¡ALERTA! Stop fascists rallying @ LGBT Holocaust Memorial, Sydney : Saturday, September 23, 2017

Update (September 23, 2017) : Somewhere between 15 and 30 people bothered to rock up to Nick Folkes’ stoopid. It was shit, really. See : Straight Lives Matter rally in Sydney outnumbered by police, same sex marriage advocates as leader blames ‘violence’, Natalie Wolfe, news.com.au, September 23, 2017 | Sydney, Australia: Report-Back from the ‘Straight Lives Matter’ Counter-Demo, Insurrection News, September 23, 2017.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Willem Arondeus, the gay Dutch resistance member executed by the Nazis in July 1943 and Righteous Among the Nations.

This Saturday in Sydney, Nick Folkes and his Party for Freedom (PFF) are holding an anti-marriage equality rally (‘Straight Lives Matter’) at Green Park (corner of Victoria & Burton Streets), Darlinghurst. Folks in Sydney have organised a counter-protest for which there’s a Facebook event page here.

Green Park is the site of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial and just a hop, skip and a jump to both the Sydney Jewish Museum and the Jewish War Memorial and Museum. Fitting, then, that the list of attendees at the hate rally includes anti-Semites, neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers. According to a report on news.com.au (Far right nationalist Party for Freedom to hold ‘Straight Lives Matter’ anti-same-sex marriage rally, Benedict Brook, September 20, 2017):

The party’s leader, Nick Folkes, told news.com.au being gay was a choice and called people who didn’t identify with their biological gender “retards”.

Provocatively, the protest is being held in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst, famous for its large LGBTI population and metres from a memorial to murdered gays and lesbians.

The group was unapologetic for holding the rally next to a monument mourning gay people executed by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust.

“We want to make a strong point — I don’t feel we’re provoking anyone, we can hold a rally anywhere,” Mr Folkes said. He said “yes” campaigners could hold a march in a “straight area”.

NSW Police confirmed they would be in attendance at the event.

(Police in Gothenburg, Sweden will also be providing an honour guard for a neo-Nazi march less than 500 feet from a synagogue on Yom Kippur.)

(Above : PFF placard featuring Nazi Totenkopf on L and Sydney Gay & Lesbian Holocaust Memorial on R.)

For those of you coming in late, the PFF developed as a split from the Australian Protectionist Party — itself created as a split from the Australia First Party — in mid-2012, following the APP leadership’s rejection of the Sydney branch’s organisation of a public rally demanding that the Australian government ‘Torpedo the Boats’ carrying asylum seekers to Australia. The unregistered micro-party has a history of organising publicity stunts. In April 2016 its members disrupted a church service in Gosford on account of the Gosford Anglicans’ support for human rights, while in December 2015 the party celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Cronulla pogrom. Most recently, members of the party, along with a handful of others including Neil Erikson, disrupted a meeting of Yarra council in Melbourne in order to protest its decision to cancel celebrations of Australia Day on January 26. Martin Fletcher, the (former) Vice Chairman of the PFF and its IT Guy, once made the video game ‘Muslim Massacre’ available on his now-defunct website: the aim of the game is to kill all Muslims that appear on the screen. Prior to this, his site was used to promote anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial and carried neo-Nazi propaganda.

Among the few dozen who’ve indicated that they’ll be joining Nick Folkes and fellow PFF members Toby Cook, George Jameson and Penny Louise/Tridgell at the hate rally are Sukith Fernando and Simeon Boikov. Sukith is a Tory student activist at the University of Sydney, a contributor to The Spectator (Australia), a Holocaust denialist, and a bit of a Hitler fanboy. (He also got into a spot of bother last week for these views.) Simeon, on the other hand, is a Putin fanboy, a Cossack, and a close ally of both the local branch of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn and the Australia First Party.

As xbops notes:

… it is important to be aware that Party for Freedom are a fascist organisation with a long record of campaigning against sexual and ethnic minority groups – including refugees – and in support of reintroducing the ‘White Australia’ policy … [The PFF are also] growing more brazen in their willingness to display fascist, Nazi, and white nationalist symbolism. In the wake of the events in Charlottesville, Virginia last month, and the emboldening of the US far-right under Trump, it is imperative, now more than ever, to put an unequivocal check on the transnational growth of fascist (and) homophobic movements.

The willingness of the PFF to more openly espouse fascist and White supremacist ideology should also be considered in terms of its re-incorporation of the remnant members of neo-Nazi grouplet ‘Squadron 88’, who attended PFF rallies in Newtown and Lithgow in July. To date, S88 is best-known for shoving shitty anti-Semitic tracts into the letterboxes of folks (many Jewish) in Bondi in August 2014 and more recently for throwing up racist posters in Petersham in July 2017.

Enough is enough!

WHEN : 1pm, Saturday, September 23
WHERE : Green Park, Victoria and Burton Streets, Darlinghurst
infos : antifa-au.tk

Reclaim Australia AKA “Muslims Out!”

The ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies organised for April 4 will bring together a wide range of Islamophobic individuals and organisations. Below is a brief account of some of these.

The ‘Patriots Defence League’ (PDL) is an incorporated association registered in Queensland, though with branches/Facebook pages across the country (including Canberra). The PDL (Inc) actually began life as the ‘Australian Defence League’ (Inc) in January 2014, but changed its name in April to the PDL (for reasons presumably associated with the initial split between the ADL and the PDL). The PDL cheekily describes its principal activity as being ‘to raise awareness of women’s and children’s rights’. In reality, the PDL, like the ADL, is an Islamophobic organisation.

PDLA Treasurer Mark Lenthall, for example, chooses to promote women’s and children’s rights by, inter alia, praising the Internet band ‘Eureka Brigade’ and suggesting that ‘Muslim Massacre’ is a neat song title.


*rolls eyes*

Note that Martin Fletcher, the Vice Chairman of the Sydney-based Party For Freedom (PFF), once made the video game ‘Muslim Massacre’ available on his website (the aim of the game is to kill all Muslims that appear on the screen). The PFF developed as a split from the Australian Protectionist Party — itself created as a split from the Australia First Party — in mid-2012, following the APP leadership’s rejection of the Sydney branch’s organisation of a public rally demanding that the Australian government ‘Torpedo the Boats’ carrying asylum seekers to Australia.

The PFF can reasonably expected to be a presence at the Reclaim rally in Sydney.

Reclaim Australia, as previously noted, is a campaign promoting anti-Muslim protests to take place on April 4. Its spearhead is Shermon Burgess (aka ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ aka ‘Eureka Brigade’). Burgess has previously claimed to be a member of the ADL (and has the t-shirt to prove it) and while rejecting the notion that he is a racist or fascist, has also celebrated the deaths of asylum seekers at sea and encouraged a member of the Australian Navy, Jamie Patton, to murder asylum seekers arriving by boat — on the basis that they are ‘Muslim rapists and terrorists’.


Burgess has further expressed support for the neo-Nazi group ‘Squadron 88’, encouraging his followers to attend their (rather dismal) anti-Muslim protest in Penrith a few weeks ago. Bizarrely, S88 has adopted as its mascot and spokesperson Ross ‘The Skull’ May (pictured above at S88’s protest in Penrith on January 23), an aging neo-Nazi activist. Burgess is also a fan of neo-Nazi muzak to boot:


More recently, Burgess has teamed up with neo-Nazis belonging to another neo-Nazi groupusucle called ‘National Republican Guard’ (NRG), a tiny Internet association comprised of ex-members of yet another tiny neo-Nazi groupuscule called ‘Nationalist Alternative’ (NAlt). NAlt underwent an acrimonious split last year with rejected members publishing lurid claims regarding the group’s leader and otherwise acting like idiots online. Otherwise, NAlt views the anti-Muslim crowd as potential recruits to their group.

In summary, anti-Muslim sentiment unites a variety of actors on the far right, and many look to it as fertile ground for recruitment and political consolidation.

In other news:

1) The nice, middle-class Islamophobes of The Q Society are being sued:

Mohamed El-Mouelhy vs. Q Society, Kirralie Smith et al.

Dear Friends;

Mohamed El-Mouelhy as sole director of the private company ‘Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd’, has commenced legal proceedings against Q Society, Q member Kirralie Smith, myself and two other board members. We face defamation action in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Kirralie Smith known for her Halal Choices website, toured Australia as a guest presenter for Q Society in 2012. The successful tour and subsequent interest in halal certification resulted in a video production, which was uploaded to our YouTube channel in 2013, likewise one of Kirralie’s presentations at a 2014 Q Society event.

I am under legal advice not to divulge information about the case at this time. However, as informed citizens, I know you understand the significance of the court action and the implications for freedom of speech in Australia. Specialized legal counsel in New South Wales has instruction to jointly represent all defendants, including Kirralie.

I am calling for your help to contribute to the legal costs to defend the claims brought against us by Mohammed El-Mouehly. Please consider sending a donation, no matter how small to Q Society and spread the word among your connections.

It is vital that those who speak the truth about Islamic halal certification and other Islamic impositions are not silenced by time-consuming and expensive court action.

It’s important we work together on this critical issue and please remember: “There are no great men. Just great challenges which ordinary men, out of necessity, are forced by circumstances to meet.” – Admiral William Frederick Halsey, Jr. USN.

Thank you in anticipation,

Debbie Robinson
National President

See also : Boycott Halal movement in Australia set to escalate, Chris Johnston, The Age, December 27, 2014.

2) On February 23, VTAC will be considering objections to the construction of a mosque in Bendigo. The principal group conducting the campaign is known as Rights for Bendigo Residents (Inc) and is seeking donations to pay lawyer Robert Balzola to represent it in court.

See also : Attempted arson of Toowoomba mosque could have been catastrophic, police say, ABC, January 25, 2014.

Far right, post-siege …


I wrote an article for New Matilda.

You can read it here.

Note that another Islamophobic organisation, the Patriots Defence League Australia, is meeting in Geelong on Sunday at the Rippleside Park Motor Inn.

Finally, the ‘Party for Freedom’ managed to assemble exactly four of its members, including its Chairman, Nick Folkes, to stage a protest at Martin Place on Friday evening. Onlookers told them to bugger off. (See : Anti-Islamic protesters disrupt Martin Place memorial, Michael Koziol, The Sydney Morning Herald, December 19, 2014.) Anti-Muslim bigot Mike Holt (Restore Australia) obviously needs halp with figures:


antifa notes (august 7, 2014)


Vice has published an article exploring Dr Jim Saleam’s Wonder World aka ‘The Bunker’ in Tempe: headquarters of the Australia First Party. It fails as an act of spotting (SAlt was absent from the counter-protest the other week), but it was curious to read that the Party for Freedom’s Chairman, Nick Folkes, is seemingly attempting to ingratiate himself with the AF mob, especially as the PfF split from APP, which was in turn a split from AF (supposedly because AF contained a few too many anti-Semites and not nearly enough Islamophobes). In any case, Folkes don’t mind hangin’ with Jew-haters, the PfF’s Vice Chairman, Martin Fletcher, once having halped distro Down Under WWII-era Serbian Nazi propaganda as well as that produced by Tom Metzger‘s White Aryan Resistance.

In other news, as well as providing antifa the personal details of its fuehrer, the split in neo-Nazi groupuscule Nationalist Alternative has produced another tiny grouplet, this one calling itself NRG (‘National Republican Guard’). Hitler-loving fans of uptempo disco or electronic dance music will be thrilled.

antifa notes (july 21, 2014) : protest and counter-protest, ADE, SYD …

Update (July 29, 2014) : Sadly, Patriots in Adelaide failed to turn up (their clown car broke down); antifascists had a nice picnic and a kick of the footy instead. In Sydney, half-a-dozen or so bozos belonging to Nicholas Hunter Folkes’ support group — a/k/a the Party for Freedom — rocked up outside Woolworths only to be confronted by 10 times as many counter-protesters, promptly lost a number of their placards and leaflets and went home with their tail between their collective legs. Later, an Australia First Party meeting (“Boo international students!”) was picketed and police detained an antifascist after rescuing a suspected neo-Nazi from the crowd. See : A Day of Anti-Racist Anarchy with Antifa, Nelson Groom, Vice, July 29, 2014.

Looks like it’ll be a busy weekend …


In Adelaide on Sunday, July 27 the Adelaide franchise of the Patriots Defence League (a splinter of the Australian Defence League) is planning on holding a BBQ at Bonython Park/Tulya Wodli. Joining the Patriots will be some anti-fascists:

Racists are organising a recruitment BBQ to create a network of fascists in SA. We’re organising a counter-meeting on the same day where people who are motivated by inclusiveness and compassion can meet, share food, listen to music and participate in a group discussion on how to tackle issues relating to racial division in SA. Bring friends and confront hatred with humanity.


On the same day in Melbourne the Melbourne Anarchist Club is holding a benefit gig for imprisoned anti-fascist Jock Palfreeman. Kick-off is 3pm, entry is $10 and all proceeds are going to the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Association. See also : Continued Assaults on Asylum Seekers in Sofia Central Prison (July 21, 2014) | Free Jock Palfreeman : July 2014 Update (July 4, 2014).


In Sydney, RASH Sydney has organised a counter-protest in Marrickville.

Racist scum are trying to intimidate & drive out religious minorities from Marrickville, while promoting white nationalism.

They have decided to target the Marrickville Woolworths (for the grievous crime of wishing its customers ‘Happy Ramadan’) on the 26th July at 11am.

We are standing up against these hateful people to let them know their views are not welcome.

The Patriots Defence League are a newly formed group of people targeting religious freedom & culture. They see themselves as a patriotic, nationalist street movement that are ‘defending our beautiful way of life’. They do this by openly expressing their hatred of all other races and cultures.

This is not about expressing freedom of speech, it’s about causing fear & division. That’s why it must be opposed. They are targeting a religious minority, in exactly the same way Jewish people were targeted in the last century. We oppose this because unless you’re white, straight & Protestant-Christian, you’ll be next …

The ‘Boo Woolworths!’ Patriots will also be joined by the dregs in the Party for Freedom. Note that Martin Fletcher, the Vice Chairman of the Party for Freedom (a splinter from the Australian Protectionist Party, which was in turn a splinter from the Australia First Party), first came to the attention of anti-fascists when he began publishing Nazi and neo-Nazi propaganda on his website, ‘Downunder Newslinks’.