antifa notes (june 23, 2022) : proud nazi crime boy front inquiries

Forgive me, reader, for I have sinned. It’s been 3 months since my last collation. These are my notes.

Well, almost three months: in April, I did note that Weird Little Nazi Guy Nathan Sykes was sentenced to a 19-month intensive corrections order (ICO) and ordered to perform 150 hours of community service after he pleaded guilty to using a carriage service to threaten serious harm to a Melbourne-based lawyer and journalist. In this context, it’s also worth noting that Sykes’ party, Australia First, was de-registered in January, and ran no candidates in May’s federal election, though at least one ex-candidate, Victor Waterson, ran for PHONy in Bennelong. Victor won 1,664 votes (1.67%) for Aunty Pauline and came 6th of 8 candidates, narrowly defeating right-wing YouTube micro-celebrity and Liberal Democrat Dougal ‘Carnage House Productions’ Cameron (spawn of former Liberal MP Ross Cameron).

• Elsewhere in Sydney, last month veteran bonehead Desmond Liddington was ‘charged with stalking/intimidation and affray charges after he and two others went to the home of Black Lives Matter activist Padraic ‘Paddy’ Gibson on December 4, 2021 in Arncliffe and used unlawful violence towards him’. The nazi was due back in court on June 14, but I dunno what happened: I assume his trial is continuing. Liddington has a previous (January 2014) conviction for distributing racist stickers promoting neo-Nazi grouplet Combat 18 (C18); he has ‘C18’ tattooed on his hand and ‘RaHoWa’ on his head.

C18 was born in the UK in the late ’80s/early ’90s as the militant wing of neo-Nazi music network ‘Blood & Honour’ and was soon exported around the world, including to Germany, where it was banned in 2020 after Stephan Ernst assassinated CDU politician Walter Lübcke. Members of C18 and other banned neo-Nazi groups were the subject of raids and arrests in April.

• According to Australian Associated Press, last week:

A NSW Supreme Court jury has found Joshua Lucas guilty of advocating terrorist acts.

On Wednesday, Lucas, 24, learned of the verdict after a lengthy trial which commenced in March.

Orders by Justice Richard Button prohibit the reporting of anything else from the trial at this stage, including evidence given to the jury, pre-trial rulings and events at the time Lucas was arrested.

Sons of The United Patriots Front

Shermon Burgess is keeping busy as a resident of Cooma and a plastic Viking on Facebook: arm-wrestling Freemasons and Zionists, spreading COVID-19 disinformation, and looking forward to Ragnarok.
• Unlike Burgess, Blair Cottrell has been unable to utilise Facebook since he was banned from the corporation’s platform a few years ago, and the Christchurch killer’s ‘Emperor’ now relies on Terrorgram to spread his propaganda. In April, the failed fuehrer from Frankston received a smol fine after he was convicted of unlawful assault following an altercation with another shopper in a supermarket.
Neil Erikson is currently challenging his conviction for disturbing a religious service, when in May 2019 in the company of giggly Claudia Benitez (AKA ‘Dia Beltran’, yet another in the smol army of right-wing YouTube micro-celebrities) he marched into the queer-friendly Metropolitan Community Church in Hawthorn, asked the congregation if they ‘married Sodomites’ and stated ‘you’re not Christians you’re a bunch of f*****s’. Erikson has his next appeal hearing at the County Court on July 13.
• The (((courts))) are also keeping Tom Sewell busy, as he continues to battle allegations of assault while making nazi propaganda videos for his thousands of Very Online teenybopper fans. Meanwhile, members of his European Australian Movement (EAM)/National Socialist Network (NSN) are also active, both on the streets and in the courts (see below).
Linden Watson, also pictured above, not only managed to ESC any charges over the Bendigo doll stoopid, but also popped up outside the CFMEU offices when it was the subject of vociferous criticism from dog-kicking freedom-lovers. Joey Watson, on the other hand, recently won The John B Fairfax Family Young Australian Journalist of the Year Awards ‘Longform feature or special’ for ‘Everyone wants to be Fuhrer’. The two-part Earshot radio special details how ‘Between 2015 and 2019, Michael* was a leader in the Australian alt-right movement. He was instrumental in building the presence of extreme rightwing groups, online and in the real world, before a series of shattering events forced him to pull away.’

Unhealthy, homeless park neo-Nazis in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney

While The Australian noted with ‘Alarm as neo-Nazi group National Socialist Network expands to Adelaide’ back in October 2020, the fact that the EAM/NSN established a front group, the ‘South Australian Men’s Health Club’, has only recently been reported. The Club had/has a Facebook page, is/was incorporated and brings/brought together a range of individuals, including Cameron Brodie-Hall and various others named in a recent item in The Advertiser: ‘Alleged high-ranking SA neo-Nazi is homeless, evicted by his grandmother’, Sean Fewster, June 16, 2022:

One of the three alleged leaders of the state’s neo-Nazi extremists has been evicted by his grandmother over the charges and is living in his car, a court has heard. On Thursday, Jackson Trevor Pay, 22, asked the Adelaide Magistrates Court to vary his bail conditions so he can move to Queensland and stay with his mother. Representing himself, rather than retaining a lawyer, Mr Pay told Magistrate Brett Dixon his circumstances had changed since he was released from custody.

That the Adelaide nazis are apparently unable to secure housing for one of their leading triumvirate is kinda sad, especially when the report also names Cameron Brodie-Hall, 20, of Mansfield Park and Duncan Robert Cromb, 37, of Modbury, as the group’s two other leaders, while its associates include Patrick Patmore, 33, of Salisbury East; Justin Robert Bassett, 28, of Surrey Downs; Paul Harold Casey, 48, of Salisbury North; Reece Keven Brooks, 31 (of parts unknown); and Anthony Paul Dobson, 23, of Dudley Park: and none of them, seemingly, have a couch to spare.

In Sydney, meanwhile: ‘Exclusive: White Supremacist group hosts vile, hate fuelled BBQ at Balmoral Beach’ writes Anna Usher for Mosman Collective. While yeahrightomate notes that the Balmoral Beach branch of the Hitler Yoof have had their faces obscured for some reason, and Usher’s account contain some inaccuracies, it’s good to know that members of the public are able and willing to document the public antics of the EAM/NSN.

While Pay and various others associated with the EAM/NSN have been charged with various alleged offences associated with political extremism, their cases, like that of their fuehrer, are currently progressing through the courts. Hence in Melbourne, since his release from prison earlier this year, Sewell has also been trying to organise actions to protest a ban on the public display of the Nazi swastika (Hakenkreuz). At the same time, last month two men were ‘arrested after plastering swastika stickers on the exterior of the Beth Weizmann Community Centre in Melbourne while Israeli ambassador Amir Maimon was inside’, which was a bit silly of them. The dynamic duo, a 29-year-old from Elwood and a 21-year-old from Doreen, have been charged with offensive behaviour and bill posting and are scheduled to appear at Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court on August 1. Tommeh! himself is pretty angwy with the counter-terror ‘political terror police’, for understandable reasons, and reckons that they’re ‘a militant terrorist force of the state’, that the state is an ‘evil financial tyranny controlled by Jews’, and that ‘the police force has a specific taskforce that’s dedicated to terrorising anyone that exposes this reality’.

The Moar You Know.

In addition to making nazis like Sewell upset, the swastika ban has generated quite a lot of attention, both locally and overseas (BBC, The Washington Post); Liberty Victoria, for its part, thinks the law is deeply-flawed. Also in Victoria, the Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee is conducting an inquiry into extremism.

Fronting the inquiry, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald investigative journalist Nick McKenzie, who infiltrated the far-right National Socialist Network, said one of the biggest concerns of law enforcement was the rising number of children being radicalised. “The NSN is dedicated to recruiting young, impressionable Victorians and is having some success in doing so,” McKenzie said.

On other islands …

Some recent items of interest include:

31 members of a white supremacist group arrested near Idaho Pride event (Martha Bellise, PBS (AP), June 12, 2022) and the Very Fine People involved in the fascist group were profiled in Inside Patriot Front: The Masked White Supremacists On A Nationwide Hate Crime Spree (Christopher Mathias and Ali Winston, HuffPost, February 10, 2022) while James Risen argues that ‘Patriot Front’s fascist rhetoric could make it a natural successor to the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers as Donald Trump’s favorite white nationalist group’ in In the Shadow of the Jan. 6 Hearings, Right-Wing Militancy Is on the Rise (The Intercept, June 18, 2022);
• Racist grifter Stephen Yaxley-Lennon / Tommy Robinson spent £100k on gambling while getting supporter donations (BBC, June 9, 2022);
• Jason Wilson and Aaron Flanagan’s The Racist ‘Great Replacement’ Conspiracy Theory Explained (Hatewatch, May 17, 2022) is a useful account of one of Sky News Australia’s Lauren Southern’s pet theories, just as White Nationalist Book Publishers Revealed (Hannah Gais, Megan Squire, Jason Wilson and Michael Edison Hayden, Hatewatch, June 17, 2022) is an intriguing look at Antelope Hill;
• While Southern may have been denied a platform at CPAC Australia, Trump shares CPAC Hungary platform with notorious racist and antisemite (Flora Garamvolgyi and Julian Borger, The Guardian, May 21, 2022);
• In light of the French election: A ‘breakthrough’ for the far right? (Timothy Peace and Emile Chabal, Al Jazeera, June 22, 2022), Cas Mudde‘s interview with Aurelien Mondon on the Mainstreaming of the Far Right is germane.

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