Blood & Honour in Holland (and Australia)

In a noteworthy development sure to bring a tear to the eyes of local neo-Nazi supporters of Blood & Honour Australia — among them Welf Herfurth, David Innes, Paul Innes, James Newman, Douglas Schott and Ben Weerheym — members of the Dutch Parliament have announced their intention to outlaw the neo-Nazi group Blood & Honour in that country. Locally, while some few pseudo-‘punks’ clap and cheer Gary and B&H venue The Birmy, Yarra Council continues to do nothing regarding the presence of a fascist watering-hole in Fitzroy: — this despite the fact that a (black) woman was assaulted by boneheads on the night of their last shindig in September, 2006.

How ‘progressive’.

In the meantime, don’t be a scab, and ‘Boycott the Birmy’.

Parliament wants ban on Blood & Honour
March 30, 2007

AMSTERDAM – A majority in Parliament, including the Christian Democrat CDA, the Socialist SP and the Freedom Party PVV, wants a ban on the extreme right-wing organisation Blood & Honour.

CDA MP Mirjam Sterk announced to Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin that her party would be submitting a motion for a ban. “As far as we are concerned it is an extremely dangerous organisation that must be banned,” she said on the current affairs programme EénVandaag [Video (Dutch)]. The SP supports the call for a ban but first wants to examine the legal possibilities for banning the group.

Blood & Honour is an international organisation of right-wing extremists [founded by Ian Stuart Donaldson]. Blood & Honour is thought to have about 200 members in the Netherlands.

The group organises white power concerts and neo-Nazi demonstrations. Germany was the first to prohibit the organisation in 2000 and Spanish authorities followed suit in 2006. Recent Belgian attempts to have the group banned have not yielded success so far.

In Australia, B&H is a tiny presence on the far right. Its growth in Holland and other parts of Europe, however, especially among white youth, has been greatly facilitated by the general climate of increased xenophobia. As noted by the MUA, a similar trend is evident in Australia, and — as also noted by the MUA in relation to the now-defunct youth wing of the fascist Australia First Party, the Patriotic Youth League — vigilance in combating the extreme right is called for.

    Oh, and speaking of which, and to conclude on a !cinataS note, a handful of youthful meatheads on Stormfront recently declared their intention to attend ‘Marxism Today’, a Socialist Alternative conference held this weekend at Trades Hall. As it happens, the Master Race was only able to assemble approximately 1 1/2 of its members to combat the rising tide of “skinny gooks” and “red scum” (etcetera, etcetera, etcetera), one teenage fascist impotently waving a flag in anger at the communist menace.

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  1. Jack Donnelly says:

    G,Day i,d like to find out more about you blokes and where i can buy some aryan clothing in Australia.

  2. @ndy says:

    G’day Jack,

    Word on the street is that, if you hit yourself in the head with a hammer as hard you can a hundred times over, you’ll find Aryan clothing falling freely from the sky.

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