, Honour (Totenköpfe & Swastikas)

178km closer to Melbourne, Bulldog Spirit continues to play with a confessed neo-Nazi named Joel proudly pounding out manly Aryan beats on the drum. Well, occasionally anyway. In the meantime, Joel’s former bandmate in local neo-Nazi band Deaths Head, a pinhead called Jesse, has been busy recording songs for a side-project called Kilgore. Previously, Joel drummed on Feast of the Jackals, a Deaths Head album released by now-defunct US-based neo-Nazi label Panzerfaust in 2003 — tho’ Jesse also helpfully notes in an interview that “We’ve got Joel (who drummed on Feast of the Jackals) sitting in when we record and we aren’t really up for live shows at the moment unfortunately.” (Note that Panzerfaust was closely associated with the international neo-Nazi bonehead network the Hammerskins.)

Deaths Head is, of course, responsible for such wholesome family entertainment as the songs ‘More Dead Niggers’ (Hang the Traitors demo, 1999) and ‘Swastika’ (Onslaught, Panzerfaust, 2001). The title track on the album for which Joel recorded drums suggests that he and the band aren’t altogether appreciative of the Jewish community’s contribution to multi-cultural Australia either:

    Will the white man waken to demons in their midst / Will the noose be tightened our bodies left to twist / Suspended from a gallows we fashioned for ourselves / Jackals sit and cackle over their ill-gotten wealth / Israelites amongst us are driven to the seas / Racialists must cut down the scavengers at feast

All good clean fun of course, and neo-Nazism is not something that the newest, highly conformist generation of Melbourne-based “working class” punks and skinheads will do anything about. Well, other than make excuses for — a task for which they seem exceedingly well suited.


That was then:

Thanks Baron von Hund for [the] endless resource of information which you provided to me. The hospitality in your home to myself and Nichola. The opportunity you afforded to me on the radio show and the support and friendship over the last two years.

Thank you Lilith for a number of things. First and foremost for picking me out for a moderator[‘]s position and developing my skills on Stormfront. For the friendship and great time I had in Western Australia and for the hard work you put in on this board[;] it’s this hard work that has kept many of us members around.

It’s surprising to see you both leave. I hope to speak to you both soon sometime. If that’s not what you want, then I wish you both a very fond farewell and good luck. ~ AustralianEuro, June 26, 2007

But this is now, and all traces of David & Lilith have been obliterated from SF, in keeping with the scorched earth policy of the General Staff under the direction of jack_boot. At the time, however, joining in the chorus which sang their praises were nafe, Aussie_Nationalist, mithar, ladyfuro (and, presumably, her seven ferrets and one budgie), ferret, Nichola (“I am sure there will be many, many posts here on this thread as Baron and Lilith will be very sadly missed by Stormfront. Thank you to both of you for opening up your lives and your home to so many strangers (myself included) in the name of Nationalism. Your contributions and names will forever be linked to and valued by Nationalists here in Australia as well as overseas. To you and your family, I wish you all the best for a tranquil and fulfilling future”), WizardofAus, JohnJoyTree, The Croat, Dead_Raven, HVanDerMerwe, Sydney Patriot, Steelcap Boot, DrivenSno, Paladin89, dazzlingdazza, Ironman1, Scottatron, Standarten, Ned Kelly, FlemishOZ, AuSaxon, FrankW, sirino, Fridy1234 and ThunderHead. The Yanqui owners of Stormfront, however, have cracked the whip, and despite their propensity for terming John HoWARd a traitor, the boys and girls on Stormfront Down Under have responded well, yelping in agreement. With some foreign bloke. In gumboots.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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5 Responses to Cake scoffers, Totenköpfe and mateship: Fascism Down Under

  1. A.L says:

    I was high on drugs once and i managed to line up all the colours on a Rubik s cube, but i haven t got a fucking clue what you re whole post was about and this time i m straight. I m sure a few of your comrades are giggling themselves to sleep over your post, most non-homosexuals though are scratching their heads. As dead_raven would say [gibberish] … well it doesn t matter what he would say, point still stands, you re a confused fag who caught HIV from Rene Rivkin.

  2. @ndy says:

    The doctor will see you now.

  3. Adam says:

    “All good clean fun of course, and neo-Nazism is not something that the newest, highly conformist generation of Melbourne-based “working class” punks and skinheads will do anything about. Well, other than make excuses for — a task for which they seem exceedingly well suited.”

    while i know your frustration (a frustration that i share) with the mtv punks and homophobic apathetic skins of melbourne, i as a young (24) punk in melbourne would like to remind you that while far too many (1 is too many) people we drink with at shows will wear a conflict patch or an anti fascist patch and do nothing about nazis, and even define the birmingham as “our pub” instead of some bald git’s pub, quite a few of us turned out to do something about the birmy with little notice, and the crowd was mainly young and punks were very well represented.

    sorry for a post on nagging about one of the smaller points of the article but a mohawk shouldn’t get me and the many other political punks out there lumped in with those knobs.


  4. @ndy says:

    Hey Adam,

    Yeah, yr right of course. But I was deliberately trying to be provocative, and to elicit the kinda response you’ve given, ie, ‘Bullshit! Not all punks kiss neo-Nazi arse’ etcetera. I’m also kinda taking the piss by over-emphasising, as others do, the whole ‘working class’ punk thing — as if being ‘working class’ has anything to do with being a chickenshit conformist! Any genuine ‘working class punk’ knows that fascism is an assault on working class culture and politics, and its triumph spells the death of this culture, both literal and metaphorical. I’m also sick and fucking tired of the uses to which a so-called ‘working class’ identity is put; in this context, ‘working class’ means being a closed-minded, selfish fucking arsehole, who cares only about him or herself, is grossly ignorant of working class histories — especially of struggles AGAINST (not FOR) oppression — despises difference, elevates being macho and the centrality of the (male) individual above any notion of collectivity or community, and which pisses, from a great height, on this culture and this history… all in the name of the ‘working class’!

    Or: oh bondage, up yours!



  5. Adam says:

    i hear you andy, there isn’t much in this world that pisses me off more than homophobic macho punks and skins crapping on about fags, then going to watch a bunch of scantily clad boys chase a funny shaped ball around ’til they get all sweaty … i mean this by way of example of the lack of consistency in the brains of those WHO DON’T FUCKING THINK …

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