A child is burnt to death
    By nazis on the street
    A man is stabbed and scarred for life
    Yet you say they’ve a right to put their views

    What is this liberal rubbish?
    Are you some kind of mug?
    Don’t talk to me of “free speech”
    For murdering fascist thugs

    We remember Mosley
    And how Cable Street folk fought him

    When we see the fash
    We let the boots do the talking

    Some think they’ll be halted
    By spouting a lot of hot air
    Others think you can stop them
    By waving a yellow lollipop in the air

    But we remember Mosley
    And how Cable Street folk fought him
    When we see the fash
    We let the boots do the talking

    Punks and sabs and travellers
    And hippies and ravers too
    They’d build another Auschwitz
    This time for me and you

    But we ain’t gonna take this
    From some bonehead in the “master race”
    He won’t be mastering anything
    With a vegan steelie in his face!

    ~ Oi Polloi, ‘Let the Boots Do the Talking’ (1999)

Oi Polloi are proudly distributed, alongside of fascist / neo-Nazi / RAC and white power music such as Antagon, Battle Scarred, Condemned 84, Combat 84, Crashed Out, D.A., Get Out, The Gits, Hateful, Kampfzone, Knockdown, Marching On, Retaliator, Tattooed Motherfuckers and Unit Lost by local bonehead distro Deadshit Muzak.

See also : St. Petersburg – Hate Crimes, Emma Griffiths, Foreign Correspondent, March 20, 2007:

…Six decades on the city has become the setting for a new conflict. Not far from St Petersburg’s glorious avenues, this dingy courtyard is a place of mourning. It’s where on one cold February evening in 2004, Yunus Sultonov lost his daughter.

YUNUS SULTONOV: I was the first to be beaten. I don’t know what happened next. When I came to my senses I started yelling – calling for help. Some people came, and my child was lying on the ground. She was taken inside, covered in blood. We undressed her and called an ambulance but she died in my arms.

GRIFFITHS: His daughter, Khursheda, was nine years old. The little girl had been stabbed repeatedly by a gang of young men. Of nine teenagers charged with her murder, one was let off and the others were found guilty of a far lesser charge.

YUNUS SULTONOV: Just hooliganism, not murder. Just hooliganism. And the sentence is very short. They’ll get out and start beating, stabbing and killing again.

GRIFFITHS: The family is from the Central Asian country of Tajikistan. There’s little doubt that Khursheda Sultonova was killed because of her dark skin and foreign appearance – a victim of St Petersburg’s new war waged by home grown Nazis…

Also Russian Federation: Violent racism out of control, Amnesty International, May 4, 2006

Local neo-Nazis will be gathering in Melbourne on October 13 in order to celebrate the death in 1993 of Ian Stuart Donaldson, vocalist with the world’s most famous bonehead band Skrewdriver, and founder of Blood & Honour. Among those performing will be Murray Holmes of Quick & the Dead (and ex-Skrewdriver), Scott McGuinness of Fortress and Damien Ovchynik of Bail Up!. The gig is being organised by Blood & Honour Australia and another neo-Nazi gang the Southern Cross Hammerskins. Last year’s ISD Memorial was held at The Birminghman Hotel in Fitzroy, where this weekend local Melbourne ‘punk’ bands Distorted Truth, Sewer Cider, The Boots, The Worst and Wot Rot played, in spite of the call for a boycott. 65 years earlier, on July 7, 1942 Heinrich Himmler granted permission for sterilization experiments at Auschwitz:

Sterilization of women was carried out by the pumping of a thick white test fluid, consisting of contrast medium and some unknown chemical agents, into the uterus and tubes. Also sterilizing operations were performed, the uterus, tubes and even sometimes breasts being removed. Women experienced great suffering during test fluid experiments and after them. Usually salpingitis or peritonitis followed which often proved fatal.

These experiments were performed on young and healthy Jewish women of 20-30 years of age, who had regular periods, a not too narrow cervix and who had borne at least one child. After the experiments they often lost their periods. Experiments were repeated from two to six times at intervals of from three to four weeks. In their course an X-ray control was carried on by screening and an X-ray was taken afterwards. The experiments aimed at the obliteration of the tubes. This was to be achieved through the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus and of the tubes. This, in conjunction with the inflammation of the internal genital organs and often of the peritoneum caused widespread adhesions and fibrothic changes. Men were also sterilized through suture of the vas deferense.

The total number of sterilization experiments was estimated by witnesses at about 3,000 and of the test fluid experiments at about 1,000…

It’s unknown at this stage if the memory of the Holocaust and such atrocities disturbed the celebrations.

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  1. Sophia says:

    Damn, vegan wares is great. I got a pair of boots there a few years ago, and they’ve lasted just as well as anything leather I’ve ever owned.

  2. @ndy says:

    True that. I gotta pair yrs ago, loved me long time. Pity about the price tho’.

  3. Sophia says:

    Yeah, but worth it for a good pair of steelies! 🙂

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