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A (very) brief guide to the contemporary Australian far right

Update (December 5, 2016) : A (very) brief guide to the Australian far right (December 2016 Edition). Recently I’ve received several requests for a guide to the Australian far right. Below is a very brief summary of most (but not … Continue reading

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antifa notes (march 29, 2013) : Golden Dawns & Gold Coast nazis

Golden Showers Y’know, when it comes to the response by some local Greek community leaders to the emergence of Golden Dawn in Melbourne, I’m honestly somewhat surprised. According to a number of anti-fascists who attended Greek independence day celebrations this … Continue reading

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Brendon O’Connell has a fool for a client

Brendon O’Connell–slackbastard’s Tool of The Week for May 13, 2009–is finally having his day in court in Perth, WA. Some say O’Connell–who has stated, inter alia, that Judaism (or what he terms the Southern Judaic Death Cult) is “a religion … Continue reading

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Australia First, refugees… last?

Props to Australia First Party members in Adelaide for getting some media attention by jumping on the increasingly-crowded anti-refugee bandwagon. A previous stunt in August — when some Queensland members joined a Mission Australia protest — also drew some attention. … Continue reading

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William Cooper ~versus~ Richard Wolstencroft

Update : Ferocious film politics: ex-MUFF volunteer launches smear campaign against festival director, Luke Buckmaster, Crikey, September 2, 2010. From the Department of Destroy All Yuppies! Over 70 years ago, a small group of local Aborigines, led by William Cooper, … Continue reading

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…something better change…

…but nothing ever does… A In Australia, Tyler Cassidy, the Northcote teenager shot dead by police on December 11, 2008, was remembered at a vigil last Friday night. In Greece, the first anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos’ murder was commemorated in … Continue reading

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4 Corners : Lethal Force

Lethal Force Reporter: Quentin McDermott Broadcast: 26/10/2009 Reporter Quentin McDermott takes a detailed look at four incidents, in different parts of Australia, where people suffering mental illness or psychological distress died after being shot or tasered by police. Using exclusive … Continue reading

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The White Baton Passes On To Australia First

The Bull Edition 21, Week 8, Semester 2 14 – 20 September 2009 [PDF] Diana Tjoeng investigates the new political party rising from the far-right. Recently, the neo-Nazi symbol ‘88’ (representative of ‘HH’ – ‘Heil Hitler’) was painted on the … Continue reading

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2009 Sydney Forum (Again)

Yeah. While there’s been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over Kyle Sandilands’ latest dickheaded commentary (Magda Szubanski oughta consider going to a concentration camp in order to lose weight — hurr hurr), REAL! LIVE! neo-Nazis will be gathering in … Continue reading

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Dreaming of An Aryan Jeannie : Australia First, Australian Protectionist Parties

Update : Eric the red back in action, Damien Murphy and Emily Dunn, The Sydney Morning Herald, July 13, 2009. Update : KKK infiltration claims are sabotage: party, Matt Bachl, ninemsn, July 10, 2009. Also: Today JJJ interviewed someone claiming … Continue reading

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