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take a wild guess


Above : Bübi casts a critical eye over the contents of Anarchy #56; later that afternoon he and I contemplated Michael William’s thoughts on ‘Cats and Domestication’.

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Vegan punk A Matter of Record

‘Cos it’s in The New York Times: Strict Vegan Ethics, Frosted With Hedonism Julia Moskin January 24, 2007 ISA CHANDRA MOSKOWITZ, a vegan chef, does not particularly like to talk about tofu. Ditto seitan, tempeh and nutritional yeast. “I think … Continue reading

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Long live Chairman Meow!

At last, a Revolutionary Leader worthy of my adulation! Everything that Chairman Meow says is the truth; every statement he utters is worth 10,000 sentences. His Thought is a spiritual atom bomb of infinite power. It supplies the breath of … Continue reading

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Further case studies in ‘The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie’

‘Rabbit mutilator jailed’ Sydney Morning Herald Leonie Lamont July 3, 2006 A Sydney financier has been jailed for 16 months for “the worst case” of aggravated cruelty against animals. [Above : Agent 00Kitten of the Bunny Rabbit Liberation Front is … Continue reading

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Kids Love Animals!

FRIDAY THE FOURTEENTH OF JULY THE ARTHOUSE 8PM $6 MACROMANTICS TERROR FIRMA MAKE THE MOST J-LO BIAFRA a benefit show for kids love animals animal liberation collective

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Hitler cats!

My Godwin! Hitler cats! See also : Kittenwar!

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may the cutest kitten win!

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more loose ends

anarchist people of color have a site. it’s not illegal. (yet.) There is no original or primary Bitch that Bitch imitates, but Bitch is a kind of imitation for which there is no original. b o r d e r … Continue reading

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Celebrate Ten Years of the Black Star!

The Black Star PA Kolektiv will be celebrating its ten year anniversary this coming Saturday (March 4) @ The Arthouse, 616 Elizabeth St, Melbourne (Phone:(03) 9347 3917). Playing @ the gig will be: Combat Wombat Curse ov Dialect Defiance Report … Continue reading

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