Australia First and Stormfront Down Under: Fruit and Nuts

You know, I think the Conspiracists may be right: life for ‘White Nationalists’ is a script written by a Jewish comedian in the employ of ZOG.


Briefly, Australia First (AF), the largest and most serious White supremacist political party in Australia — never the most stable of political formations, for obvious reasons — is completely falling apart. Established in 1996 by racist ex-Labour MP Graeme Campbell, it’s main distinction thus far — that is, in addition to having one elected councillor, Bruce Preece[*], in Adelaide — has been its role as host to Dr. James Saleam. Saleam is Australia’s leading fascist militant; an ex-member of the Australian Nazi Party, for many years leader of National Action (1982–mid-1990s), guest of Her Majesty’s Prisons in the early ’90s, and, soon after its establishment, a leading figure in AF.[1]

Well, until now. Unconfirmed reports suggest that, following a long build-up of tension within the party over his leadership style, questionable past, and intriguingly ‘odd’ choice of political allies, Saleam has finally been purged from the party by its President, Diane Teasdale. Of course, Teasdale has trouble of her own. In a tit-for-tat gesture, Teasdale has been exposed as being — wait for it — a Jew!

Oy vey!

Yes, Australia’s leading ‘White Nationalist’ political organisation has, since Campbell abandoned it shortly after giving birth to it (recognising an abortion when he saw one), been led by a woman whose “mother… came from Jewish/Scottish stock”. Poor old Diane has been swimming in very dangerous waters. The question is: did Teasdale conceal this fact from Saleam and the rest of AF? And what did Diane make of Doctor Jim’s membership of a Forum the principal condition of which is recognition of The Jew as The White Man’s Number One Enemy?

    Update : The AF National Council has lost another member: Andrew Phillips. Following the expulsion of Dr. James Saleam, this leaves Diane Teasdale, Barry and Jeanette Woods as the ruling triumvirate.

    Or so says a fascist dingbat on SF…


Speaking of nuts, on Stormfront ‘melbournestorm’ (unusual only in that, unlike the majority of his fellow racists, he actually appears to know how to spell) has drawn the flock’s attention to my previous post on last weekend’s Sydney Forum. Like ‘Deco’ before him, when asked for further details concerning its esteemed author, ‘melbournestorm’ is snowed under with gems. Thus:

    Luke Connors: You are not seriously crediting Cam “I need a mask to hide my identity” Smith with actually having an influence in Melbourne are you? [In] between holding a protest against boneheads two days [sic] after the boneheads had left and failing miserably to get the punk scene to abandon the Birmingham in Collingwood,[2] I [don’t] think he does much at all.

An odd statement by Luke, for several reasons. One, my name is Andy, not Cam. Two, the protest in question was held on Saturday, October 28 — five weeks, not two days, after the Ian Stuart is Dead celebration on Saturday, September 23. Three, while the boycott of The Birmy has not been a total success, it’s hardly been a miserable failure either. Connors continues:

    Hey Cam, how come I never see you at the Pies’ games? Behind the goals at the Collingwood end mate. Come along and see how much your “working class comrades” support you then! A lot of the Pies’ nutcases have views on Aboriginals that are very very different to yours… He talks about being a fan of the Collingwood Football Club. If he actually went into the standing room I am betting there would be a few old Collingwood “outer” cheer squad members who would smash a bit of sense into him.

Well, I can’t speak for Cam, but I suspect the reason Luke hasn’t seen me at a match this year may be related to the fact that: 1) he doesn’t know what I look like; 2) I’ve only been to about half-a-dozen or so matches this year (including our triumph in Brisbane); and 3) lots of people go to the football. In fact, this year, more people have attended Collingwood matches than any other club in the history of the game: “In other attendance news, the 63,842 who watched Collingwood play Sydney on Saturday night at the MCG took the Magpies’ home and away total in 2007 to 1,178,689, now the new all-time regular season record for a club, eclipsing the 1,169,551 that attended Essendon games in 1998.”


As for the opinions of Collingwood supporters on race, to begin with, I was attending matches at Victoria Park while Luke was merely a twinkle in his father’s eye, and the only fights I witnessed standing in the outer were between Collingwood supporters and non-Collingwood supporters. Secondly, since Nicky Winmar took his stand at the ground on April 17, 1993, racist scum like Luke have been on the back foot, and the enormous contribution of indigenous players to Australian Rules football (derived in part from the indigenous sport of marngrook) increasingly widely recognised.

Which, as Leon Davis, among numerous others (including, of course, Brad Dick and Chris Egan) demonstrates, is precisely as it should be. So, having failed to recognise that the Collingwood colours are black and white, Connors proceeds to tell me who my friends are:

    The “punks” he hangs around with are mostly non-political. They really couldn’t give a toss, and certainly don’t care to the point of confronting a bunch of angry boneheads who may just outnumber them. They don’t even care enough to boycott the pub they hold the ISD concerts at. Lot of “working class” solidarity there!

Luke knows the “punks” I ‘hang around’ with? Um, I don’t think so. Most of my friends and comrades aren’t ‘punk’, and most of the punks I do know are old and fat. (Well, so to speak.) In any case, most of those ‘punks’ I do know wouldn’t piss in someone like Luke’s ear even if his brain was on fire. (That is, what the cancer hasn’t consumed.) As for ‘punks’ confronting ‘angry boneheads’… well, I could tell a few stories, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that: 1) the location of the ISD gig is kept a secret for a reason; 2) members of the bands that (continue to) play The Birmy were never my friends in the first place; and 3) the reason there’s no “working class” solidarity there is because most of them don’t even know the meaning of the term. Kinda like Luke really:

    The truth of the matter is, that the “working class” population may not agree with us 100%, but they ****ing well hate the sight of his lot. Can you imagine your average tradie “manning the barricades” with green haired, multiply body pierced University dropouts?

In truth, the working class has diverse political views, as well as fashion sense; whether or not someone has green hair or piercings (or dropped out of University) is irrelevant to their class status; the reasons working class University students ‘drop out’ are many and complex (see Rethinking working-class ‘drop out’ from university, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, November 2005); Luke is both ignorant and quite stupid.

    There is nothing sadder in the world than an antifa, they really do believe that if they bash enough nationalists it will “cure” them of their evil white skin.

Pffft. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Besides which, simply poking fun at racists seems to cause them enough trouble as it is.

But so much for Luke. ‘Clockwork Violence’ reckons folks who protested outside The Birmy are “LOSERS!!!” (which really hurts my feelings) while, bizarrely, Scott recalls being informed that one of the protesters “flashed his genitals at a 13 year old boy”… and claims that “Another story I heard is that a not so popular bonehead walked straight [past] the protest[e]rs and they wouldn’t dare say a word, though they outnumbered him 30-1”, which is kinda true. That is, Scott’s mate Patrick O’Sullivan approached the pub on Smith Street, saw the size of the demo (approximately 100 or so), and decided to leave. Further, if anyone were to flash their genitals at a boy, it’s more likely to be Patrick or his former comrade Dane:

On December 30, 1994, five of Australia’s toughest prisoners went to see Sweetman. The committee was a murderer, a drug dealer, an armed robber and two brothers with violent records. “They told Sweetman that he was a boy raper and a dog. They said they knew he was providing sweets and canteen goods to a group of younger prisoners in return for sexual favours,” a prison source said. “He was told he was to be put off (murdered).” Next day he put himself into protection in Barwon prison. But on seven occasions notes were put under his cell door telling him he would be killed. In March 1995, he was moved to the protection unit in K Division in Pentridge. Fellow inmates included Paul Denyer, the Frankston triple murderer, multiple rapist and double killer Raymond “Mr Stinky” Edmunds, and Hoddle street mass murderer Julian Knight.

Not very nice company; and unlike Scott’s, that’s a true story.

    [1] AF also gained some small notoriety by describing the racist pogrom in Cronulla as being a White ‘civil uprising’ and by attempting, unsuccessfully, to recruit disgruntled Whites on the basis of its unqualified support for it. Ironically, and in a further example of the essential idiocy of the project, the main target of the ‘uprising’ was the local Lebanese population while Saleam, it is alleged by his opponents on the far right, is himself of Lebanese or Middle Eastern descent.

    [2] “Patrons of the bar reacted angrily to the protesters, saying two neo-Nazi gigs in five years [sic] didn’t make The Birmingham a Nazi pub. A couple drinking at the pub told TMT they had been wrongly accused of Nazism and narrowly avoided being bashed by men driving past after they left the pub last week.”

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3 Responses to Australia First and Stormfront Down Under: Fruit and Nuts

  1. Bruce Preece is not a member of the Australia First Party. Could you please correct this.

  2. Darrin Hodges says:

    Very few people are members of the Australia First Party Diane, since you expelled most of them. As for Bruce, did you expel him as well?.

  3. Andrew says:

    Poor Bruce went to ground following the heat of media attention and left wing abuse- it’s a hard life.

    Bruce is a member of AFP, just not financial- unless the Shepparton clique have had a purge and removed him as well (and what a way to treat him following his donations to Diane for her campaign and leaflets). Oh, is there no loyalty and appreciation anymore Diane?????

    Tsk Tsk.

    I’m sure the comrades here wouldn’t have treated him so harshly. Perhaps Diane could come over and join FDB?

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