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I recently stumbledupon a recent (September 2023) podcast interview by veteran crime reporter John Silvester with two of the police involved in the death of Melbourne teenager Tyler Cassidy in Northcote in 2008. Having made some posts on the subject … Continue reading

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Tyler Cassidy, Southern Cross Soldiers and ‘skinheads’

Last week, the inquest into Tyler Cassidy’s death heard evidence regarding Tyler’s membership of the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’ (Tyler Cassidy had been kicked out of an Australian pride group, inquest told, AAP, October 21, 2010). The SCS have been variously … Continue reading

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Southern Cross Soldiers can has manifesto.

Following some bad press, Australian yoof belonging to the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’ have struck back. …We are here to stand up for, and give Aussie communities a voice when the government is too politically correct and gutless to do it. … Continue reading

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Young Liberals embrace Southern Cross Soldiers

Young Liberals call for national service John Stapleton The Australian January 24, 2009 THE Young Liberals are proposing nine months of compulsory national service to be completed before the age of 24 and which people will not be able to … Continue reading

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Not racists. Just patriotists. Southern Cross Soldiers go to war on Australia. Day.

Above: SCS cymbal. And yeh, their rool god spelers ‘n’ tht. Southern Cross Soldiers plan Australia Day rally Staff writer Herald Sun January 23, 2009 A RIGHT-WING nationalist group has organised a show of strength at a popular Melbourne beach … Continue reading

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Southern Cross Soldiers : Last Words

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Southern Cross Soldiers, Tyler Cassidy and the far right

The (racist) far right has reacted fairly predictably to the shooting death of 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote last Thursday (December 11). For those for whom The Jew is Public Enimy #1, the fault lies, of … Continue reading

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Southern Cross Soldiers : Into the Blogosphere

Alex Burns : Calling All Nations Several weeks ago I noticed new graffiti on street signs in the Melbourne suburb Northcote from an unknown group: the Saracen Soldiers. A block away from the most prominent graffiti two houses displayed nationalist … Continue reading

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Tyler Cassidy and the Southern Cross Soldiers

X-posted on Fight dem back! As alluded to earlier, the police shooting of 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote last night (Thursday, December 11) has particular significance at FDB: Tyler was a member of the racist youth … Continue reading

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Southern Cross Soldiers’ first casualty

So the media has revealed Tyler Cassidy‘s connection to the Southern Cross Soldiers… Shot Tyler’s ‘nationalist’ MySpace page Mex Cooper The Age December 12, 2008 Shot teen Tyler Cassidy a member of ‘white pride’ group Mark Dunn Herald Sun December … Continue reading

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