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While results have yet to be finalised, I thought I may as well take note of how Socialists and communists fared at the federal election …

As one of 20 Ungrouped candidates in the NSW race for a Senate seat, Ron Poulsen (Communist League) received 46 (class-conscious) votes in 2016, meaning at least five other candidates got fewer.

The Socialist Alliance contested four Lower House seats. In Sydney (NSW), Peter Boyle got the grand sum of 414 votes (0.60%), a reduction of 0.03% on 2013’s effort. One of 10 candidates, Boyle beat Online Direct Democracy – (Empowering the People!) into last place (295 votes). In Corio (VIC), Sue Bull scored 992 votes (1.17%/+0.42%), very narrowly outscoring the last-placed Bullet Train For Australia candidate (987 votes/1.16%). In Fremantle, Chris Jenkins placed last (1,143 votes/1.61%/+0.75%), improving on 2013’s tally but still failing to outscore the mighty Mature Australia Party candidate (1,842 votes/2.60%). Finally, in Wills, Zane Alcorn (554 votes/0.69%) lost votes on 2013’s effort (-0.44%), but still managed to be more popular than the last-placed candidate for the leadership of the world socialist movement, Will Fulgenzi (248 votes/0.31%).

In the race for the Senate, SAll doubled their score in NSW (4,143 votes/0.12%/+0.06%), outpolling the Citizens Electoral Council (1,360 votes), the Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) (1,723 votes), the Australian Progressives (1,750 votes), the Palmer United Party (2,023 votes), the Secular Party of Australia (2,004 votes), the Socialist Equality Party (2,074 votes), CountryMinded (2,279 votes), Mature Australia (2,378 votes) and Katter’s Australian Party (3,565 votes). In VIC, SAll did less well, gaining 1,847 votes; still enough to defeat the Secular Party of Australia (1,678 votes) and the CEC (1,432 votes) for last place. Finally, in WA, SAll scored 1,860 votes (0.17%/+0.11%), again defeating the CEC (1,644 votes) and VOTEFLUX.ORG | Upgrade Democracy! (1,204 votes).

The world leadership of the socialist movement, AKA the Socialist Equality Party (SEP), contested three Lower House seats. In addition to Wills (see above), in Blaxland, Gabriela Zabala placed 5th of 5 candidates (815 votes/1.19%/1.19%) while in Grayndler, Oscar Grenfell came 11th of 11 candidates (268 votes/0.36%/+0.36%), proving less popular than the Animal Justice, Drug Law Reform, Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma MEOW-MEOW (Science Party), Australian Sex, Australian Cyclists, Renewable Energy and the Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group).

For the Senate, the SEP stood candidates in NSW (2,074 votes/0.06%/+0.02%), in QLD (1,236 votes/0.06%/+0.00%) and VIC (2,311 votes/0.09%/+0.02%).

Otherwise, the Socialist Alliance appears to be in something of a crisis at the moment, as the following suggests:

It is with regret that we announce our resignation from Socialist Alliance. We are members of the party who have been involved in the 21st Century Socialism Tendency, and some who have not been. We include the overwhelming majority of active members of the party’s Brisbane branch, as well as individual members from other branches.

The tendency launched approximately two months ago, based on concerns that had been simmering in the party for at least the previous four years. Following a series of individual and group efforts to raise questions regarding the political orientation of the party, and questions around party democracy and organisation, a small number of members were faced with a decision to leave the party, or to stay and test the capacity of the party to change. A decision to do the latter resulted in the formation of the tendency some months after the last National Conference.

See also : The Socialist Alliance (and basically why it sucks now), Sean Vickery (July 2003) | Lenin ~versus~ #ausvotes (June 28, 2016).

*Oh yeah: Joseph Toscano scored 986 votes (1.29%) in the VIC seat of Dunkley.

Lenin ~versus~ #ausvotes


Zap! Ka-pow!

A brief guide to the parties on the left contesting the federal 2016 election:

Communist League

In NSW, Ron Poulsen (one of dozens of Ungrouped Independents) is once again having a crack at the Senate. Go Ron!

Socialist Alliance

SAll is running Senate candidates (Ken Canning, Susan Price, Sharlene Leroy-Dyer and Howard Byrnes) in NSW, VIC (Tim Gooden and Lalitha Chelliah) and WA (Farida Iqbal, Kamala Emanuel and Seamus Doherty) and contesting four Lower House seats: Peter Boyle in Sydney (NSW), Zane Alcorn in Wills (VIC), Sue Bull in Corio (VIC) and Chris Jenkins in Fremantle (WA).

Socialist Equality Party

The leadership of the world socialist movement is running Senate candidates in NSW (James Cogan and John Davis), VIC (Chris Sinnema and Peter Byrne) and QLD (Mike Head and Erin Cooke) and contesting the three Lower House seats of Grayndler (NSW: Oscar Grenfell), Gabriela Zabala (NSW: Blaxland) and Wills (VIC: Will Fulgenzi).

Q. Will Fulgenzi (SEP) beat Alcorn (SAll) in Wills?

NB. Sadly, the Communist Party of Australia, the Progressive Labour Party and the Socialist Party will not be fielding any candidates this election. See also : All out to make sure it’s time up for Turnbull (Solidarity, June 11, 2016) and Dump the Liberals, build a socialist movement (Tom Bramble, Red Flag/Socialist Alternative, June 15, 2016).

*Jim Casey (ex-International Socialist Organisation: see SAlt and Solidarity), the Greens candidate for Grayndler, will be facing off against Antony Albanese (along with Oscar Grenfell of the SEP). Casey’s candidacy has been controversial on account of the fact that he doesn’t like capitalism much. See : Jim Casey: ‘We need to build the social movements’ (Interview with Zane Alcorn, Green Left Weekly, February 19, 2016); Anthony Albanese: Labor heavyweight’s Greens rival Jim Casey defends ‘Trotskyist’ speech, Julia Holman, 7.30/ABC, May 11, 2016; Thanks Daily Telegraph, I welcome a debate about the overthrow of capitalism, Jim Casey, The Guardian, May 12, 2016; Jim Casey Talks Preferences, Albo, And Capitalism, Michael Brull, New Matilda, June 17, 2016; Grayndler candidate Jim Casey and the fake-left wing of the Greens, Oscar Grenfell (SEP candidate for Grayndler), wsws.org, June 24, 2016.

Bonus Toscano!

Dr Joe Toscano is running for election again, this time in the VIC seat of Dunkley under the banner of ‘Public Interests Before Corporate Interests’ (PIBCI). He last ran for the state seat of Frankston in 2014 and got 140 votes (0.4%) for his troubles.

See also : antifa notes (june 9, 2016) : australian far right + #ausvotes (June 9, 2016).

Vote 1 Ron Poulsen for Australian Senate


In a move that has stunned many me, Ron Poulsen of the Communist League is running for the NSW Senate, NOT for the seat of Blaxland as many me expected.

More news as it comes to hand.


In NSW Palmer’s Australia Party has thrown its weight behind Poulsen by placing him 5th on its ticket (after Family First).