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Kyle Chapman ~versus~ Patrick O’Sullivan ~versus~ ZOG

Ding ding! Over in New Zealand/Aotearoa Kyle Chapman, leader of the neo-Nazi skinhead group ‘Right Wing Resistance New Zealand’ (RWRNZ), is busy capitalising on the publicity surrounding the group’s latest propaganda campaign, one which centres on the distribution of flyers … Continue reading

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Creative hatred for gays

The latest issue of the SPLC’s Intelligence Report (Winter 2010, No.140) has just been published. The lead article examines FBI stats and reports that in the US ‘Gays Remain Minority Most Targeted by Hate Crimes’. It also re-examines the Creativity … Continue reading

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antifa notes (september 20, 2010)

‘Diversity’ by Belgian reich ‘n’ rollers Kill Baby Kill. The band toured Australia in 2008; Dieter Samoy, the lead shouter, committed suicide in January after being sentenced to several years jail for assault. Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins, the … Continue reading

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antifa notes (march 29, 2010)

RaHoWa! “We gird for total war against the Jews and the rest of the goddamned mud races of the world — politically, militantly, financially, morally and religiously. In fact, we regard it as the heart of our religious creed, and … Continue reading

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