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#TrotGuide 2016

Gosh and bother and tish and fiffle: it’s been just over four years since I last formally updated Trot Guide (April 10, 2012). At that stage I counted a mere fifteen political organisations on the far left — mostly Trotskyist … Continue reading

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George Christensen & Team Australia ~versus~ Flag-Burning Socialist Ratbags*

Poor old George Christensen — who can boast that he is the only federal or state MP to have accepted an invitation to address a Reclaim Australia rally (Mackay, July 19) — has had his complaint to the Human Rights … Continue reading

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#ReclaimAustralia “Burn the national flag = death by gang rape” ~ Dean Luland

Above : Iconic img of confrontation between a neo-Nazi skinhead and a counter-protester at Reclaim Australia rally in Melbourne. … On Facebook, one Reclaim Australia supporter has opined that the appropriate punishment for burning the Australian flag is death by … Continue reading

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Fast Times at Trotsky High : RSP, SA & SAlt

Presumably stung into action by Socialist Alternative’s publication (September 25) of a love letter (September 15) from Socialist Alliance, the Revolutionary Socialist Party has hit back (October 2) with a tawdry letter of its own, one which suggests that things … Continue reading

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Labor Lefty Lindsay Tanner Socialist Alliance Alternative Anarchy Situations

0. A slightly random assortment of links and lamentations partly prompted by Landeryou labelling this blog as lefty inre Gerry Hand (and Lindsay Tanner). 1. “[Lindsay Tanner’s] predecessor in the federal seat of Melbourne, Gerry Hand, spent decades denouncing Indonesia … Continue reading

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NSW local council election results : far left and far right (2012)

Update (September 17) : Huzzah! The Australia First Party (Penrith) and the Communist Party of Australia (Auburn) have both had members elected to council. Results are trickling in for the 2012 NSW local council elections. Thus far, the ‘mysterious’ Australia … Continue reading

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The Parliament of Tasmania has been hung!

Great news! The Parliament of Tasmania has been hung! Oh wait… *cough* That is, “Tasmania is headed for a hung Parliament, with the latest seat predictions saying 10 Labor, 10 Liberal and five to the Greens.” Further, “The Premier, David … Continue reading

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Hate Trotskyism, Hate the Spartacist League, Hate Vajazzling

See also : Defend the Legacy of Michael Jackson! (August 8, 2009) and read between the lines. As noted, the Socialist Alliance (SA) held its seventh annual conference in January. Immediately prior to the conference, the Democratic Socialist Perspective (formerly … Continue reading

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Windisch (not) for Altona

A expected, a law-talking grrl named HENNESSY, Jill has won the by-election in Altona, in a two-and-a-half horse race. WINDISCH, Margarita, the Socialist Alliance candidate, came seventh, trouncing the Independent RIXON, Andrew. “Despite our 1.6% vote the Socialist Alliance campaign … Continue reading

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Hail Red Army! Victory for Sam Wainwright in Fremantle!

After a series of defeats, the Socialist Alliance have won their first match! Victory for Sam by 100 votes Sam for Hilton October 18, 2009 Sam Wainwright won 438 votes (33.44%) – over 100 more votes than Sam’s nearest competitor … Continue reading

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